Amish for Sale

‘Amish’ sells.

Whether it’s an overpriced bag of trail mix or a six-figure kitchen cabinet installation, people gravitate towards the implicit quality of anything with the Amish label.

Exactly what does that label mean anyway?

Does tobacco grown in the general vicinity of Amish country count as ‘Amish’?  What about an RV produced at a factory with Amish workers?  Does an Amish person actually have to make the product, or sell it, or just handle it at some point along the way?

‘Amishness’ is a bit of a mystery.  Just where does it come from?

There really is no regulatory body for this sort of thing.  Would be nice if there was.  Then the Amish could get rid of some of the freeriders.

Truth be told, most Amish don’t like explicitly promoting their products with their name.  But a lot of other people do.  Freeriders on the Amish name are all over the place in Amish Country.  The Amish find this slightly annoying.  But they live with it.  Suing is out of the question, and how could you do it, even if you wanted to?  There is no ‘Amish’ trademark.

It’s still one heck of a brand, though.

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    1. There is a store here in our small town in the Arizona desert that sells “Amish Furniture.” It’s very fine quality stuff and not inexpensive. I asked the owner, a seemingly gentle soul with a longish but neatly trimmed beard “Are you Amish or from an Amish background?” He replied with a smile “Well, I could be!”

    2. Interesting answer you received Doug (:

      Here in Lancaster County it is really over-the-top. Much more touristy than in any other Amish area I’ve been in , but even more than I’d expected it to be.

    3. Ann

      Eh, I get plenty of oatmeal jokes, as a Quaker. No oil ones, though.

    4. Wanda Jo

      Can you help me I am respectfully inqurying and seeking to write and to become friends of those who live and walk after the teachings of Christ and who live a quiet and simple and plain life. As a outsider I long for and desire to live the simple and plain way of life. I woulld gladly give all that I own to live a simple and plain life. To walk and live amongst the brothers and sisters of the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ Can you help me?

    5. Hi Wanda Jo, I’m not quite sure how I can assist..?

    6. Kim

      I saw an interesting thing at Wal Mart. “Amish Potato Salad” alongside Original and Mustard. I tried figuring out what was “Amish” about it. All I could see was it contained salad dressing instead of mayo. ??? I picked up the Mustard. 🙂