The familiar yellow buggy warning sign tells drivers “Amish ahead”. But there is no standardized design. So the signs you see can vary.

Below, twelve examples of Amish buggy warning signs you’ll find across America – and one from outside our borders.

buggy sign elizabethville paFrom Dauphin County, near Elizabethville, Pennsylvania.  Dauphin County is home to a sizeable Lancaster Amish daughter settlement.

new york amish buggy sign

Taken near the aptly-named Plainville, New York.

amish buggy sign new york

Another New York Amish sign, from near the town of Meridian.  Nice wheels!

amish indiana buggy sign

Cindy Seigle finds a similar design in southern Indiana.  I would call this a very artistic rendition of an Amish buggy.  I think Cindy is right when she says these look like tractor tires.

orange county indiana amish sign

Signs in one area can vary.  This one is from the same southern Indiana community (Orange County)…

amish buggy sign indiana square

…as is this uncharacteristic square sign.  Notice the 3-D effect with the buggy wheels.

By the way I wish I could have found a sign from Allen County, Indiana.  Signs in that community depict an open horse-drawn vehicle, the only kind permitted by Allen County Amish.

buggy sign illinois amish

Signs in the Arthur, Illinois Amish community let you know how long to expect buggy traffic.

amish buggy road sign

This unidentified sign has an interesting design.

missouri amish sign

One from the Jamesport, Missouri Amish community.

minnesota amish buggy signPhoto taken near a Minnesota Amish community outside the town of Prosper.

ohio amish buggy sign

A buggy warning meets a pedestrian crossing sign in rural Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

ohio holmes county buggy sign

And a different style, from neighboring Holmes County.

belize buggy sign

Finally, an unusual sign from the country of Belize.  Belize is the only Central American country where English is considered the official language.  Donald Kraybill’s Concise Encylopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites notes that a few conservative Mennonite groups exist in the country, including horse driving Old Colony Mennonites as well as Hoover Old Order Mennonites.

We’ll try to update this post with new signs.  If you have any to add, feel free to email them to me at  Or you can post them directly to the Amish America Facebook page.

Photo credits: PA-Lindi&Jason; NY-Audrey Bendus and Arthur Chapman; IN-Cindy Seigle; IL-Castaway in Scotland; unidentified-shelleylyn; MO-Ido Genealogy; MN-Tony Case; Belize-furrypurplefeet

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