Making Chicken Pot Pie For 70 In A Lancaster Amish Kitchen (Video)

This video was shot in an Amish kitchen – on the farm where the movie Witness was filmed in the 1980s. In it, Martha Beiler takes us through making a large batch of chicken pot pie. We don’t see her face at any point, but we do see what she’s doing and hear her speak (photos by Paul Kuehnel/York Daily Record).

The occasion was a remarkable visit last December, of 70 people from around the world (story here) – some refugees from places like Congo, Iraq, and Nepal. This was arranged by a local tour group and a refugee “dinner experience” organization.

Let’s call it a nice little “slice of life” – though it’s not everyday that an Amish home hosts 70 non-Amish guests from such a mix of places.

We see a little bit of the gathering at the end – Martha’s husband Ivan leads the group in a silent prayer. And then eating begins. It sounds like it was a memorable event.

If for some reason the video doesn’t play for you, you’ll also find it here.

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    1. Geo

      You just have to know

      I could watch and listen to the ladies in the kitchen forever and not tire of it. I detect very little of formal recipes at work. The cooks just know from experience what and how much and how and when. When I asked my 80 year old Dutch Mother for her recipe for one of my favorite dishes, she said there was no recipe and “you just have to know”. Now that’s cookin.

      Movie fans will recognize the birdhouse built by the Harrison Ford character in Witness. Sadly a bit deteriorated in the video.

    2. Deborah Stewart


      The Amish way of living, working and putting by food . I wish I had been born Amish! love this video! thankyou for sharing.