On several previous occasions we’ve looked at photos taken in Amish homes, including an Ohio home as well as a farmhouse in New York state. But we haven’t seen a lot of video footage from inside Amish homes.

However I recently came across the below video taken in what appears to be a Lancaster County Amish home.

man-in-lancaster-homeIn this two-and-a-half minute video, the Amishman who owns the home (a John Stoltzfus, going by the family birth record you see on the wall) discusses a few of the items in his place, including the family’s heating system, a rolltop desk, and the battery-powered lighting.

Unfortunately the shooter moves his camera around too quickly, creating a dizzying effect at spots. So you don’t have a lot of time to focus on anything for long. And, being an Amish home, the lighting is not very bright.

That said, this gives you a feel for what a typical Lancaster Amish home is like inside. You see the kitchen and living area and the types of decor and other items common for Amish homes.

And if you’re wondering how the footage was shot, the Amishman also mentions giving buggy rides, so this is probably someone involved in the tourist industry and comfortable with cameras and the like.

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