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Ohio is home to the highest number of Amish congregations

ohio amish

The Amish have made their home in Ohio since 1808, when the first settlers moved west from Somerset County in Pennsylvania to settle the hills and valleys of eastern Ohio.

Today, Amish number nearly 60,000 in Ohio, spread across 52 individual settlements and over 400 church districts (Young Center, 2010).

Amish communities in Ohio include:

  • Holmes County-The Amish community centered in Holmes County (along with 6 surrounding counties) is by far the largest in Ohio with 227 church districts and 30,000 individuals
  • Geauga County-The second-largest Amish settlement in Ohio, and fourth-largest nationwide, numbers over 80 districts
  • Swartzentruber Amish-In addition to Holmes County, Ohio is home to numerous Swartzentruber Amish communities, including the sizeable community in Ashland and Medina Counties
  • Nebraska Amish-Ohio is home to the only settlement of the conservative “Nebraska Amish” located outside of Pennsylvania
  • Small Ohio communities-a number of small communities are found across the state, including at Hicksville and Plain City, both of which are over 100 years old

The Holmes County Amish settlement

ohio amish new bedford
Outside an Amish harness shop in New Bedford, Ohio

Holmes County is noteworthy among Amish settlements in Ohio in that it is home to a very diverse group of Amish.

Holmes County differs from other large settlements such as Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Lagrange and Elkhart Counties in Indiana.  Both of those settlements consist of a single Amish affiliation, while Holmes County at present is comprised of 11 distinct affiliations.

These range from the progressive New Order Amish, with around 20 church districts, to the numerically largest affiliation, the Old Order, to the somewhat more conservative Andy Weaver or ‘Dan Church’ Amish, and finally the Swartzentruber Amish, a very tradition-minded group resistant to technological change.

Amish mainly live in the eastern half of Holmes County, and comprise about half of the county’s population of 40,000.  The total population of this settlement is around 30,000 individuals, when taking into account Amish living in adjacent counties.

Significant numbers of Amish are found in Wayne County, as well as in neighboring Tuscarawas County (near the towns of Sugarcreek and Baltic), as well as in Coshocton County to the south.  Holmes County is known for its hilly terrain, which gradually becomes flatter as one approaches Wayne County to the north.

To the west, Amish from the settlement have formed church districts geographically distant from the main body of the settlement, at towns such as Nashville and Loudonville.

Berlin is the small tourist-focused town at the heart of the Holmes County community. Mount Hope is another town notable for its auction house and proximity to numerous Amish-owned furniture shops.

Other towns in the community include Winesburg, Charm, Farmerstown, and Becks Mills, as well as Millersburg, the county seat.  Holmes County is notable for the Holmes County Trail, a renovated railbed which has been converted into a recreational trail extending into Wayne County. Amish frequently use the trail for travel. One half is designed to accommodate the horse-and-buggy.

ohio amish farm
Farming has decreased in the Holmes County, OH Amish settlement

Amish in Holmes County work in a variety of occupations.  Farming has long been in decline in the face of growing populations and scarce land.  A minority remains in dairy farming, with some Amish raising produce.

Small business is popular among Amish in this settlement, with many Amish furniture shops, manufacturers, and homebuilders operating out of the settlement (read more on Amish furniture in Ohio).  The tourist industry, though not on par with that seen in Lancaster County, is also significant in Holmes County, and is largely centered around the towns of Berlin, Walnut Creek, and Sugar Creek.

Holmes County is also notable for having a high percentage of Amish children which attend public schools.  While still a minority compared to those in private schools, many more parents elect to send their children to local public schools than do so in the similarly-sized community at Lancaster County.

The Swartzentruber Amish

The Swartzentruber Amish are one of the most conservative Amish groups.  They originated in 1913 as the result of a division in Holmes County, and it is here that they have their largest population today.

Swartzentruber buggies are easily discerned by their lack of orange slow-moving vehicle triangles.  Swartzentruber Amish resist change and have only slowly adopted modern conveniences.   The presence of an outhouse, lack of indoor plumbing, and dirt lanes are all signs of a Swartzentruber home, and reflect the group’s emphasis on plainness and tradition.

ohio swartzentruber amish medina county
Swartzentruber Amish farm in Medina County, Ohio

Swartzentruber Amish have also stayed on the land to a greater degree than their more progressive cousins in Holmes County, opting less often for the home enterprises that have become popular throughout the settlement as a way of making a living.  Swartzentruber Amish number around 20 church districts in this community.

Another sizeable Swartzentruber settlement is found a short distance away in Ashland and Medina Counties (see “Conservative communities in Ohio” below).  Read more on the customs and origins of the Swartzentruber Amish.

The New Order Amish

New Order Amish, comprising only a small percentage of all Amish, find their largest grouping here in Holmes County.  The New Order group is distinguished from other Amish affiliations in that most New Order churches hold Sunday Schools on alternate Sundays.  Additionally, one could say they have a more “outward-looking” approach to Christianity.  While, like other Amish, they do not actively proselytize, they have exhibited their relative openness to outreach by printing tracts and pamphlets outlining their beliefs.

Interestingly, New Order Amish tend to be generally more progressive when it comes to technology, but are quite conservative when it comes to use and cultivation of tobacco, as well as youth courting standards, creating a dichotomy that prevents easy labeling.  The New Order Amish came about in the 1960’s, and have since spawned a few other groups, including the “New” New Order, which allows a greater degree of technology and electricity.  Read more on the New Order Amish.

The Old Order Amish

The Old Order Amish in Holmes County are the largest affiliation, comprising approximately 130 church districts.

ohio amish business
Signs advertising Amish businesses dot the landscape in Holmes County, OH

Old Order Amish live next door to their neighbors of other affiliations.  Old Order Amish do not exchange ministers with Amish of other affiliations, but cooperate with other Amish churches on numerous levels, including in such matters as business, road safety, and schooling.

Unlike in the Lancaster County community, a significant percentage of Holmes County Old Order Amish send their children to the local public schools, which in turn have often adapted to accommodate Amish practices.

The Andy Weaver Amish (aka “Dan”Church)

The Andy Weaver Amish affiliation emerged in 1952 over disagreements concerning the application of social shunning.  The name “Andy Weaver” comes from an early leader, and the commonly-used nickname “Dan” church comes from the fact that at one time, a number of leaders in one church all bore that name.

Andy Weaver Amish are known to be technologically conservative, and also stricter on church matters than the Old Order Amish.  Andy Weaver Amish hold to a strict interpretation of the doctrine of social shunning, which sets them apart from the Old and New Order affiliations.

Andy Weaver Amish are more liberal regarding tobacco and alcohol use, but also have stricter youth standards, such as a prohibition on ownership of cars while living at home.  Andy Weaver Amish number about 30 congregations in Holmes County, and have daughter settlements in other communities, including in New York.  Read more on the Andy Weaver Amish.

The Geauga County Amish community

Not too far to the north of Holmes County lies the Geauga County settlement.  The Geauga County community is the second-largest Amish settlement in Ohio and fourth-largest in North America, with 88 church districts and a population over 12,000 as of 2010 (Young Center).

ohio amish geauga county
A church service outside an Amish home in Geauga County, OH

The Geauga County settlement was founded by Amish from Holmes County, who trekked north in search of farmland.  Amish from Holmes County first settled here in 1886.

Like Amish in other settlements, Geauga County Amish make a living running small businesses, farming, and doing manual labor.  Factory work is quite common here as well, more so than in many other communities.

Among the businesses are furniture and machine shops, stores, and construction companies.  Some Geauga Amish also supplement their income selling maple syrup, tapping into the extensive maple forests in the area.  A tourist industry exists, though it is somewhat less-developed than that of other large settlements.

The Geauga settlement is centered around the town of Middlefield, and today stretches into both Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties.  Geauga County originated with settlers from nearby Holmes County, but today ties between the two communities are not as strong as one might suppose, given their close proximity and common roots.  Geauga County is home to a number of more conservative church districts, locally referred to as the “number two’s”.

ohio amish geauga county buggies
Amish buggies in Geauga County, OH

Geauga County has developed a reputation for wild youth behavior, an image which has not been helped by newspaper publications about Amish youth misbehavior.

The Geauga County settlement is in some ways overshadowed by the Holmes County settlement to the south, but nonetheless is a significant center of population of Amish in Ohio.

Conservative communities in Ohio

In addition to the large Swartzentruber presence in Holmes County,  Ashland and Medina Counties (1952) are home to a collection of conservative Amish churches.  With 14 settlements, it is the third largest Amish settlement in the state.  Amish here are of Swartzentruber affiliations, and represent all three sub-groups within the Swartzentruber family.  This group is commonly referred to as the Lodi Amish, after a nearby town.

One finds numerous small businesses in Ashland and Medina counties, most of them oriented to the low level of technology permitted by the Swartzentruber affiliation.  These may include greenhouses, small-scale furniture makers, food producers, as well as shops that cater to the Amish, including harness shops.  Amish here also maintain a strong farming tradition, with both dairy farming and produce farming common.  Read more on the Ashland and Medina County Amish.

ohio amish nebraska
“Nebraska Amish” buggy in northeastern Ohio

Ohio is also the only state besides Pennsylvania with a population of Nebraska Amish, located in the eastern part of the state near the town of Andover (1992), and numbering just a single district.

The white-topped buggies of the highly conservative Nebraska group mark them as distinct from others in the state.  Read more about Nebraska Amish.

Other notable Ohio settlements

Sizeable Amish populations are also found in other locations around the state.  Ashland and Richland counties are home to a community of 7 church districts (1954), notable for their use of gray Slow Moving Vehicle triangles, outlining a smaller orange triangle in the center.

Amish near Kenton in Hardin County (8 districts, 1953) also employ gray rather than orange reflective material.  Knox County, near Fredericktown and Bellville is home to a community numbering 8 church districts (1972).

Small Ohio Amish settlements

Two of the oldest, yet also among the smallest Ohio Amish settlements are found at Hicksville (1914) near the Indiana border, and at Plain City (1896) in Madison County.  Each founded around 100 years ago, today these two settlements are barely holding on to existence, with a single church district each.  The long-lived Amish settlement at Hartville in Stark County recently went extinct after more than a century in existence (1905-2007).

Numerous other communities exist across the state.  Many of them have been started in recent years, with at least 15 new Ohio settlements having been founded since 2000.  Most new settlements number just one or two districts.

Old Order Mennonites in Ohio

In addition to Amish, Ohio is home to a substantial Old Order Mennonite population at Shiloh in the north-central part of the state.  This group originated in Lancaster County and has lived in the area for a number of years, farming and operating small businesses.  One Old Order Mennonite family operates a large variety store featuring fabrics, pottery, and a number of other items, and housed in a large converted barn.

The Buckeye State is home to a large and diverse Amish population

In total, Ohio is home to nearly 60,000 Amish spread among 430+ church districts.  Ohio has the second largest number of actual settlements, with 52 as of 2010.  Ohio’s Amish population has grown to become one of the largest, and most diverse, since the first Amish settled here in the early 1800s.

For further information, see:

An Amish Paradox: Diversity and Change in the World’s Largest Amish Community, Charles E. Hurst and David L. McConnell

“Plotting Social Change Across Four Affiliations”, Donald B. Kraybill, The Amish Struggle with Modernity, eds. Donald B. Kraybill, Marc Alan Olshan

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    1. Linda

      Do the Amish have big group meetings of any kind, besides in the church?
      Where would I find these?

      1. Ryan

        Amish Painters

        I am a big fan of the Amish and what they stand for. I have an apartment building in Cleveland that I am trying to fix up right now and would love to give some opportunities to some Amish workers. How/who/where can I go to look into getting some potential local Amish that would be interested in working?

      2. Alice Matson


        The many, many auctions held in Amish country are fantastic large groups, Amish and English, interacting. They are a study all by themselves. In addition English are welcome.

    2. Lance


      I assume you are looking for places where outsiders can mingle with the Amish?

      If so, auctions and flea markets are places where many Amish men go. You will normally find that they mingle with each other and if their wives came, they will huddle together with each other. Benefit and quilt auctions held by the Amish are places that the women might be more active.

      As for meetings where Amish go that are public, that is a hard one to predict. In the large communities, there are often evangelistic groups trying to recruit the Amish. These are usually public, often tent revivals.

      If you want to make friends with a few Amish, baked goods and produce sold from the home are an excellent way to make great friends. They will soon recognize you as a repeat customer and will usually be glad to make friends. In some large communities, it can be hard to find someone selling from home, which makes this angle hard to use.

      I don’t know of any meetings that the Amish host that are public. The doctrine of separation from the world that the Amish hold so dearly makes them reluctant to invite outsiders into their midst socially. They will readily do business with you though. Outsiders that honor their beliefs by not challenging them are usually valued highly, they just don’t go seeking outside relationships too often.

      Finding out about the auctions probably requires getting a newspaper or weekly freebie from the area you are interested in.

      Good luck, my Amish friends are my best friends.

      If someone has a different opinion or experience, great, tell us about it. These are just mine from my experiences.

      1. Nikki

        So true....

        I agree with your statement whole heartedly! I just lost my mentor and very best friend in life… she was of the old order mennonite aka The Beechy Amish but was before that new order amish and before that more of an old order amish…. but she attended public schools in Plain City as a child and rode the bus as she explained to me over the years. It took MANY years to win her trust, i only hope she considered me as good of a friend as i did her upon her passing. We had a quite unusual opportunity to live together over the past 3 years and off and on over the past 10 years total here in Holmes County. Man how i miss her dearly. But i just wanted to point out that i do know, from first hand real life experiences ans blessings that you are indeed speaking all facts here. This article was also very well written and i couldn’t find a single flaw throughout the reading… in what was said or written and these days that’s highly unusual and deserves commending. Bravo! A really great read filled with outstanding factual information! Thank you!

        Grieving the loss of an irreplaceable friend, here in Holmes County, Ohio.

    3. Serena

      I have five daughters ranging in age from 4 to 13. I would really like to educate them and allow them the amazing experience of an Amish atmosphere.
      I was taken to Lancaster, PA by my parents when I was younger and it was a very memorable time.
      I would like to steer away from the “commercialized” areas, but I do understand that this is a way of life for them and not all communities welcome outsiders.
      Where would we be able to visit or view the day to day life of the old order Amish? My children simply do not believe that the Amish are more than a documentary on TV with great costumes.
      I would like nothing more than to see the expressions on their faces when they see a family in a buggy, or see the children in their aprons. Is this possible anymore?
      Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
      Thank you.

      1. Karen

        Head to Holmes County

        Take your children to Holmes County during the nicer weather, and take them to some of the backroad shops such as Lamp and Light Candle in Walnut Creek and RW Leather, also on 114 in Walnt Creek. You will meet some of the nicest people ever and your children will see the real deal. Another fun place for children is The Farm at Walnut Creek and Der Dutchman restaurant. My children absolutely love visiting there, and we have made the best friends ever.;

      2. Margie


        The best place I have found to visit Amish Country is Holmes County, Ohio. My husband and I live in Georgia and we visit Ohio at lease once a year. We absolutely love it! Our 14 year old grandson has been going with us since he was 7 and our 12 granddaughter has been going for the past several years. We met a very friendly family and are very proud to call them our friends. We have really enjoyed spending time with them, as well as taking in the sights. I love taking photos and I have made some beautiful ones from there. It’s a place that you can really relax. It is so different. There’s not much we don’t enjoy about our trips there except the drive and the price of gas!! We already have plans for July, 2013. Can’t wait!

      3. Etherige Tn, Amish country mall, has a tour of a
        small community, its the most rewarding. These are the “old amish”, NO modern things of any kind ! $10 a person , well worth the trip.

    4. Lance


      You don’t say where you are, so its hard recommend a specific place to go. Look at Erik’s state by state Amish guide and pick a nearby place that is not large, but not too small either. If it says there are 3-10 districts or so, that community should have a variety of little stores, and some Amish will be selling pies, bread, jam, etc and produce when in season. Ohio, Indiana, Penn., New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin have many communities like this. You just have to find them!

    5. Katy Levitt

      I live among a large population of Swartzentrubers in Ohio. Some use TWO LANTERNS on their buggies, some (most, I think) use only ONE LANTERN. Actually I had never noticed it until I was driving my Amish neighbor to the hospital in the dark. She pointed out that a buggy we just passed could not be her husband because it had one lantern. I have observed that my two lantern neighbors don’t seem to associate with neighbors near by who use only one lantern — although they know them. They all seem to get together for barn raisings. I do know they are in different church groups. Can you give me more information about this? Are there other differences among the groups beside the lantern issue? Specifically, these are Ashland, Medina county Amish. Thanks, Katy

      1. Brenda

        Katy's question on differences in March

        Katy, there are more than 15 sects of Amish from extremely legalistic (Swartzentruber) to progressive (Beachy). I’m most acquainted with the Swartzies (a nickname by other sects) as we “adopted” a former who was raised in upstate NY. He calls me “mom” and lived in our home for a year, was in my daughter’s wedding, went on vacation with us, and is part of our family. From him, I’ve met tons of other former-Swartzies. Despite what some people claim, the ones I know are kind, but wounded, struggle with rejection and abandonment issues, were whipped with belts but are NOT bitter or angry.
        Your post & questions about differences is a good one. There are layers of subtle differences among Amish from hat brim size, hair length, type of required shoes & even eyelet type in the shoes, # of pleats allowed in a woman’s apron, to how much beard a single man may trim (after marriage they’re not allowed to trim beards).
        This is an extremely complex culture and unfortunately, IMHO, are in bondage to man-made rules about following tradition.

        1. Stephanie Rollins

          More than meets the eye.

          I’ve lived in an Old Order area for 7 years. The abuse is rampant. The English tend to glamorize the Amish lifestyle. Personally, I’m so sickened by it that I’m looking to move away.

    6. James

      Outside observation

      I have lived in North East Ohio for my entire life. I have seen the Amish Community in their horse and buggy many, many times. I have seen them in stores and in the local hospital. They never have a mean face or show any disrespect for anyone, however they seem completely unapproachable. They do not seem unfriendly or rude or mean, just simple unapproachable. I often can not help myself but to stare at them and wonder what kind of life they live and why they live it such as they do…

    7. E. Weaver

      My dad was Amish (he quit), and I have 1 uncle who still is. I have been around them all my life, but have never been Amish myself. They are just quiet and simple people. We would always go to my uncle’s house for family get togethers, even though most of us weren’t Amish. When you get to know them, they are really nice people and just like anyone else.

      They aren’t unapproachable. Make a friend sometime, you may be surprised.

      Anywhere you go in or around Holmes county has Amish. You won’t be able to miss them.

      When my dad died I had Amish people from all over the place come to his funeral. So many people I had never even met, even ones who were related to me. The line of people was out the door and down the street. I had never seen so many buggies. They are all very nice people.

    8. Evonne

      amish sundays

      I will be in Holmes county, ohio the Sunday of July 10th. I was there last fall and it fell on a Sunday and I was able to see the Amish going to church. Will the Sunday, July 10th be a Sunday which they have church? I would love to get to see that again.

    9. Tianna

      amish unapproachable or to view life

      I myself dont find “most’ amish unapproachable. I have been interacting with the amish for over 16 years now at first just used one as my farrier, and bought occassional pies off his wife she normally dont sell them but did special for me. His wife ALWAYS was very polite to me talked my ear off at times. He is a very funny candid man which totally shocked me. Their children are always so well behaved. I swear amish should start a boot camp for unruly children they would fill up FAST. Now more recently we moved into the small amish community where my farrier lives. We found another family up the road that we just adore. He now trims my horses hooves one of their sons trains my mare and CHEAP I might add, hes also VERY wonderful and kind to her. The wife brings several of their younger children to our house use to be on Fridays well now that they have gotten to know us even more they come usually every or every other Sunday now to let the kids ride our pony and mini. I let them take my sons mini home to use to pull a wagon around they are just such nice people its amazing. They use our phone if they need to make calls and in exchange she makes me food she made me amazing noodles and potatoes to bring home and i buy produce, jams, baked goods off of them.I feel very blessed that they have let me into their lives as much as they have. I felt very very honored the first time they showed up at our house on a Sunday because I know how special that day is to them. We drive them when we can as long as our vehicle isnt broke down. Now that we got it fixed they were wanting us to take them to the zoo and I belive its Minnesota one of their daughters moved and just had a baby and they really want to see their grandbaby. Their family has had so much medical issues it makes you feel sorry for them but they dont want that…their youngest hes about 4 months old now i think, he had open heart surgery at a couple weeks old, he was sick and found out it was more than just a cold or phemonia. they have a daughter that has seizures and another that has some other things not sure what all it is but she just got out of the hospital. I sit and think how bad their medical bills must be since they wouldnt have medical insurance. Same with my old farrier his family was one that a couple years ago got hit by a semi truck and little girl got wrapped around the wheel of the semi and was in the hospital forever and is still healing. But sorry got off track here just saying amish arent unapproachable. I know my new friend has went as far as showing a couple around the inside of her home because the guys girlfriend couldnt belive people lived like that, they are wonderful people and the kids laugh at me TRYING to learn dutch…I might add I am not doing very good at it. know a couple words but get chicken wrong all the time they laugh at me but know its all in fun. I just feel so blessed to be included in their lives as much as we are. We are in the Martinsburg/st louisville area i am directionally challanged but about a half hour give or take from sugar creek, Ohio.

      1. Clift Clan

        Howdy Neighbor!!!

        Howdy neighbor!!! We recently purchased a farm outside Fallsburg. Would love to meet ya’ll some time. :0)

    10. Kevin Lindsey

      Ohio Amish attacked

      Hi Eric, Heard on the news this morning, and thought I would pass it on in case you hadnt heard it. Some Ohio Amish are being attacked by fellow Amish castoffs. They apparently are cutting the hair and beards of the mainstream Amish. There is an AP story on it at: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_AMISH_ATTACKS?SITE=VTBRA&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

      1. Amish beard attacks in Jefferson County Ohio

        Thanks Kevin, I have been reading about these beard and hair-cutting assaults–it’s getting a lot of major coverage. I’ve been through this general area but have never visited the Bergholz/Jefferson County community itself. Have heard stories about it though.

        I don’t know enough about the history of the group though I think there is some discusson of it out there on the web. So I don’t know the reasons why they’ve ended up outside the fold, or to what degree they align with Amish practice (though they seem visually plain in the photos I’ve seen).

        All I can say is: I watched and read the interview with Bergholz bishop Sam Mullet, and I came away with an odd feeling. I know you generally oughtn’t impugn someone after hearing just one interview, but his answers left something to be desired.

    11. Brenda

      Beard/Hair Cutting

      Perhaps I can shed some light; the group that did this is a renegade group of Amish near Bergholz, OH. They & their antics are known to other Amish communities. The Bergholz community is not in fellowship with any other Amish community any more. Of course, the Amish are reticent to use the court system, especially on one of their own.

      The renegade group’s leader is bishop Sam Mullet. According to a news report, he gave the order to bring back the hair of the victims. Ewwww. I’ve heard some have fled his community in the night to avoid confrontation with Mullet & his ‘enforcers’.

      The court record of Wilma’s divorce from Aden Troyer is quite revealing; paragraphs 51-52 reveal some history of the members of the Mullet family ~ http://oh.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.20100628_0003248.OH.htm/qx

      I believe 3 of the attackers are already in jail.

    12. barn and windmill picture

      Can someone please identify the location and owner of the place with the barn and windmill picture, with milkhouse outside the barn? It looks very much like my uncle’s place, near Mt. Eaton, Ohio. The Yoder Buggy Shop, on Zuercher Road, is on this same place. There may be many other places that look similar to this, but it looks so much like it that I wondered if this is their place. I now live in Ireland, so it is quite interesting to see a photo like this from back in my “home country!” Makes we want to go visit my uncle and cousins there again.

      1. Dan, I took the photo, but to be honest, it’s been awhile, and I can’t remember exactly where it was. I believe it was northern Holmes or possibly Wayne County. Sorry I can’t do better than that for you.

    13. Teresa Smith

      Ohio Amish

      Does anyone know of any Amish Fence builders
      near Springfield, Dayton area?

    14. Joan Donnelly

      Amish home builder wanted


      I would like to have a home built in Clarksville Ohio, 45 mins north of Cincinnati by Amish home builders.


      Joan Donnelly

      1. Chester Miller

        Amish home builder wanted

        I happen to have 3 sons that each have carpenter crews. If you’re really interested and have no one yet, call some forenoon. 440-632-0638
        Make it a great day!

        1. Diane Buhrmaster

          Amish Home Builder, Champaign County, Ohio

          I noticed Chester Miller’s post in 2011 about having 3 sons with carpentry crews. We are looking into having a home built, but we don’t want a “modern” style house… we’d rather have a more simple, Amish style house built… it is very hard to find information. We are planning to ask one of our Amish friends, but they live in Holmes Co., and nobody out that way seems to know if any builders can go to Champaign Co. to build at a reasonable price…any thoughts?

    15. kerry

      Dan, if you happen to read this – I live near Zuercher Rd and think I know where the buggy shop is. I’ll take that route sometime in the near future and see if I can “find the picture” on that road. 🙂

      1. Dan

        Zuercher Road photo

        Kerry, thank you for your comment and for offering to check out where that picture was taken! I don’t think they have any sign out to identify the buggy shop, but you will often see a few buggies standing around outside. The house and the buggy shop are close to the road, with the lane going in between the two.
        Let me know what you find!
        Thanks again.

        1. Valerie

          Dan in Dunmore?

          If you don’t mind me jumping in here, Dan, but would you be of the Amish Mennonite group in Dunmore Ireland? And if so, have you ever shared about that on Erik’s website? I had heard there were Amish in Ireland and was wondering how that came about, we have Irish/Scotish heritage & so someone had shared about Dunmore Amish.
          Would be of special interest I believe, to hear about this.

          If so, you sound a little homesick, that picture looks like what I’ve driven by in that area myself. God Bless you.

    16. Maria Riedyk

      Sheeps in Wolves Clothing is every Amish like that?


      I need help and I don’t know how to go about it.

      I always thought Amish people are good honest people.

      So on the 19th Dec, 2011, I was all by myself in deep grief with passing away of my 12 beloved family members and therefore, overcome with grief in mind and spirit.

      Not only that, I am physically ill and without a job nor any income,
      I would love to work, I hardly can walk and nobody will hire me. I have tried. As idle hands are the devils work. I am so sick, so distressed, and not well.

      Especially on the 19th of December when my brother was found dead and not by God nor his own hands…

      I had the Edmonton Journal Delivered in the morning with this Amish add promoting Amish company Heat Surge LLC 8000 Freedom Ave, N. Canton OH 44720 for Heat Surge HT hybrid-thermic heaters which I read and ordered 2 heaters from, as I believed that the Amish people are honest, just and fair, god fearing people, and good people.

      I ordered two but then cancelled 1 hour after they put it through my Visa company because I had a moment of reality and realized my family, they don’t need it (because they are dead).

      However, in my mind and heart they are still with me, as I said my grief is profound and the mind can do tricks where you see them and they are not there. You reach out to them and they fade away…

      I spoke with several representatives Holly, Brian, on the customer service 1-800-924-7964 and they said that they could not reverse my Visa billing, that it is already shipped, picked up, and a lot of “less than truths”.

      I phoned the Visa company and they said that the Amish company can reverse the Visa billing since it just went through an hour ago.

      I phoned the shipping company Cooper brothers, and they did not even have it on their tracking order list nor did they pick it up that morning and it was already afternoon in OH and they only do one pick up in the morning.

      After several calls back to the company, they continued to tell less than the truth and promised to phone me back to resolve my dillemma which they never did.

      I am already in pain, in grief, in distress, and suffering, they continue to tell me that the Visa can not be reversed, that it has already been shipped, etc, etc, etc.

      Just one hour after they billed my Visa?

      No shipping company would take an order without a tracking number of their premises.

      Nobody would in their right mind ship a product without a tracking number.

      Are the Amish people so full of greed where justice, fairness, and honesty in business dealings are put to the wayside, and less than truth be told to make a sale?

      I belief in honesty, truth, to do the right thing and following the 10 basic laws laid out by Moses that was given to him by God himself.

      I belief in telling the truth, in honesty, and yes, painful as telling the truth with sharing my personal situation with each one of you is for me, and to let all of the Amish people know what is going on.

      How people will start thinking that all Amish people are indeed Wolves in Sheeps Clothing because of this one particular Amish company dealings with their customers, then I hope to have made a difference in my life in sharing my deeply personal story.

      If anyone can help me with cancellation and my fragile financial state that I am in, to put a stop to the shipping? Please help!

      I am a customer and cancelled way ahead of time so that they don’t incur the shipping cost as I am honest, fair, and just, and don’t want them to process or pay for any shipping and handling costs for a cancelled order, that just wouldn’t be right,fair, honest, or just.

      In helping correcting this greed and telling less than the truth that has invaded these Amish people, please help them and if you have it in your heart I am crying out to you in my anguish to please help me resolve this issue. Anyone please help!

      Thank you for reading about my life, my plight, my situation, and circumstances, this is not easy for me to share, and I am really telling the truth so God be my witness!


      Maria Riedyk
      Alberta, Canada

      1. Paul

        Sheeps in Wolves Clothing...

        Dear Maria,

        Heat Surge is an English (non-Amish) owned company that employs members of the Amish community. If you were unable to resolve this matter with Heat Surge or through your credit carrd company, you should contact the Ohio Secretary of State, who will pursue your complaint, on your behalf, at no charge.


      2. Karen

        I live in an Amish community in Ohio. The Amish are the same as other people, there are good and bad. I have dealt with many who are fair and some who are completely self centered and live this way because people from outside think they are NEAT. Don’t go in and think just because they live this simple life style you will be accepted or even
        be treated fair.

    17. Sara

      i love holmes county

      I had a exboyfriend that used to be amish. i loved everything about him. I never dated a ex amish befroe so it was something know for me and my family. IHe took me where he grow up and shoed me around. I say wow it was so diiferent cause i never saw how they lived befroe. I love the amish food and the things they build. yes im still friends with my ex but i was just wondering if theres and ex amish man around or sites to get to know and start a friendship with. If anyone knows please let me know. thanks

    18. Debbie Welsh

      About to make our 3rd trip out to Ohio and would appreciate any info on good Amish roadside stands in Holmes, Wayne, Ashland, Knox, or Geauga counties? Not so much interested in the big tourist ones like Hershberger’s southwest of Berlin, but rather the ones you find on the backroads traveling around amongst their homes and farms. Any suggestions will surely be appreciated. Thanks!

      1. Debbie Biddle

        Holmes County area Amish

        Debbie I am so sorry I didn’t see your post earlier and I am assuming that you have already made your trip. I hope you had a wonderful time and found lots of jewels along the way!

        While I like you enjoy finding the out of the way places, I also have my must stops….Miller’s fabric in Charm, Hershbergers for their fried pies, Walnut Creek Cheese for their ice cream (yummo), Troyers for a midday munchie (tasting all the wonderful samples) and Coblenz’s Chocolates in Walnut Creek! My very favorite bulk food store is near Mt Hope, Ashery’s. Best prices I have found, huge variety, and the bacon is the best!

        If you like Bed and Breakfasts, I highly recommend The Miller Haus in Walnut Creek. Great prices and specials and the breakfasts are wonderful! They have even set it up for us to have a meal in an Amish home…wonderful experience!

        During my last trip this spring, I just drove the backroads for two days. My favorite thing to do. Just me, my hubby, and no where to be. We stumbled across several homes that were selling perenials. $1 each!! We will have them and share them for years! Better than that was the visit with those wonderful ladies. Good memories!

        It’s a 5 1/2 hour drive for us from the Lexington Ky area…worth every mile, every cent for the gas. It’s how we destress and refresh! Highly recommend this area in Holmes County Ohio to anyone!

        Debbie Biddle

    19. Becky Patterson

      Help :)

      I’m in need of good hard working people to move one section of my 6 ft. wood privacy fence over about 10 ft to our property line. I have asked Kidren Vynal but their price was soooo steep it would break my bank…we will pay good money for good help but their quote was way over the top and that was my husbands comment. Please contact me via my e-mail. I will then give you my cell phone number so we can discuss the project.

      Thank you very much,

      Becky Patterson
      Stow, Ohio

    20. Chris


      I am traveling to Ohio and wish to purchase some counter stools for our kitchen. I do not want to purchase from a big store that adds a middle man. Is there a good way to find a craftsman that builds furniture as I am sure they are not the places with websites.

    21. Yvette Mosby

      Potential Customer

      I need an amish carpenter to do some exterior roof repair work that is near my kitchen. Water is seeping from the porch above my refrigerator. Can you please help me??? I need this work done before November, this year.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Yvette Mosby


    22. Rosemary Stone


      We are so excited to be planning another trip to Holmes County this Spring. My question in about lodging. We would like to stay in or near, Berlin, Walnut, Creek, etc so we can walk around and visit the shops . Do you know which, if any, hotels or motels that are pet friendly for small dogs under 10 lbs? I have a mental health disability and our little Shih Tzu is considered my service dog.

      1. Guy

        best place to stay ---rosemary

        you should stay at http://www.dutchhostinn.com/
        they really have great package deal

    23. Heavyn

      Experiencing Different Cultures

      Hi, I am very interested in going to an Amish Community for a few weeks. But I don’t want it to be a vacation, I want it to be more like an experience. I want to live with an Amish family and do the things they do. Can you give me an address that I can send a letter to asking to partake in this? Or any advice as to what to do? Again, I am extremely interested. My Grandma talks to me about these communites all the time. It was how she used to live and she always says how she would love for me to experience it. An event occured that made me want to do this even more. I’m sure it wil be an experience I am never going to forget! So if there is any information that you can give me, I will be so grateful.

    24. Nicole

      Info about Amish in and near Hardin County (Kenton) Ohio

      I am looking for any information about the type of Amish that live in and around Hardin County. About their church services, types of Buggies, etc. Any information would be valuable.

      1. Joshua

        About Hardin County Ohio Amish


        The Amish in Hardin County would be Old Order. I stopped at a farm there once and had some of the best melons I’ve ever tasted. There are some New Order Amish to the county just south of Hardin. I happen to know a few Amish people in that community. Wonderful people. The New Orders would have more “bells and whistles” to their buggies, the Old Orders would make use of gray reflective tape as their version of “slow moving vehicle” signage. One of the sermons I listened to at the New Order service was given in mostly English, for my benefit. There was a meal afterwards and in the evening I was invited to one of the youth singings in a barn. The best way to get to know any Amish, is to visit them yourself (sharing experiences just doesn’t do justice) Hope that helps.


    25. Lee

      Looking for Amish carpenters

      I’ve heard so many people talk about the excellent work ethic of Amish carpenters not to mention their skill. I wondered if there are any Amish communities near Huntington, WV? I bought an older home and need to renovate it. I was wondering if any of the Amish would be interested?

      1. Lee there is a community of 4 churches at Gallipolis, OH, about an hour away from you. There are also a few communities in WV: https://amishamerica.com/west-virginia-amish/

    26. Kathy

      Wayne/Holmes County Ohio

      I live in Wayne county Ohio. I love going to Amish country and there not far away. I read all the books and anything else I can get my hands on. I love the amish values. When I was growing up in West Virgini we didn’t have running water or inside plumbing. And I would LOVE for my kids and grandkids could have grew up that way. People just doesn’t have the sense of God and Family anymore.
      I want to say the Amish is a loving, God loving, Family loving people.

    27. Mark Baylis

      mailing address

      I wish to reach out to the Amish community in Coshocton and Licking County Ohio. Finding a church mailing address seems impossible. How can I get a letter to a couple Bishops from those Counties and possibly Knox and Holmes as well?
      Mark Baylis

    28. Norma Burroughs

      We are going to visit Ohio this summer. Could any of you point out Amish communities in southern Ohio? Any other info you could share would be greatly appreciated. Also hope to travel into the Berlin area too.I always get the best info from this site!thanks in advance!

    29. Erica

      Amish Midwifery

      I reside in Southern Ohio & have been apprenticing as a homebirth midwife for the last 3.5 years. I have attended some Amish in these years and have recently begun receiving daily calls from the surrounding communities. I am happy to accept the call to become their midwife. My experiences with the Amish communities have left me feeling completely satisfied on a soul level. There is something about our interactions that I look forward to. It is such a drastic difference to midwife with the English and the Amish. I can clearly see differences and have started preferencing my Amish families. I have learned so many details from the moms. They are always so eager to inform me about their lifestyles. I’m assuming the communities nearest me are not Old Order- as they are happy to welcome me, but not entirely New Order due to their aversion to technology. I have found this site to be of incredible help in my transition to working more with the Amish. I was wondering if you have any other pointers that may be useful?

      1. Naomi Wilson

        reply to midwife

        You might enjoy the book House Calls and Hitching Posts, about a doctor working among the Amish in Ohio, and the birth center that he founded.

        Also the book Amish Society by John Hostetler for an anthropological perspective.

        For Amish Christian beliefs, for very cheap you can order 1001 Questions and Answers on Christian Life from Pathway Publishers.

        For really getting to know plain Anabaptist culture, you can subscribe to Family Life Magazine, published by and for the Amish by Pathway Publishers.

        p.s. We just had our third midwife attended home birth. Thanks for what you do!!!

    30. Guy

      already people here are not happy about the amish

      Buggy byproducts become a problem for Rogers.

      ROGERS – The increase in Amish families moving to the Rogers-Negley area brings with it new challenges, and one of those is what to do about the large steaming piles of manure left behind by the horses that pull their buggies. The issue was brought up at last week’s Village Council meeting by Bill Crawford and Barbara Todd, who said manure piles are often found along village streets and in the parking lots at the local Save A Lot and Dollar General stores frequented by their new neighbors. “It’s really a problem,” Crawford said. “It’s everywhere.” = ‘none’; } } } Todd, who lives on Farr Street, said the Amish coming from the Negley area cut through her street on their way to the Save A Lot and Dollar General, with the horses leaving manure piles in their wake. They said there should be an ordinance requiring the Amish clean up after their horses, but someone suggested it would have to apply to all domesticated animals, such as dogs. “We really don’t have an ordinance on that,” said Councilman Tom Chambers, noting the influx of Amish families to the area from New York only began this year. – See more at: http://www.morningjournalnews.com/page/content.detail/id/550997/Buggy-byproducts-become-a-problem-for-Rogers.html?nav=5006#sthash.IyomPMiN.dpuf

    31. Adam Hovey

      My nieces and nephews used to live up in Geauga County, I asked my niece Tatianna about the Amish kids, she said there were only “2 or three” at her school. I have never gone to school with Amish people, Mennonites, yes (there is a significant Mennonite community around Augusta, Georgia).

    32. uranui

      armish in america

      I would like to know if armish are illegal as well in America such as the 11 million undocumented in u.s. I don’t see any differences . Because they do live altogether in one same area as one community , no government or such. Under church controlled.any one knows if they pay taxes,if they on welfare,if they have social security cards. Are they even u.s citizens?

    33. Mark - Holmes Co.

      The Amish have been here in America for a long time. It would be safe to say any Amish living in America today who were not born here moved here from Ontario, Canada. I can’t speak for all Amish communities, but anyone I know has a US or Canadian birth certificate, a social security card, and many Amish in our community have a State of Ohio ID card, either photo or non-photo ID, similar to a driver’s license. Like everyone else I know, I pay income tax to the federal government and state of Ohio and property tax. I’m exempt from paying social security but that means I’m also barred from collecting it. I have never heard of an Amish person on welfare in our community, but I know any Amish person collecting welfare. In our church, we would feel it is wrong to collect government benefits such as welfare or SS benefits. As a citizen of this country, I’m obligated to and believe I should obey the laws of our country unless they contradict Biblical teaching and i cannot think of any situation I’ve ever had to face that. I don’t know if that answers your questions or not… Hopefully others will add their thoughts or experiences as well.

    34. uranui

      ohio amish

      Thank you Mark for your reply back to me .i think you gave me good information .i appreciate.

    35. Mark - Holmes Co.
    36. Mike Caron

      Free ride between Amish communities along a Kansas to Maine (and return) route

      I am driving from Lawrence, Kansas to Holmes County, Ohio stopping there to visit my brother in Millersburg before driving on to Freedom, Maine, which is beside the new Amish communities in Thorndike and Unity. I am not asking any monetary compensation, and would be willing to drive a bit out of my way to pick up as many as three passengers for any leg of the trip or return. My departure date from Kansas is Wednesday January 28th and I will be leaving Maine on February 9th. Of course severe weather could slightly delay or modify those plans. Anyone in a position to pass on this invitation to Amish communities generally along this route or who have suggestions about how I might make this offer available to interested Amish who would like to travel to any of the communities generall between these destinations please respond and I will share contact information and character reference if desired. This is being posted in several state listings between Maine and Kansas.

    37. Amy

      Kitchen Cabinets

      Looking to have some kitchen cabinets built. Anyone know of any Amish carpenters that does this in the Westlake, OH area.

      1. Linda

        Amish Cabinets Ohio

        Amy, you could look at:


    38. Jennie Wallace

      Leaving the Amish Community

      What happens when an Amish person wishes to leave the Amish community to pursue a life in a Non-Amish environment?

    39. American Artist, Amish Content

      I am an American Painter of some renown. I am very interested in finding an Amish Community where I might be able to live amongst, or at least visit and interact a number of days each week, for a period of a few months, preferably in the summer. I am also willing to work a couple of days a week in whatever capacity needed, to broaden my experience. I wish to do a whole series of paintings about the people, their culture, and my experiences there. I am respectful, and willing to abide by any rules or requirements set forth by the community, and would welcome any suggestions.

    40. Needing Amish Crews for Timber Work

      I am in need of Amish crews that are interest in work that would include the felling of trees and site clearing to be paid bi-weekly for work performed.
      Large scale clearing operation of my property
      Please contact me if interested. If you can refer any individuals or groups, please do so. Thank you
      Eric J Spirtas 314.780.3742

    41. Nicole

      Looking to Hire Full-Time Craftsman

      We are a millwork company located in a suburb on the East side of Cleveland. We are looking to hire several craftsman full-time with experience in cabinetry and millwork. From experience the amish are very good skilled craftsman and wanted to see the best way to try and reach talent and identify individuals who may be looking for a full-time job. If living in the Middlefield, OH area transportation would not be an issue.

      If you could let me know the best way to find individuals who may be looking for a full-time position.

    42. Hosein

      Wonderful people

      In recent decades, family binds and values in western societies are somehow ruined because of some modern influences such as feminism and sexual freedom. Amish people still save traditional valuable family binds and have a nice and admirable birth rate alongside with a natural and beautiful kind of life on the contrary of other European descanted people. The reason why I admire Amish people is mostly because of their large families and their fabulous lifestyle.

    43. Karen Gallagher-Phillips

      looking for someone who can frame an addition, build porch, gutters, roof, sidding

      In Westlake ohio 44145
      440-899-8034 hm ph
      Karen Gallagher-Phillips

    44. Gerard Bane

      Looking for Schwartzentruber Amish to write too

      Would really appreciate a Schwartzentruber Amish to write too

    45. Janet Miller

      Shed Builder needed

      We are looking to hire an Amish carpenter to build a 8×12 storage shed for us. We live in North Olmsted, Ohio. Can you tell me what the general terms are for a job of this kind?

      Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

      Rich and Janet Miller

    46. Angela Collins

      Love Amish food really everything Amish

      We live in Dayton Ohio are there any Amish communities near me? I would like to go visit buy goods. I’d love to move near them. Not to bother them just to learn from them and live somewhere peaceful. I love how beautifully they live just down to earth. They don’t bother no one. They live a hard working life but it seems much more gratifying.I crave that.

    47. Bob Norem

      Holmes County Amish

      I know you mention all the different settlements, Schwartzentruber, New Order, Old Order and Dan, but where in Holmes County are each of them settled? Are they mixed throughout the area or does each settlement live in a specific area such as around Millersburg, Charm, Berlin, Mt. Hope, Killbuck etc. Also, which group lives up towards Kidron in Wayne County? I’m through that area each year as I have family in Mansfield and often go roaming through Holmes County and was just wondering who exactly lives where. Thanks.

    48. Karen C

      Windmill repair

      I have a windmill in need of repair. I am not able to work on it myself and was advised to seek out an someone in in an Amish community to assist me. Does anyone know how I can go about doing this? I Do not want to be disrespectful and approach someone and simply ask or is that acceptable? I live in Lorain County, Ohio. Thank you.