I recently put out a video from my visit to Enos Gingerich’s outdoor furniture shop in the Swartzentruber Amish settlement at Ellenboro, NC. You might recall Enos from the video on my visit to his wife’s soap and lotion shop, previous posts on his community, or the video on southern accents among the Amish. In this video (below) I finally show you around his furniture shop.

Enos shows me his album of photos. These were taken by his customers, of his furniture set up at their homes

This visit was a lot of fun and I think that comes through in the video. Enos shows us some of the things he makes, including Adirondack chairs and one or two surprising products (bed swing!?). Enos has a great sense of humor and we spend some time discussing things besides his furniture as well. The business is not just Enos, but “Enos and sons”, and like many if not the vast majority of Amish business owners, the children are involved.

Some of Enos’ furniture. He sells mainly to wholesale buyers, but also has a retail price list for people who want to buy direct from him

I’m going to have a follow-up video to this as well, where Enos shows you how he powers his shop tools and makes his furniture. This is a conservative community, but even the plainest Amish use various pieces of technology in order to make a living.

I point to Enos’ workshop. The family once lived in this space. Two moves later, they are in a new house at the top of the hill

In any case, I hope you enjoy this extended visit to Enos’ patio furniture shop (note: that’s not Enos in the cover photo). Runtime: 11:53.

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