So I’m about to leave on a 10-day trip to Ohio and Indiana.  I mentioned I’ll be attending Sunday School with friends.  Sunday School is rare among Amish, seen mostly in New Order churches (and not even all of them).

It is shorter than church service, about 90 minutes.  While I appreciate Sunday School, I also enjoy what comes after–the fellowship meal.

The chance to talk with members of the congregation, some of whom I’ve known a few years now, is a treat.  But the food ain’t bad either.

This church usually has a full spread of cookies, brownies, and squares for dessert.

favorite amish dessert crybaby cookies

Crybaby cookies, time for your close-up.  Chomp

Other Amish churches I’ve attended are bigger on the pies.

And if I had to pick a favorite Amish dessert I’d probably choose a pie.  Not sure which, I am partial to blackberry and snitz;  shoofly, not so much.

Of course there are many other desserts that come out of Amish kitchens.  You’ve got all sorts of cakes and puddings and sweet breads and so on.

I’m browsing through The Amish Cook’s Baking Book right now, and just landed on a photo of rhubarb cake.  Looks pretty good.  They’ve got something called a vinegar pie in here.  I’d like to try that one, just to say I did.

Ditto the sawdust pie.  What could that taste like?  It takes coconut, graham crackers, and pecans, so can’t be bad.  Not sure about the lard cakes though.

Is Amish peanut butter a dessert?  It sure tastes like it to me.  Sweet stuff.

Now, the whoopie pie.  I know a lot of you like it.  I shared my feelings on this “treat” during the infamous whoopie pie controversy.

Fry pies, that is another story.  Yum.  Double yum. I know where to get them in Ohio.

I could keep going. But before this gets out of hand, what do you think–what’s the best Amish dessert?

Photo credit: jessebucksc

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