The Amish & Health Care (Video)

Do Amish visit doctors? The short answer is yes, but it depends – on the situation, individual, and other factors. In addition, Amish people make use of a range of health and wellness solutions outside of conventional medicine.

I explain in this video and briefly go through five of them. If you’d prefer to read posts that this video is based on, you can check out these: Do Amish visit doctors? and 5 Unconventional Amish Health Practices. Runtime: 4:16.


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    1. Richard J. Traunero

      Health care

      “House Calls and Hitching Posts” is a very good book with lots of interesting stories from the doctor.

    2. J.O.B.

      I see a lot more Amish today wearing braces and contact lenses.

      May not seem like a big deal. But I do believe it is another symbol of how more and more Amish are accepting change in their culture.

      1. Interesting and may very well be an indicator of that.

    3. David Hill

      Old OrderAmish

      We lived in the middle of a large Old Order Amish settlement in Missouri back in the early 80s. We lived the life style on a 10 year old Amish farm. The previous owners had moved on to Minnesota. We experience various approaches to health care while living there. One of the big jokes among many of the Amish was poking fun at others. They would say, we heard old man Gingerich just found a better doctor. I would ask how did he know the doctor was better. The Amishman would reply. Because he’s 20 miles further away from here than the other doctor. Oh.

    4. Nurse Debbie

      Amish in the Hospital

      As a nurse in a Northeast Indiana hospital, we have Amish patients pretty regular. The Amish in this area have a common sense and practical way of using medical care. When a family member has an accident and lets say and breaks bones, they come to the hospital. From discussions with some Amish, they are also going to use home remedies in addition to the medical care when the family member goes home. They seem very practical and do not run to the doctor for a hang nail or a bruise like so many other people do. I’ve seen doctors admit people for a simple non-complicated sore throat and stay for days.

      1. On an occasion or two I’ve suggested taking ill family members of Amish friends in to the doctor and they do tend to be more reluctant about it. I think it is a mix of cost, inconvenience and confidence in being able to treat many things at home. For serious injuries however of course they do go. A friend of a brother had an accident while out with a team where he came very close to having severe eye damage. Spent a trip or two with him at the eye doctor.