3 Interviews, 3 Questions, 3 Communities

Lanc Amish CarriagesI’m in Lancaster County this week, and I hope to be bringing you some posts from my visit.  

Since posting via a Kindle is hard, and getting to a computer might be a challenge, I scheduled a few posts in advance.

Today I thought I’d dip into the archives to share a few links to favorite posts you might have missed over the past few years.  First, 3 interviews you might enjoy:

Sherry Gore on PA Dutch cooking and Pinecraft

David Weaver-Zercher on Amish in the public eye

Amishman “Aaron Miller” on choice in Amish society

3 Questions:

Why do we treasure old books?

Why don’t Amish discuss pregnancy?

If you left the English, what would you gain?

And 3 Communities:

Centreville, Michigan

Halifax County, Virginia

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

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    1. Richard from Amish Stories

      Enjoy your trip in Lancaster and if you see someone racing past you in a Ford Mustang that would be me! Richard. http://www.Amishstories.net

    2. Alice M. Aber


      I will be back up in Bellefonte, PA this Saturday afternoon. I have met some wonderful Amish people there. I am camphosting at a local campground. We have a nice Amish lady that sells baked goods at the campground and another couple that comes in once a week who also sells home canned goods as well as the baked items.

      Stop by if you can. Richard, how far away are you? Doesn’t seem too far on the map, but I am not sure, LOL. Haven’t really looked it up. I will be in Bellefonte the entire winter and then will decide in the spring what I want to do from there.

      Unfortunately, I forgot to add email addresses to this computer before I left Illinois so I need some emails please, LOL.

      Blessings, Alice