Here’s a video from Daniel Stoltzfus, of his wife Lydia discussing and sharing some of her scrap quilts. They are not in an Old Order Amish church, but grew up in one. I always love hearing this accent.

Daniel and Lydia are parents to Lillian Stoltzfus, who passed away this summer at age 46. You can see Lillian in this video as well. At the end Lydia shares Lillian’s books Lydia’s Bonnet and Speaking Amish.

Lydia is such a bubbly and optimistic presence. She must be a real hoot to be around. Lydia mentions that she was previously a tour guide, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. She’d made 9 quilts since she was laid off from that job. This was filmed in March, in the early stages of coronavirus. “Don’t worry, God’s gonna take care of us,” Lydia assures us at the end.

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