Favorite Posts of 2023

Thanks again for another nice year. As we usually do this time of year, here are some favorite posts of the past 365 days – most commented, most viewed, or just ones that stood out for other reasons. In more or less chronological order.

On another note, The Amish State Guide pages are getting long-overdue updates. These were some of the first pages I created when building out the resource side of this site, way back when. I’m about halfway through the updates. Recent completions include Maine, Maryland, Montana, and Nebraska.

Happy 2024 and thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!

2023 Amish America Favorite Posts

Image: Jim Halverson

Visiting Plain Mennonites (Video)
The 18 States WITHOUT An Amish Community
Six Reasons Why People Fail To Join The AmishJoining the Amish isn’t easy. Here are six of the biggest obstacles, including the “mentality gap” and seeking the Amish for the wrong reasons.
Thinking About Stealing From The Amish? Think Twice
“Utterly NOT an Amish Home!” (5 Myths In One Comment)
On Amish “Dentists”They are out there. And for some Amish, they offer an economical, convenient (and sometimes more painful) alternative to the actual dentist.
Inside an Amish Mobile Home (And Horse Farm) – 32 Photos

A Visit to Enos Gingerich’s Furniture Shop
How The Plainest Amish Heat WaterA closer look at the three-step process Swartzentruber Amish use to get hot water. This will make you grateful for your modern setup.
Amish Youth Sing “I’m On The Winning Side” (Video)
Are The Amish Rude?
The Amish Are Leaving South DakotaWhile the state’s solitary community began to wind down, reports came in of a second community starting up at the same time…keeping the Mount Rushmore State on the Amish list.
How The Plainest Amish Use Maytag Wringer Washers
Inside an Amish Home at Food Prep Time (28 Photos)

Image: P. Thomas/YT

Five Money-Saving Tips From The Amish (Food & More)
Life In A Plain Amish Home: Converted Sewing Machine, Basement Canning & Quilt-in-Progress (15 Photos)
Amish Scholars Sing “Our God Is For Us”Beautiful example of singing by children in an Amish school in Indiana.
Five Common Natural Remedies Used By Amish (For Everyday Ailments)
Commenter Claims: “Amish are NOT Christian”What was this person thinking when writing this comment? And is there any truth to his claims?
Inside An Amish Schoolhouse (21 Photos)
Inside A Swartzentruber Amish Home (20 Photos) in North Carolina

Look Back In Time: A 1950s Film on the Amish (10 Observations)
One Million Amish By 2050?
Learning from Amish LettersWhat insights can be gained from Amish letter-writing? Guest post by Karen Johnson-Weiner.
Check Out What’s In This $3 Amish Auction “Junk Box”
Inside A “Modern Cozy” Lancaster County Amish Home (22 Photos)
Meeting Mrs. MillerGuest post by Walter Boomsma sharing his visits with an Amish woman at her roadside stand in Maine.

2023 Amish Population: Five Years & 50,000 More AmishAmish growth shows few signs of slowing. No new states added to the list this year, though one country lost their Amish population.
Visiting an Amish Grocery & Variety Store (24 Photos)
The Amish Barn Raising (Excellent Documentary)Well worth watching this roughly hour-long documentary. Beautifully shot and educational.
10 “Exceptions” To Amish Rules
Who Are The “Michigan Circle” Amish?
Amish Father Menno Miller Reflects On Loss Of Two Daughters In Crash

Image: Jim Halverson

5 Subtle Ways Amish Avoid Seeking AttentionSeveral things I’ve noticed over the years that ironically make the Amish stand out in a “look at me” society.
A Swartzentruber Amish Barn-Raising (11 Photos)
Is Amish Life Hard? One Amishman’s Answer
An Amish Cannabis Company? Owner Riehl, 29, Explains
Amish Start Community In Middle Of NowhereThe “middle of nowhere” in this case being a remote region of Nebraska.
Enjoying Mennonite Mincemeat Pie (On The Second Try…)

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