Amish House Pomerene Hospital Millersburg Ohio

Amish people tend not to be too comfortable in the big institutional medical setting (come to think of it, who ever really is comfortable in a hospital?  Shots, flourescent lighting, strange smelling hallways, poking and prodding doctors, ugh).  This has influenced the Amish approach to obtaining medical services.

Midwifery centers and home births are popular among the Amish, as are the services of country doctors who make home visits (see Dorcas Sharp Hoover’s House Calls and Hitching Posts).

Amish House Millersburg Ohio

Pomerene Hospital in Millersburg, Ohio, even provides an ‘Amish House’ for Amish visitors to stay at, free of charge, right in the middle of town next to the hospital.

If it’s meant to replicate an Amish environment as closely as possible, some things on the Amish House don’t exactly add up–at least not on a quick inspection of the place–including the public power lines it seems to be attached to.  A quick glance around back also reveals two satellite dishes.  Hmmm.  Maybe we’re talking the New New New Order Amish House here.

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