How to Join the Amish: The Step-by-Step Guide

Atlee Miller, an Ohio New Order Amish father of ten, tells you how to do it at

In a nutshell:  come live with us, go to church, get a job, learn Pennsylvania Dutch, do all this for a year and then get educated in the ways of the church, and finally, get voted in by the church.  Voila.  It’s that simple.

Simple but far from easy.  A handful have done it, but not without sacrifice and struggle.  Why do they go through with it?  ‘A woman’, joked one Amishman I know.  ‘That’s usually what’s involved.’

Bonus: Click for what the Amish think about outsiders wanting to join, and a bit about a few real-life converts. (update: articles removed at source)

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    1. Rene

      Want to become Amish


      I’m Indian and strongly want to practice the lifestyle you are in. How to start it?


    2. Johnathan Moss

      Staying with an amish family

      Hi! I am 23 going on 24 in few days and I’ve been on a big religious journey in my life and i keep finding myself interested in the Amish more so the fact that living the lifestyle with such access to the internet 24/7 or even my vehicle and things like that more or less i want to move outside my norm and live a more modest lifestyle learn how to use my hands instead of relying on the internet or someone else to fix my problems and i would be honored to have an opportunity to stay with an Amish family and learn and grow into a better man that can provide for a family one day because if I’m honest with myself i lack in so many ways what it takes to be a good man i cant grow any crops or build anything or i mean i can i just lack the knowledge and the internet is a terrible teacher

    3. Warren R Breuer

      calling of the lord

      Please reach out brothers and sisters, I yern to join and embrace the lord