Raber’s Almanac

Raber's Almanac

A while back I wrote a post on Raber’s Almanac, an annual guide used by the Amish.

The Almanac includes an extensive listing of Amish church districts and their ministers.  It also includes a Scripture and hymn schedule for church service as well as some folk wisdom and even a dab of astrology, which I examined in the original post.

The other day I came across a nice piece on the Almanac which you might find interesting, from Mennonite Weekly Review.

In it, one learns that the almanac has been printed since 1930 in its German version, and since 1970 in its English version.  Also, at one time Hutterite ministers were listed as well, along with Old Colony Mennonite congregations in Latin America, though this seems to no longer be the case*.

Apparently the content differences between the German and the English versions can be significant as well–with a light inspirational poem in the English version replaced by a theological essay in the German edition, for example.

(*Just double-checked, and found a single page listing names of ministers of Old Colony Mennonite communities in the 2008 Almanac, so I assume this is the case with the most recent edition.  Hutterite ministers are not listed, however).

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    1. This reminds me of the days when I lived about a mile from Ben Raber. He would hire me for taxi work, and I would load him and his wheel-chair bound wife into my minivan and take them to one of their cabins in the woods for the weekend, where they would read and watch wildlife. Ben certainly represents the other end of the spectrum from the all-too-often stereotyped “wild Amish” youth. And his son Aden … probably the only Amish “scrapper” that I can think of. 🙂
      At the auctions, Aden would be there buying scrap iron. With his trailer hooked to his backhoe, he would take it home, and when he had a huge load gathered, take it to Coshocton to cash in. He laughed and told me about when he had such a huge load that his tractor spun out going up a hill (on pavement), and he had to call for another one to help him get going again. I believe he told me 16 tons. At the price of scrap those days ($300/ton), go figure.
      Nice folks to have as neighbors. Ben would occasionally give me a book out of his store, or throw me a good discount. I guess I think of him as a gentleman, a kind ol’ fellow.

    2. Katie in PA

      I was surprised when I got my first English version that the content was different.

      I find the phases of the moon and the listing of feast/saint days to be interesting. I also follow along with the scriptures assigned for each week.

    3. Dave

      Great site Eric !!
      Did you ever get a chance to post the address and price for the german and english version of this almanac? Keep up the good work.


    4. Raber's book store address-Ohio Amish

      Thanks Dave, the address is actually hiding right there on the cover! (; It’s

      Raber’s Book Store
      2467 CR 600
      Baltic, Ohio 43804

      As for the price, I do not know exactly, but it’s usually around 3 or 4 dollars. I think if you enclose 6 or so, you should be able to cover the price of the Almanac and shipping. Last time I sent 10, and he sent back two additional pamphlets along with my Almanac with the extra money. Hope that helps!

      Mike, thanks for the interesting anecdote. Have never met Ben but sounds like a nice fellow.

      Katie, that surprised me too.

    5. Bill

      In November I sent a check for six dollars and received a copy of the almanac and a one dollar credit slip. If I remember correctly the receipt read 2.50 for the Almanac and 2.50 to cover shipping.

    6. Joyce (Raber) Van Osdel


      Hi I just found out my Grandpa John Wesley Raber had a brother named Amos is the amish Amos his brothers.
      God Bless

    7. Copies of Raber's Almanac for 2003-2013

      Hello, I am looking for copies of Raber’s Almanac for the eleven year period from 2003-2013. If you might have some or all of these editions, I will be happy to purchase them from you. If you would like them back, I would be happy to photocopy the information I need and return them to you. Details on how to reach me are here: http://www.joelgehman.com/about/

    8. Visiting your store 4/5th

      Hello, visited your book store on 4/5/14 by getting lost on the beaten path. Spoke with Mary about various things including Pinecraft, Fla. She had just returned from a winter stay, and about my Amish friend in New Wilmington, PA. Dan who was in need of Ensure products. Pleased to let you know that I delivered 92 cans to him today. While we were visiting his wife (Emma Byler) she shared an Almanac from your store, what a small world. We mentioned that we visited your store a few weeks earlier by chance. Happy to let you know he looked much better today, with alzheimers patients it varies from day to day. Hope to visit your store when I get into stamping. Emma shared her stamp collection with me so I’m hoping to make that a new hobby. If you have any suggestions on first time stampers, any advise would be welcomed. have a wonderful Easter holiday!!!

    9. Giovanna

      Rabers New American Almanac

      Hi, I live in Canada and I’m wondering how I could get a copy of Rabers New American Almanac?