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Today was the annual auction in Lancaster County benefiting The Clinic for Special Children.

The clinic, founded by Dr. Holmes Morton and located in Strasburg, PA, serves Amish and Mennonite children with rare genetic ailments (and others from outside the Amish and Mennonite community as well).

There was a large turnout today at the auction house at Leola, and much to keep one busy, including plenty of food as well as various items to bid on, including quilts, furniture, and tools.

Dr. Morton made a moving speech as did two of his colleagues at the clinic, Dr. Kevin Strauss and Dr. Nicholas Rider.

Morton showed the crowd a simple wooden birdhouse and explained that it had been made by a local 17-year-old boy who suffered from a rare disease.  Just a few years ago, Morton pointed out, someone with his condition would not be physically able to make something like it.  But thanks to medical advances, this boy could and did.
Clinic for special children Amish auction Lancaster PA
The attractive birdhouse, which consisted mainly of salvage and scrap material and which Dr. Morton estimated ‘cost less than ten cents to make’, proceeded to take in a $6000 winning bid.

They weren’t all that high, but this was just an example of the generosity on display today.  As the clinic only charges patients 20% of the cost of services, generosity is needed, and the local community, through the giving of time, sweat, goods, and cash, did not fail to deliver.

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