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    Comment on Goodness Always Prevails (March 29th, 2017 at 10:08)

    Goodness Always Prevails

    This is such an article of goodness. Goodness of people, goodness of community, goodness of land.

    Believe in goodness, Act in goodness, Trust in goodness and it will happen, always has, always will.

    “Goodness Always Prevails.”

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    Alice Mary
    Comment on A New Amish Community at Whitefield, Maine (March 29th, 2017 at 10:18)

    The county where I live was once highly agrarian, with thousands of acres of farmland still “intact” and being farmed (though less each year). I often pass some of it (farms) and think how I wish the Amish could settle there (hopefully maintain and even increase local farming).

    I admire and thank the Chases for their idea of bringing the Amish to their area. I doubt it could work here, but who knows? If nothing else, the Amish lifestyle might encourage other residents to slow down and enjoy life more.

    Alice Mary

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      Yes by the sound of this and the previous article, they were clearly very motivated to get an Amish community in their neck of the woods. Since meshing with local non-Amish community is on the list of concerns for new settlers (though not as high as things like land prices) doing things to make the new settlers feel welcome surely helped open the door.

      The Chases have several hundred acres of their own some of which they want to sell which may also be part of the motivation, but it sounds like not the main one as they don’t seem to be pushing their land on the new arrivals. I was impressed that they even made a down payment on a property that they thought one of the families would like, without clearing it with them first. They could have lost a nice chunk of cash if the family didn’t love it as much as they thought they would. As it happily turned out, they did.

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    Deborah Atkinson
    Comment on In need of workers (May 9th, 2017 at 12:25)

    In need of workers

    I was told that you work for others outside your community, that your charge was reasonable and your work excellent.

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