I share this video today not for its educational content but for its remarkable footage.

If you’re like me and craving some green in the waning weeks of winter, you’ll probably like this Smithsonian Channel clip shot in Lancaster County.

It’s basically a 2-minute cut-up of shots of Amish farmers and homes taken from above while floating over the scene.

You’ll see pumpkins being harvested, farmers working the fields, and Amish farmhouses. I could do without some of the narration (e.g., “200 years of inbreeding”) but the footage is spectacular.

I assume this was taken from one of the hot air balloons commonly seen hanging in the Lancaster skies during warmer months. I guess the other option would be by helicopter, but it seems that would disrupt the scenes being filmed (update: or, as a friend pointed out, maybe using a drone, though this video was released in 2012 when they weren’t as prevalent as today).

By the way, here’s one of those balloons at rest:

hot air balloon amish farm

And a view of one from below:


Bring on the green!

Amish-made cheese

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