I’m in Lancaster County for several days, and dropped in this afternoon to Glick’s Natural Products. Glick’s is an Amish-run food store specializing in – you guessed it – natural foods, remedies and other health-related items.

This is a fully-stocked store which has been around for awhile. The people working here are friendly and helpful. I was actually there as a driver taking some Amish friends to pick something up (I am on Amish taxi duty today 🙂 ) but took the opportunity to browse a bit myself.

There are lots of bulk food items and supplements galore – healthy-sounding things like kelp capsules and echinacea.

Here is a dandelion “instant herbal beverage.” Amish are partial to using dandelions in things like salads, gravy, and wine, so why not make a drink of it that you can enjoy cold or hot:

Since I have a soft spot for pancakes and waffles, what immediately caught my eye was the maple syrup section.

On first glance I figured this must come from Geauga County, Ohio, one Amish community where I found maple syrup to be something of a big deal.

But this syrup is actually from Salisbury, PA, which is the area of the unusual Somerset County Amish settlement. I picked up a pint to take home.

I first came across Glick’s over a decade ago when selling books in Lancaster County, but hadn’t been back since. Nice to see it continuing strong in the community.

With many Amish safely described as “health-conscious” and with a particular interest in natural remedies, this business has a solid clientele among Plain people. Amish people on the whole adhere to both conventional and unconventional health practices.

Non-Amish shop here as well, evidenced by the small lot for cars (there was one other vehicle there when I arrived, and several Amish customers in the store).

The organic food trend among the Amish no doubt helps drive interest in this store, and this was reflected in the array of organic products available, including coffee and pretzels.

Here you can see the front counter and the gas lighting with mantle typical of Amish stores and homes:

It’s not only consumables for sale at Glick’s. Here’s the book selection, in the back near the dairy section.

The titles reflect interest among Amish in alternative methods of healing and wellness:

There is also something for your head by the door.

The sign says these knitted caps were “made by 8-9-10 yr old girls”. Not bad!

And before leaving, a closer look at the dairy and meat menus. I’ll take the Baby Swiss and New York Strips…but I think I’ll leave the Raw Goat Cheddar:

If you’d like to visit Glick’s, here are the details:

Glick’s Natural Products
120 Geist Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
717-656-7244 (Please call only during business hours)

Amish-made cheese

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