Here’s a nice recording by P. Thomas of a group of Amish youth singing the hymn “I Am On The Winning Side” somewhere in Ohio (I assume Holmes County). It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared an Amish singing video. This is a nice one for a return to the topic.

This is a New Order group, who tend to be more open to filming. We saw another New Order Amish youth group singing four hymns in another video, also from P. Thomas. This hymn, which dates to 1921, is beautifully sung. You’ll find the lyrics below.

One interesting question is where this group is located, as far as the building. You’ll notice the flourescent lights. This might raise an eyebrow for some viewing this. I also notice the apple insignia on the wall (which seems familiar to me though I can’t place it). This along with the windows suggests they are in some sort of business building.

Nowadays, a business building in some churches may be equipped with public electricity, especially if it is leased from a non-Amish person. Some New Order groups are also more permissive when it comes to the public grid than your average Old Order group.

Here are the lyrics for this hymn by Charles Wesley Naylor.

“I Am On The Winning Side”

Once I drifted out in sin, had no hope nor joy within,
And my soul was burdened down with pride;
Then my Savior came along and he showed me I was wrong and
Now I know I’m on the winning side

From the straight and narrow way I was drifting every day,
Out upon the waters deep and wide;
But it all is over now, glory light is on my brow,
And my soul is on the winning side

I will never have a fear, for my Lord is ever near,
And in him so often I confide;
He’s the keeper of my soul since I gave him full control,
And he placed me on the winning side

I’m on the winning side, yes I’m on the winning side,
Out in sin no more will I abide,
I’ve enlisted in the fight or the cause of truth and right
Praise the Lord- I’m on the winning side

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