Lanc Amish CarriagesI’m in Lancaster County this week, and I hope to be bringing you some posts from my visit.  

Since posting via a Kindle is hard, and getting to a computer might be a challenge, I scheduled a few posts in advance.

Today I thought I’d dip into the archives to share a few links to favorite posts you might have missed over the past few years.  First, 3 interviews you might enjoy:

Sherry Gore on PA Dutch cooking and Pinecraft

David Weaver-Zercher on Amish in the public eye

Amishman “Aaron Miller” on choice in Amish society

3 Questions:

Why do we treasure old books?

Why don’t Amish discuss pregnancy?

If you left the English, what would you gain?

And 3 Communities:

Centreville, Michigan

Halifax County, Virginia

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

You might also like:

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