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Questions on Converting to Amish Christianity

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  1. Can outsiders join the Amish?
  2. Why do Amish converts leave the church?
  3. How do you become Amish?
  4. Can you keep in touch with family if you join the Amish?
  5. Where can I read about people who’ve become Amish?
  6. Do the Amish try to recruit outsiders?
  7. When do Amish youth officially join the church?

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Can outsiders join the Amish?

Yes. It is rare however. Even rarer is the outsider who joins the Amish, and remains Amish. Unfortunately, many who join end up leaving the church. One report suggests that out of roughly 300 who had joined over an extended period, only about one-third had remained Amish.

Why do Amish converts leave the church?

Reasons can include disillusionment with Amish life and the very human members of Amish churches, joining for the “wrong” motives such as non-spiritual reasons, difficulty adapting and feeling a part of the community, and difficulty leaving behind modern technology or individualistic trains of thought.

As one Amish bishop told researcher Richard Stevick, seekers are often drawn to his people for the wrong reasons: “They could have fallen in love with one of our Youngie. Or they may have fallen in love with what they think is a simpler way of life. What they fail to realize is that our Christian faith is at the center” (see Growing Up Amish: The Rumspringa Years, p. 44)

How do you become Amish?

To join the Amish, typically, one would first become acquainted with Amish, often in a community which is “seeker-friendly”. Spending time living in the community, attending church, and participating in community events for an extended period of time is a must.

It’s rare that outsiders become and remain Amish.

Members of the church would need to support the candidacy of the individual to join. Learning the Amish German dialect is necessary as well. After an extended period of time, when both sides are satisfied that joining the church is the right decision, a person may become a candidate for baptism.

Can you keep in touch with your family if you join the Amish?

Amish people maintain relationships with non-Amish people, so there is no reason that a convert wouldn’t be able to maintain contact with their non-Amish relatives. However, with the lifestyle and often location change involved, contact with non-Amish family may become less frequent. Additional strain can emerge if family does not fully support the decision or has limited understanding of Amish ways.

Where can I read about people who’ve become Amish?

To read about one family’s account of a son joining the Amish, you can read the story of Anne and her son Ed, documented on this site in a series of posts (first post here). You may also like the story of Marlene Miller, who joined the Amish at a young age and has remained a church member over 45 years later.

Another convert named Mark Curtis joined an Ohio Amish church at age 50, over 10 years ago, and remains Amish today. As Mark has said, “Being Amish isn’t for everybody. Not even for all of the Amish. But it was right for me.”

Do the Amish seek converts?

No, Amish do not actively seek converts like some other Christian groups. Practically speaking, becoming Amish is very difficult for outsiders, due to differences in culture, lifestyle, and mindset.

Amish believe in quietly witnessing by raising their children within the faith and living Christian lives as best they can. Despite the fact that Amish do not try to recruit outsiders, some non-Amish have successfully joined and remained members of Amish churches. Some churches are more open and accommodating toward spiritual seekers than others.

When do Amish youth officially join the church?

Unbaptized Amish children and youth are technically not considered members of the church. Amish youth usually join the church between the ages of 18 and 22, though some may join at a younger or older age. Candidates for baptism must take instruction classes over an eighteen week period. Read more on Amish baptism.

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  1. Mark FitzGerald

    Other groups

    As I follow many of these threads about joining the Amish, it occurs to me that many people who are led to seek fellowship with an Old Order group may not be looking far enough. There are other Old Orders out there that are much more approachable than the Amish. The Old Order River Brethren and Old German Baptist Brethren groups come to mind. These groups are very open to outsiders and both have numerous members who were not born into the church. Both are very conservative, plain dressing, English speaking(no need to learn a new language) and both have smaller brotherhoods that are horse and buggy for those being led that way.

    1. Looking for wisdom on where to start

      Thank you for the wisdom you have shared on your knowledge of the Amish. I grew up in Western NY mocking the Amish and never truly understanding the culture. Without giving my testimony I am a saved Christian (real Christian) but I am bound by the laws of evil doers that I cannot separate from legally and as I do not wish ever to “tempt thy Father” and feel I am doing so by continuing a job as it is the only time I leave my home. I live only to study with my wife as she knows and has submitted to her Head but we wish to either donate or sell everything we have to donate to the Amish Church as we are not looking to be freeloaders. We have no use for money and we look only for a justified life where we earn what we have to remain humble and not over abundant. I know physically it will be a change to transition from the liberties of a lost world to following the word of God 24/7 and this is why we look to join. We are both spiritually ready and wanting to leave this world completely. Where would I begin to even look? We are currently in South Florida and that is the issue.

      1. leah

        midlife convert

        did you and your wife find an Order willing to accept yall into their community? if so, what state?

      2. Brother Brian

        I’m Glad to hear!

        You must come to Georgia and locate me so we can meet and your wife as well. Email me and let me know

        1. Brother Jeremy

          I do not have your email

          I do not have your email. Are you the same person from Georgia
          who may be interested in an Old Order, nonresistant, Catholic community? Ask Erik if he can give you my email, or if you can give me yours?
          Brother Jeremy

      3. ted

        who can I talk to ?

        hello my name is Theodore im a carpenter

        id like to speak to someone about joining The Amish

        im not sure but I think we both agree that to be a follower

        of Jesus you have to disavow all possessions ( with the exception

        of certain things …like a carpenters tool becomes his own while he uses it )_

        I never liked drinking … I don’t watch tv or sports

        I don’t think playing chess is against their beliefs

        and again im not totally sure they all have the same beliefs

        I have some hand tools and would want to join under the premise

        that I would be continuing my pursuit of carpentry in general

        I currently make chess boards and other type items …..but I use

        machines for most of the work. I also down know how they feel about the Sabbath but ive been

        practicing that more and more ( Saturday Sabbath )

    2. Troy J. Heffernan

      Converts and the Amish.

      I liked what you said. I would like to say that the Amish have “morals”. Their way of life is absolutely beautiful!! If more people were like them, this country of ours would be so much better off!!!!

    3. Tina Underwood-Summit

      Other Old Order Communities

      Do any of these other Old Order Communities accept or allow divorced and remarried persons to join their communities?

    4. Diego Lobo


      I’m interested of doing a Amish lifestyle, I would like to see what is like living as a Amish only because of their strong belief of Christianity. I do like living without most lavish accessories in the society I live. FYI I’m Hispanic since they’re mostly Caucasian. Are they’re friendly to most different ethic groups?

    5. Tonjia Ray O'Connor


      Where are those groups located and how to contact them

  2. Elizabeth

    joining the Amish

    I know of a guy that lived with them and pretended he was going to join to avoid the law.

  3. Adam

    Are the horse and buggy Mennonites similar when it comes to Converts?

  4. Mark FitzGerald

    Yes, the Old Order Mennonites (horse and buggy) would be equally difficult to join. There are car driving Old Order Mennonites as well. The same obstacles as with the Amish would be present with the OOM.

  5. If you seriously consider to join the Amish, you should read this Wikipedia article: This article contains a lot of information for seekers who want to join an Old Order group.

  6. Joining the Amish

    I believe that is one of the so much vital information for me.
    And i’m satisfied studying your article. However want to
    observation on few common things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is in point of fact nice :D.
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    1. jeff

      hey, jeff here i really do like those amish gang! what’s the deal with those technologies?!¿

  7. Single mom

    If you are a single mom can you still become amish?




  9. Searching for a certain Amish Gal.

    It does help to become a part of an Amish family to have acceptance in there faith. I am from north central Indiana and there is a certain Amish Gal I once knew who had an interest in me but at the time, the time was not right for me. I don’t remember her name but she used to work at The Cheese Hause for a long time which is between Middlebury and Shipshewana Indiana. She frequently worked as a cashier at the Yoder Consignment Auction and The Haiti Benefit Auction. She was kind of tall, frequently wore light colors, dark hair, and big beautiful smile. By now she is probably in her 40s. Last I knew, she was still not married. She did act very Christian and committed in her faith. It would probably not start as anything serious but who knows. Just have dinner, walks in the park, and some devotional time. If anyone thinks they know who I am talking about then respond or even let her know about this so that contact can be made.

    1. Finding a bishop

      Is there a bishop in Indiana near Topeka, Honeyville, or Millersburg that is understanding about people converting to the Amish faith and willing to help make it possible for me.

    2. I want to join!!

      I want to join the Amish but I am worried they will reject me because I love Subway. Is there a way to join the Amish and still enjoy Subway? I will go to church with them and work on the farm with them as long as I can still eat Subway. I would be okay with eating Subway only once a month if you let me join.

  10. Mette

    need help in becoming Amish immediately!!!

    Good evening, everyone, I’m writing this because, since 2009, I have wanted to become fully, 100% Amish. I have been, for years, completely ready to totally leave English/mainstream American life permanently, And to go live in an Amish household, perhaps as å hired girl. I am 40, childless, already Christian, already believe in The Amish faith, don’t use that many high-tech things, and already dress Amish. I did ask an Amish girl, through å postal letter å few years ago, if she could help me find an Amish person to talk with who would get me started, but my question was completely ignored. PLEASE, I want so badly to become Amish NOW!!!I am sick of waiting!!! Is there even one person who can introduce me to some Amish people who would be open to me? I especially need help because I am extremely shy. Please, someone help me to become Amish!!!@!

    1. Yoder in Ohio

      Joining the Amish

      The Amish won’t come looking for you — you will have to go to the Amish. I feel sorry that you are shy but if you can’t take the steps to take action, nothing will happen. It is not an easy change to make and overcoming shyness is just the beginning.

      1. Mette Karlsen

        slight misunderstanding

        I never wrote that I *can`t¨ overcome shyness. Why such a remark, Sir? And I have known since I was 9 that the Amish will not come to me, nor did I write in my previous post that I thought that they would, so you need not have mentioned that. I mentioned being a shy person because I figured that the more relevant information I wrote about myself and my circumstances, the faster and easier it would be for someone to at least point me in the right geographical direction and/or to introduce me to some Amish people.
        On that note, you admonished me about what you must have thought was a statement saying that I could not overcome shyness at all, and can see in your comment, according to my best guess, that you thought you were helping me. But you did not at all. For starters, it would have been nice if, let`s say, you had given me a hint to point me in the right geographical direction–I think that is how I must start. Especially since I do not know how to drive, do not have the money to learn/get a car, and so have no way of driving discreetly to a number of Amish settlements across the country to try my luck. I also do not know anyone in the US other than my nuclear family, and they are vehemently opposed to my Anabaptist beliefs, and hate that I want to become Amish.
        So, it really would have been nice if, instead of semi-scolding me–a complete stranger to you–you had first asked me some non-judgmental questions about shyness, and about the rest of my post, before going ahead and chastising me. Before you shake your finger at someone like you did to me, the only moral, helpful, and friendly thing to do is find out WAY more information first.

        1. Daniel Ioanca

          You are not ready to be amish

          You are too argumentative.

          1. Yoder in Ohio

            My Thoughts as Well

            As an Amish man myself, those were my thoughts as well.

            1. Sarah

              Joining Amish as a single woman

              Hi Yoder,

              How hard is it for a single woman to join? I understand Amish women are submissive and that can be hard for women who want to Want to join I’m sure. I don’t have money to buy a house and would rely on a family to take me in if possible. And even if I do I’m sure they wouldn’t want me living with them long term. How would I get around that obstacle? I’m sincere about joining.

              I under it’s hard for outsiders to join since we have to give up all our modern conveniences and dress plain. Some want to join just because of the simple way of life and fail to understand your faith is very important in all aspects of your life.

              I’ve gotten rid of my tv and other technology besides my phone, dressing like the Amish women do, and learning the language. I don’t have a car. I also plan to get some books on the history of Amish. I’m not sure how to start the process of joining.

              Thanks for taking time to read this. I hope to hear from you!

          2. Juanie

            You are not ready

            An Amish woman is a strong silent woman. Her opinions are shared quitely within her home with her spouse. As “English”women we were not raised to sit down and not voice our opinions. We are raised to be equal to a man. Amish women follow the word of God in how women should act. It will be hard to reprogram your brain to be humble, caring, and submissive. I wish you God’s blessings in whatever path you travel

  11. Wilhelm

    Eagle Valley Contact

    Does anyone have contacts with the Eagle Valley Ministries in Libby, Montana? I sent an email to them, but it was returned because the address could not be found or is unable to receive mail. Thanks

  12. Nikki Carter

    What church dose the Amish attend in New York and what is the names of the churches I’m trying to find my Amish friends we lost contact 5 years ago and there writing letters to a old address I used to live

  13. ISimple &amp; Plain is Peace.

    I could & would grasp the Amish Life with Joy & Peace, but I am divorced & remarried. I am a conservative Christian & believe & live plain & simple. Debt free, no electricity, no car, conservative, plain clothes. I actually had a minnonitte friend to make me some conservative dresses like the Amish wear as my friend also wore. I’m still yet to learn sewing.
    Also my husband is not in agreement with how I believe. I have my phone still but no other technology. I have lived the simple life almost 5 years now. Although I attend the modern church with my husband I don’t agree with so much. I feel out of place so much of the time. Our lives are so different.

    1. leah

      plain dress patterns for women

      are you willing to share your patterns and pictures of your plain/conservative dressing for women? if so, i can give you my email upon hearing from your response to this message.

    2. Amish and divorce.

      There is no way the Amish will accept any person that has been divorced and remarried. If they do accept a person who has been divorced, they will never allow that person to get married to one of there own.

  14. Simple &amp; Plain, Plain is Peace

    Sorry I miss spelled My comment title.
    It’s / Simple & Plain, Plain is Peace

  15. Brother Jeremy

    Amish &amp; Old Order Catholic community

    Where is the fellow from Georgia who wrote sometime ago
    about visiting the Amish, etc., but wanted to remain
    Catholic? I would hope to get in touch with him about
    an Old Order Catholic community, nonresistant, and holding
    to the ways of the early Christian church. Would hope to
    correspond with him or like minded individuals. If
    interested, perhaps Erik could possibly give my email
    address to you, with my permission.
    Br. Jeremy Dominic

  16. Plain &amp; Simple

    I’m Amish at heart. I live & dress plain. I desire to be a part of a plain community

  17. Chris

    How do I find the Old Order Mennonites?

    I wish earnestly to a live a humble life in the path of Jesus Christ, free from the temptations and distractions of our modern life. I however have no clue where to find such communities of people where I live.

    (I live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I’ve heard there are some Old Order Mennonites around here but I have no clue which Mennonite churches are Old Order and which ones aren’t)

    I’d appreciate very much any help in locating the Old Order Mennonites in my area.

    1. Mette Karlsen

      we have something in common!

      Good morning,
      What a refreshing and helpful post you wrote! You wrote pretty much what I have been thinking for over 10 years! Argh, the challenge of locating a community of believers! Anyway, it really cheers me up to read what you wrote–you are the first Englischer I have ever come across who wants to join an Old Order Anabaptist group.

    2. Becoming Old Order Mennonite.

      There is a community of Old Order Mennonites near Wakarusa Indiana.

  18. Anne

    How do I find out if my local Amish community would accept an outsider? I feel like it would be rude to ask them that, but I really want to live in a community that’s 100% committed to God, I’m tired of being surrounded by worldly people

    1. 100 percent Christian, ???

      It is noble of you to want to live a 100 percent Christian life but Amish is not all 100 percent Christian. There are those who act like very devout Christians and there are ones who do not. I’m afraid they have ones that are profane, ones that smoke, and ones that drink. You might instead want to try Beachy or Amish Mennonites. Near Goshen Indiana there is Fair Haven and near Topeka Indiana there is Woodlawn. But there is really no such thing as any church that is 100 percent Christian.

    2. Steven

      Faith, hope and love...the greatest of these is Love

      I don’t drive…I hate the technological technocracy Babylonian financial system…
      I want to be an agriculturalist and be around faith based people, not the worldly people who don’t care about being godly… follow the scriptures…Romans 12:2 be yes transformed by the renewing of my mind and not following the pattern of this world!
      Amish could be a spiritual solution to my life as of now… I’m done with this useless life and the lost God haters who love this world’s system!
      I’m open for advice from anyone…thank you and God bless you brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the life!

  19. Stephanie Newsome

    I want to become Amish fully!

    I’m a Christian woman who wants to become Amish fully and I want too know what Ive got to do to become Amish!

  20. Anne

    Reply to Charles

    I’m not sure if your comment was a reply to mine but what I meant is that I want to be fully committed to God, and I feel like the Amish devote more of their lives to God than most people do. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll look into them.

  21. Chris Benitez

    Can I try out being Amish

    I was wondering if it’s possible to join a community for a month just to see if I will enjoy it or not. I don’t want to change my life and join only to be unsatisfied.

  22. Brother Jeremy

    Reply to Georgia writer

    If you are the person from Georgia, interested in an Old Order Catholic and nonresistant community, I do not have your email address.
    Ask Erik if he could give you mine or make a suggestion.

  23. Brother Stephen

    New Q - Daily Routine Guide

    Dear Mr Erik Wesner and friends,

    (I am searching the internet without too much time sitting at the computer ‘browsing’ for a concise answer in plain list format.)

    Does anyone have a link to a concise, chronological and summarily list of regular, common amongst Amish families, activities, chores, prayers, free-time etcetera.

    I need one to print off on A4 paper to read and teach my children.

    May you be safe,well and happy,
    Brother Stephen

  24. Eric Shipe

    I willing to covert my life to The Amish

    I live in Pennsylvania I’m 23 turning 24 in September
    I am not really successful in the English/American world I am willing to convert to The Amish

  25. Sarah Balvanz

    Can I become Amish even though im divorced due to being threatened into the marriage?

    So I understand Amish and their strict beliefs/rules regarding divorce and remarriage.

    Back in 2014 i had gotten married to a man who was abusive to me. Everytime i left he would threatened to hurt himself and he did just to prove he could.

    He threatened to kill himself if I didnt marry him. He would trick me he overdosed on drugs or leave and say hes going to do it? I felt stuck because I didnt want to be the reason he did it.

    Would the Amish consider that a valid marriage because of the threats and the fact I wasnt really consenting? Id love to join and am already making the lifestyle changes but Im afraid of rejection or being forced to stay single. I want to get remarried and have a family someday.

  26. Momo

    Broken toys, all of you!!

    I’m quite entertained by the wannabe Amish. We have several Amish near us. I admire their work ethic, family centric life. I can’t say I’d like to swap places but I do respect the Amish for who they are. As an atheist, I see the Amish as just another religious cult. Really not much different than any other religion. There are good aspects to being in a cult I suppose. Just not my thing.

    1. Beau Trahan

      Momo the clown

      That’s funny Momo. You came to an Amish inspired site only to hate. Who is the broken one?

    2. charles d.

      atheism is also a religious cult

      and takes a lot of faith to believe in as well

  27. Devon

    Ready to convert

    Looking for information on seeker friendly Amish around Western New York. Any info helps, thanks.

  28. Michael Dienert

    Hi my name is Michael I’m a 34 year old man turning 35 on Christmas Day and I’m at a point I’m boiling point I should say where I cannot deal with the world and being in the world I worked hard all my life my father worked two jobs all his life all I seek is a relationship with my God our Father in heaven a simple life a wife and children and a job working and building up the kingdom of God at the same time working cuz I enjoy hard work I enjoy making things and finishing jobs and giving to others and living off of what you would call the land because I feel that we’re at a point in time where we shouldn’t be on this phone watching TV anything on the internet I’m tired of it all I would work a job but my life is threatened everyday my situation is complicated and almost at a point of dire. Please consider what I say and if you get time and have it in you to respond if you would accept me if you would open up your doors to me because I’m in the world here and nobody understands me nobody lets me do anything that I want to do not that what I want to do is bad but the situation is complicated I love my heavenly father more than anything in the world and desire to do his will until the day that he takes me all I want to do is be able to pay my mother back in some way to where she’s proud of me and her son I’m very very tired of this world and I’d like an escape or I shouldn’t say that but I feel it’s necessary to get out of this place and to start new

  29. Whi


    I was amish for 19 years. You work hard and no play you don’t have a really education and most woman don’t finish school you don’t learn English much just (PD) womans jod is to clean cook make the clothes a woman has no freedom it is a sad life you can leave the amish but you will have NO ONE and I mean NO ONE. If you leave you have about one month to come back in some amish don’t have you back you are no longer welcome mom dad sister brother cousin antie uncle grandma grampa friends I mean NO ONE. It’s just you and yourself that’s why most of us become drug addiction and alcohol or suicide. And if you do go back amish no one will talk to you it may take them about 1 year to 10 years or longer in some amish. So if you wanna be amish think hard not just about you about the kids you may have if they will be happy

    1. Yoder in Ohio

      That may be your experience, but it is NOT that way for all Amish!!!

      1. Steven

        I'm glad you said that

        I’m glad you said all Amish aren’t like that…no group of people are perfect…we try to follow the truth of the scriptures and help people to see who who the real answer is to their problems Jesus Christ the righteous we are all on a journey through our lives and hopefully we can make a godly spiritual connection greater than what we have now with all our hearts minds and souls and strength…
        Good bless you

    2. Answering Whi... December 31st, 2021 at 00:19)

      I would love to reach out to those who have had bad experiences within their Amish/anabaptist comunities & have lest them…

      We have a saying: don’t spill the baby with the water…!

      So, if anyone of you out ther, have had enough from the order or the strict Comunity-Life, but still love GOD, there is a way…

      Actually, it is the way, to follow in faith, but without religion & religiosity or any kind of hipocresy…

      Why not just follow the Word in Spirit & in Truth, like the Deciples did, by connecting daily & realy putting in practice, what is written in the Holy Scriptures?

      By, not adding to, nor taking away from the word.
      Just sinply “hear & do”, what it says plainly, which means: “obey” what ABBA father & HIS son says, not what the pastor/preacher says…!

      This is sooo on my heart & I would like to reach out to them, instead of them becoming pray to this babylonian world.

      If you know bretheren & sisters, who would seriously like to follow HIS way, feel free to contact me by writing on this following with the comment title: “Ex-Amish”, how to have fellowship according to Acts 15:19-21.

      Blessings & Joy for a new beginning…


      1. I simply wanted to add...:

        On thing, i’d like to add:

        Where the Spirit of ABBA/(father) is, there is Freedom…!!!

        I am looking forward to get in contact to those “Ex-Amish” & open minded people, instead of letting them drown into alcohol & drugs…!

        Come to the Truth of the Scriptures, because HIS Truth will set you free…!!!


    3. There no Love in this behaviour...!!

      This is sooo, sooo sad, because I see no Love in this behaviour…!!!

      YESHUA _(Jesus)_ is Love, Truth, Life & the Way & the Word & the light…!

      I want to openly proclaim, that YESHUA (HIS original Name in hebrew, which means Salvation) would never reject Family!
      HE might let him/her go, with a sad heart, like the Rich man _(Matthew 19:16-28)_, but will welcome a Family-member like the prodical son…! _(Like 15:11-32)_

      That’s is why we have to say now to Religion & religiousity (man-made) but say yes & AMEN to HIS Word…!

      Blessings & aboundant Love


  30. Daisy

    Searching for a Community &amp; ancestors picture

    Hi Brother Jeremy,
    I’m an older woman. Kids are adults. Have had a drastic lifestyle change. I’m finally free of all materialistic items. It took a lot but I was determined.
    I pray constantly. Even while cleaning. My goal everyday is to conquer idle time with being as close as I can to God.
    Been thinking about the Amish for many yrs since I ran into a stricking family picture of my Dads old relatives. (Over 100 yrs old as it was my Grandpa’s old family)
    They are Dutch German. Everyone was dressed the same. All my “Greats” were self sufficient. They all lived next to each other on various rivers. Fished, farmed, canned, built their own furniture n made their own blankets n clothes.
    Ancestors were from “back east”. Although no one said Amish or identified any name. I adored every minute with them.
    The post that brought me to you was the one about the person looking for an
    “Old Order nonresistant Catholic Community”. You were so kind to offer him that info and really trying to find him a good fit, even though he may not have the same belief.
    I’m also Catholic. Not by force. My Mom was one, but my Dad wasn’t. His parents were VERY spiritual people. So my spiritual life has always been self driven.
    Unfortunately the Roman Rite of Catholosium has taken huge downfalls and succumb to the dark. It’s diplorable. I feel utterly bewildered with how church, daily life, and basic daily culture is drowning in the dark. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone whose not “drank the cool aid”.
    I get made fun of because I’m anti tech, anti fad, anti tv glam., ….etc. I’m not a hippie, but believe that God meant what He said when He reminded us of the birds and the Lilly’s. He gave us everything we need.
    Sorry about rambling. I’m just thrilled to share. I’m also looking for a community. I have 30yrs of teaching in every kind of setting. From church, seniors, college, to jail. Even made up my own Non Profit Alternative Educational fair at the mall that had National inquires. (In the yrs BEFORE the internet.)
    Lots of volunteer work. And a good heart with special compassion for the ‘over looked’ groups.
    I don’t know where I can offer help or be a part of a common group. But I have always known when I’m being called to ‘get something done’.
    Still searching. Thank you for any thoughts and your time. Every time I bring the Amish up to people I meet I get laughed at, scolded, and dismissed. That old picture of my relatives is still on my mind. So I persivere until I hear the truth….or good advice.
    Thank You!

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  31. Isabella


    Feeling very drawn to the Amish community as of late, both their devotion to the lord and way of life strongly appeals to me, sort of hoping it lessens as it would be quite the change

  32. Wife and me want to me come Amish we are tired of being homeless and we want a real family and community

    Hello my wife and me are homeless and we are tired of not feeling wanted we want a family set community service of God ministry unity and feel wanted not on wanted from the grace of God the father trinity and the way y’all live we meet the fit for the community and the way y’all live I have family history of history of Amish and having bishop blood line I am wanting a different setting of life and family and community love and a setting of worship the feeling of feeling on wanted isn’t for us anymore can I please set up a time and place we can come meet with you bishop to get your blessings of becoming apart of your community family God bless you and hope to here from you soon we both have family history of the farm life and I have a aunt that is a bishop of Jacob creeks church from Dawson Pennsylvania we have kids and we want to show them the way to live in the lords house and show them that living in God’s life is the way not living in the dark world and keeping them away from the wrong way of life in Florida and keeping them away from drugs alcohol and sin hope you will get back to us cause are family needs your unity and the family grace and love you show your people and I want to show are kids how God told us to live of the land he has given us and the crops he has provided us with I am praying for your blessings brother