I’m on my way to NC today after a week on the road, having visited four Amish settlements – plus one – let’s call it for now “future Amish settlement” – with a stop at a Virginia community still to go.

Usually when I am traveling and staying with Amish friends, I post a bit less here – not because there are not things to post about (quite the opposite), but for 2 reasons.

For one, internet-enabled computer access is more problematic (though that’s less of a problem than say 10 years ago), and second, I’d prefer to spend more of my time with friends and visiting new places.

And truth be told, by the end of a day visiting with the Amish – especially if it is a house full of seven children aged 1 to 12 – I am wiped out!

But as a preview of some things I plan to share with you, here are 5 teaser mystery photos from my trip:

1. There’s something unusual about the bicycle this Amish woman is riding – any guess what it is?

2. Which Amish girls wear this style of head covering?

3. Where did I take this photo?

4. What kind of pies are these? I drove my friend’s mother to her daughter’s place, where they baked 39 of them. Any guess why so many? I got one as thank-you for my taxi services.

5. Why is this rainbow-colored bus parked outside an Amish home? (I’ve blotted out the one give-away detail)

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