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Thanks to all who’ve been asking if I’m in the hospital or have disappeared somewhere.  Not the case.  Have just been cranking away on the book before the June 1st deadline.  Hence the minor hiatus.  But look to be easing back into more regular posting soon.  Have certainly been missing it.

Gave some friends in Pennsylvania a call today.  Turns out they are having church tomorrow.  In the basement, not the barn, she said.  I guess it’s been a tad chilly.  They have two running-around age children but aren’t expecting the gang over tomorrow.  Looks like they’re set to meet elsewhere.

A quick note on church.  The benches used for Sunday service make their way around the district courtesy of a large wagon, specially made for the purpose.  Here you can see a photo of just such a wagon, which I took last summer in Big Valley.  Burton Buller’s documentary Back Roads to Heaven also has a good informative segment on the logistics of Amish church.

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