The Ethridge, Tennessee Amish community is the largest in the South. It’s a Swartzentruber Amish settlement founded in the 1940s. Today there are about 1,500 Amish living here.

Ethridge Amish Community Farm

Typical of Swartzentruber settlements, it is a farming community supplemented by a lot of small shops and home enterprises. Amish commerce extends off the farm with some selling products off the back of the buggy in the parking lot of a local tourist outlet.

This map of Amish business locations is found in a brochure distributed by the Amish Welcome Center, located off Highway 43 in the middle of the settlement.  It’s pretty useful if you are looking to visit the area’s many Amish vendors.

Ethridge TN Amish Map

This map also gives you an idea of the layout of the Ethridge community, with about 2/3 of it west of Highway 43 and the remaining third on the east side.  By the way, if you visit: be careful especially on 43, it is a fast-moving 4-lane highway but you’ll see Amish buggies traveling and crossing it as well.

There are 57 businesses listed on this map. Here is a sampling of what you’ll find:

Ethridge Tennessee Amish Businesses5. Buffalo Roadtables and chairs, buggy wheels

10. Buffalo Road– clocks, pickled okra, candy, jams and jelly

19. Yoder Road– homemade candles

30. Indiana Avenue– miniature buggy carts, eggs

33. Indiana Avenue– lumber, gourds, candy, molasses, cookies, braided rugs, peanut brittle, buggy shop, firewood, gazebos, treated outdoor furniture

35. Dooley Road– tack shop, molasses

42. Mt. Horeb Roadhickory bend furniture, squirrel corn, stable blankets, hunting bags

57. Bud Taylor Road– cookies, molasses, baskets

You’ll probably also want to stop in at the “Amish Welcome Center” and pick up an original copy of the map.  This one is at least 2 years old, so they may have an updated version by now.  The back of this pamphlet advertises “Hank’s Restaurant” with the tagline “Even the Amish come here to eat!”

The Amish Welcome Center address: 4001 Hwy. 43 N., Ethridge, TN 38456, (931) 829-2433.

I visited the Ethridge Amish in 2010 and wrote this piece, about mega-tourist wagons, Swartzentruber business cards, and the “Love Spell” and “Love Potion” Amish candles:  The Amish of Ethridge, Tennessee.


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