Joining the Amish

It can be done.

About a hundred have so far, including an Ohio gentleman claiming to be ‘the only Hispanic Amishman’.

Read more here (no longer online).

Bonus: even more on joining the Amish.

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  1. lázaro simin

    My name is lazaro simim. I desire to know thath If I want to be amish, how can I do? I live in Brazil. I like very, very, the style of life, the amish way of life. I am a teacher in university, but I live very, very much the the life in the campaing (camping). I’m a christian and have a jewish origin. But my ancestors are persons very simple, workers, religous and good persons. Excuseme for my english. It is no ggod. I understand english, but more in spanish, italian, french and a a few the german.

  2. Riana

    Hello Lazaro , i want to Joining the Amish to , if you have any info, can you write me?

  3. Mellanie Joanne Michaels

    Joining the Amish

    Do the let transgenders join? Are there any around Unity Maine?