I’m happy to introduce a new feature on Amish America: the Amish State Guide.

The Amish State Guide will be a comprehensive resource on Amish communities in all 28 states where they are currently found (plus Ontario, Canada).  We previewed this a few weeks ago with an entry for Michigan Amish.

amish state guide map

Follow the "Amish State Guide" link above for a larger version of this Amish population map

The State Guide features information on current communities, past settlements, origins, affiliations, and Amish business listings for each state.

We are going to roll out states on an individual basis, but today are launching with a total of five states.

In addition to Michigan, the following states are now available:

Tennessee Amish

New York Amish

North Carolina Amish

Ohio Amish

New states will be posted every 1-2 weeks, so check back if you don’t see your state here.

Comments are enabled and welcome on each entry–if you don’t see a particular community addressed, or have a question that is not covered in the entry, a good idea would be to leave a comment–it’s likely that someone here may be able to answer.

I’m excited about this because when finished, this should be the most current and comprehensive resource on Amish communities on a state-by-state basis available online.  Hope you enjoy it!

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