Inside an Amish Home at Food Prep Time (28 Photos)

Whoever captured the photos for this Amish real estate listing in South Dakota did so at an interesting time – right when they were preparing a meal and doing some baking. This is a third home now up for sale in the Tripp, South Dakota community which has been reported to be ending. It looks like one of the first two homes may have sold already (no longer visible on Zillow).

So let’s have a look right away at the kitchen where there is a meal on the stove:

Looks like some soup and maybe some toast, and I guess we have to guess what is in the other pots. Also, see what’s sitting in between the soup and toast? Looks like a couple of sad irons heating up. Those are heated up on the stove and used for ironing clothes.

Circling back to check out the description:

Large Amish home for sale with numerous outbuildings on +/- 46.40 acres. This property has excellent buildings set up for a calving operation. If your looking for a nice acreage spot just outside of Tripp SD look no further. The property features large trees, farm ground, and pasture ground that could be utilized as additional farm ground. Home has no electricity, sewer, there is rural water. Motivated Seller!

Sounds like people are ready to move on to different pastures (according to the report last week, this would likely be to somewhere in Wisconsin, the state where many of the first settlers to this community came from). Back inside the home, we see some other food prep going on, what looks like some flat dough circles laid out for baking on the table. What do you think this is?

My best guess is some kind of sugar cookies.

Another thing I like about this home is the utility sink. Beautiful wood, simple design.

Brown eggs I guess were getting washed down here. The utility sink or “second sink” is a must-have in Amish homes with big families and a lot of going in-and-out with hands and more needing washing at meal time and so on.

Cabinet with drinking cup in holder. Looks like Efferdent denture cleaner up top. If you caught my recent post on the Amish & dentists you won’t be suprised to see that here.

A look at the sitting or living room shows us a close-up view of the gas lamp fixtures.

You get a clear view of the thorium mantles (the lacy things that resemble small bags) which glow extremely brightly when this light is fired up.

I’d enjoy sitting in that comfy-looking rocker. Also note the long seat which resembles a church pew.

Down in the basement.

Not the collapsible drying rack and the stove with kettle on the left. Anything else catch your eye?

Now looking outside, 46 acres is a nice chunk of land.

Barn and some of the outbuildings.

Looks like a workshop. Outdoor fridge. Snow shovel probably gets a lot of use.

Calves in the barn.

Do I see a smile?

Yep I think I do.

Buggy parking.


So how much are they asking for this property?

This farm and land are on the market for $450,000, represented by Andrew Harr of Total Real Estate. “Motivated seller” usually means “negotiable” in some way for anybody out there thinking they might like to own this place.

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  1. Alberta Wells


    Barns are huge, as is their living room..I need that wooden office chair on wheels in the pic.I have been looking for one…lol…I am sure they made that..Love your articles and pictures..Thank you

  2. Joseph Frey

    Pot Filler

    Having a pot filler (water spigot) right next to the stove was very interesting. That’s the latest craze with new and remodeled kitchens. It is very cool to see the Amish keeping up with the latest trends.. 🙂

  3. Teresa Music

    Cookies on the table

    I would say those are some type of sugar cookie, maybe some snickerdoodles that have been laid out to cool. I do mine that way.

  4. Terry from Wisconsin

    Getting ready for church

    The bench wagon is there, and with the furniture pushed back along the wall makes me think they are having church. The cookies on the table look like church cookies which are a soft sugar cookie. The recipe I have for them calls for flour enough to roll, and is 13 cups!

    Where are the pictures of the bedrooms, the smaller ? dawdy house, and are there inside bathrooms or not? The cookstove is like the one we have, but ours doesn’t have the water reservoir. The water faucet for filling is a great idea! There is a sliding door on top and turning a faucet on instead of filling with a pail is a plus! In the basement are geraniums if that’s what’s different down there.

    The long bench in the living room IS a church pew with padding. They might have the older folks or preachers sitting there when church is going on. How nice to see trim around the windows! lol

    The B&B offer still stands Erik!!

    Have a Blessed Easter! He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

    Safe in Christ,

  5. Sunflower

    Food Prep

    I thought they were cookies cooling too; they look slightly browned like a sugar cookie should be. Eric- I’ve been wondering this every time you show Amish houses for sale- how do they move, and move so far? Do they rent a few train cars when moving to or from remote areas? I know it’s so hard to move, having done that twice with a family of 8, but we didn’t have livestock and farm equipment! Thanks for your site and Happy Easter to you!

  6. Athanasia

    House for sale

    You ask what else we see in basement…l see a cider press.

  7. House for Sale

    I noticed that there’s no hot water tap in the pictures of the sink where the eggs were being washed. Also, is that a propane line leading from the lamp to the cabinet?

  8. KEN


    The aluminum shovel you pointed out as a ‘snow shovel’ I think is better called a grain shovel. Like any wide blade shovel it can be used for shoveling snow but is best used when shoveling grain.