Amish Church Wagon

Amish church wagon big valley

Thanks to all who’ve been asking if I’m in the hospital or have disappeared somewhere.  Not the case.  Have just been cranking away on the book before the June 1st deadline.  Hence the minor hiatus.  But look to be easing back into more regular posting soon.  Have certainly been missing it.

Gave some friends in Pennsylvania a call today.  Turns out they are having church tomorrow.  In the basement, not the barn, she said.  I guess it’s been a tad chilly.  They have two running-around age children but aren’t expecting the gang over tomorrow.  Looks like they’re set to meet elsewhere.

A quick note on church.  The benches used for Sunday service make their way around the district courtesy of a large wagon, specially made for the purpose.  Here you can see a photo of just such a wagon, which I took last summer in Big Valley.  Burton Buller’s documentary Back Roads to Heaven also has a good informative segment on the logistics of Amish church.

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    1. What a neat blog~the Amish fascinate me (in a GOOD way~I am inspired!), as do the Hutterites (sp?). I look forward to visiting again! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    2. The comment from Sandi above – too cute! Love her “hugs” sign. Anyway, glad to get a post, Erik and that’s a neat picture. I don’t know that I’ve seen a church bench wagon before. I hope the book is turning out how you want it to. Oops, ended a sentence in a preposition – watch out for that! 🙂

    3. Helen Parnell-Berry

      I’m glad to see the blog again. I’d wondered what had happened to you. There’s usually a message in my inbox telling me that there is news on the Amish front and I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.
      Like Beth, I hope the book is turning out OK. I’m waiting for publication so I can add it to the growing library I have about the Amish.
      We’re off to south eastern Indiana in a few weeks and are hoping to spend the day with our Swiss Amish friends. I doubt whether they’d be happy for us to photograph them and we have to respect their culture and beliefs however, I’m hoping they’ll let us get a few shots of the house and farm. If they do I’ll send them to you.
      Anyway, welcome back (((((((((((Erik))))))))))))) (That’s a hug from the UK).
      PS sorry that Poland wasn’t in the Eurovision song contest last night; but we came 5th. That’s a big WOW for the UK. LOL

    4. Emma

      Your BACK!!!! I was wondering if you had become Amish!
      Looking forward for new posts,

    5. Hey everybody, thanks, I am still around! book is going well, hey, and what can i say, who doesn’t like hugs!

    6. Know how you feel about book deadlines, sounds like you’re in the classic crunch time. Good luck with the home-stretch! – Kevin

    7. Thanks Kevin, appreciate it! Getting there!

    8. Rick

      I’ve read about how they “move” walls in the house to create space for church services. Are these just sliding partitions? They are surely not load bearing walls that can be moved. Thanks for the explanation, Rick

    9. Hey Rick, yes those are basically just doors which open/fold back and perhaps slide in some cases. At one friend’s place, which is a split-farmhouse, essentially two residences, they can basically open up the whole house, so you can see from his kitchen all the way down to his parents’ dining room/living room way at the other end. Comes in handy with a crowd over.