A Lancaster County Mud Sale Is Happening Tomorrow

Good news for anyone who wondered if mud sales would be coming back: one is happening tomorrow, specifically the Gordonville Fire Company Sale. It will be a little different than most years, owing to gathering restrictions:

The Gordonville Fire Company will be holding their 29th Annual Fall Sale on Saturday, September 19th, 2020 beginning at 8:30am. However, There will be some significant changes to the 2020 Fall Sale.

As you are all aware, we are still actively dealing with COVID19. Due to being in the middle of a pandemic, we are trying to hold this event outdoors. With the space limitations this year, we will NOT be accepting quilts OR crafts. We understand that this is a significant change and one that was not taken lightly.

Omitting the quits and crafts seems to be a pretty big deal as those are popular parts of the sale. But it’s good news overall that the sale is actually happening. Mud sales contribute a large portion of volunteer fire companies’ annual budgets in the region. This is actually not the first mud sale that has been held since the pandemic began, with at least the Gap sale happening last month.

Gordonville Mud Sale, 2013. Image by Terry

Some further details from the Gordonville Fire Station website:

We will be accepting consignments Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th from 7am-7pm. We will not be accepting any consignments on the day of the sale. We plan to have the following: building materials, sporting goods, construction tools, construction equipment, buggies, shrubs, and lawn furniture. There will be loaders on the sale grounds the following Monday, the 21st, Tuesday, the 22nd, and Wednesday, the 23rd. We plan to have parking on the sale grounds.

And here’s a map from the sale Facebook page:

Hat tip to Ed.

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    1. Nix the mud sale

      This sounds like a Covid 19 superspeader event. In my travels through Lancaster County I have not seen Amish people wearing masks. Yes, masks are being made and sold but Amish, but I have yet to see Amish wearing them.
      In the past we have enjoyed and supported mud sales, which are typically very crowded. I question how wise it is to hold this even due to the current pandemic. It may, in the long run, do more harm than good for to community.

      1. Geo


        Oh Rebecca, don’t deny the Amish their constitutional rights to infect other people. (get my drift?)

        1. Nix the mud sale

          I get your drift. It’s not about constitutional rights. It’s about science and common sense.