School auctions happen often across Amish America. Some of them have become rather well-known – happening in places like Jamesport, MO, Beeville, TX, Clarita, OK, and Rexford, MT.

Today we have a look at an ad from an upcoming event at Pawnee City, Nebraska.

There are some neat details here which show you what you can expect to find at an auction. The proceeds from these events help fund the operations of Amish parochial schools.


What’s for Sale

As you can see from the listing you’ve got goods in 8 categories:

  1. Buggies – Just one here, a “2-Seated Pony Buggy.”
  2. Machinery – A variety of farm implements like a manure spreader, steel wheel rake, and a 4-row corn planter.
  3. Tools & Misc – Some interesting items in the “Misc” part, including a lard presser, bee hives, and an “old type wooden seed cleaner”.
  4. Guns – Quite a few for sale, including a muzzleloader and BB guns. There’s also a hunting bow and BB guns. Some Amish are avid hunters or use firearms to keep the farm clear of pests.
  5. Quilts – two quilts on the docket, a brown and burgundy log cabin pattern, and a green “Grandma Fan”
  6. Horses & Tack
  7. Storage Buildings – Including a kids playhouse (kids need to be stored somewhere too I suppose) and a dog kennel.
  8. Cedar Furniture & More – Indoor and outdoor furniture items

What’s to eat

If you come hungry for breakfast, you’ll enjoy pancakes, sausage, eggs and fresh donuts. Yum.

Lunch is grilled chicken, hamburgers, homemade ice cream, and etc.

There’s also a baked goods sales. There’s no reason to go hungry an an Amish auction.

Who’s running the show

Interestingly, by their last names the auctioneers look to not be Amish. As this is a small settlement, that’s not really surprising. A larger community like Holmes County Ohio will have a number of auctioneers and some auction businesses with Amish men doing the calling.

In addition to the above, you’ve also got a raffle of a Nine Patch quilt and a coaster wagon. The sale is accepting consignments the three days before and the morning of the event.

Have you ever attended an Amish school auction? If you’d like to go to this one, it’s Saturday, May 20 (see the top of the attached ad for directions to the location).

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