The Amish in Kentucky: 2023 Guide (50+ Communities)

Kentucky is home to a sizeable and growing Amish population. As of 2023, over 15,000 Amish live in 50+ locations across the state.

This is remarkable as Amish did not arrive to the Bluegrass State until the mid-20th century. Since then, the Amish population has skyrocketed to become the 8th-largest in North America.

An Amish home in Graves County, KY, one of over four dozen in the state. Photo: Don Burke

Kentucky Amish Communities:

  • Munfordville/Horse Cave -The Munfordville community in Hart County is the largest in Kentucky, and one of the fastest-growing in the nation.
  • Hopkinsville (Christian/Trigg County) – The state’s second largest Amish group is found at Hopkinsville in Christian & Trigg Counties, with over 2,000 Amish.
  • Guthrie – The area near Guthrie in southern Kentucky is home to a small “electric New Order” group.
  • Other KY Amish Settlements – Kentucky is dotted with small Amish communities. Amish people can be found in nearly three dozen of the state’s counties.

Munfordville/Horse Cave (Hart County)

The Amish settlement in Hart County, found near the towns of Munfordville and Horse Cave, was started in 1989. This community has ties with the Geauga County Amish settlement in Ohio. The Munfordville settlement has grown rapidly over the past two decades, and numbered 20 church districts as of 2023 (about 2,400 people).

The Munfordville settlement has benefited from a high level of in-migration of Amish from other communities, including its large parent settlement of Geauga County (note: though Munfordville is used to describe this community, there are no Amish actually in the town, it simply refers to one of the most common mailing addresses for area Amish).

amish kentucky produce auction
Amish at the Hart County produce auction

Like in other communities, Amish at Munfordville operate small businesses and also do some farming. The hilly terrain is not the best farmland, but Amish do operate traditional farms as well as grow produce. The local produce auction runs on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 12 noon.

A number of shops, including furniture businesses and retail stores provide ways of making a living for the Amish (more on Kentucky Amish furniture). Detweiler’s Country Store, near Cub Run, is a well-known variety store with gardening amenities, books, foods, and dry goods. Amish-run sawmills and stores such as fabric shops can be found dotted among the Hart County hills as well.

Traveling in Hart County by buggy can be hazardous. Like the Amish community at Holmes County, Ohio, Hart County is hilly. In some places you will find buggy pull-off lanes, usually on steep hills, which provide a shoulder for buggies to pull over and allow vehicles traveling behind to pass. Read more on the Munfordville, KY Amish.

Christian/Trigg County (Hopkinsville)

Christian County is home to two Amish settlements: the second-oldest in the state, near Crofton (founded 1972, three church districts), and a newer and larger settlement near Hopkinsville and Pembroke (1989, at 15 districts the state’s second-largest). The Hopkinsville community has grown rapidly over the past 10+ years, doubling in size and nearly surpassing the state’s largest community at Munfordville. The Amish living in this settlement are also found in neighboring Trigg County.

An Amish farm in the the Hopkinsville (Christian/Trigg County) community. Some Amish raise tobacco to supplement household income. Photo: Don Burke

The group at Crofton is an electric New Order settlement, of similar size to that at Guthrie in neighboring Todd County (see Guthrie Amish above). Christian County, along with Todd County, is also home to a community of Old Order Mennonites, a group which resembles the Amish in many ways, including its use of horse-drawn travel and plain clothing. Todd County hosts a sizeable produce auction (Fairview, at Elkton) where both Amish and Mennonites sell their fruits and vegetables.


The lands near Guthrie in Todd County are home to an unusual community of “electric” New Order Amish. New Order Amish on the whole make up only a small minority within Amish society.

Though they dress plain, use the horse-and-buggy, and speak Pennsylvania Dutch, New Order Amish in general differ somewhat from Old Order Amish. New Order Amish tend to have a greater focus on missions and outreach, are generally liberal on technology, believe in assurance of salvation. Some groups also hold Sunday School.

New Order Amish are themselves divided into two groups: “electric” and “non-electric”. Electric New Order Amish differ from non-electric New Orders in that they permit electricity to be used in the home.

kentucky amish tractor guthrie
Amish at Guthrie, Kentucky make extensive use of tractors

The Amish at Guthrie are also very progressive when it comes to tractor usage. Tractors are driven on the road; most Amish homes can be identified by the bright blue or red tractor parked outside. Buggy usage is limited compared to other Amish settlements. As a result, Guthrie homes are more spread out than one might expect for a settlement of this size.

The Guthrie community is the oldest in Kentucky, founded in 1958. Today it numbers just two church districts in size, and approximately 300 people. The Amish here originate from a now-defunct Amish church at Stuarts Draft, Virginia (GC Waldrep, “The New Order Amish and Para-Amish Groups”, Mennonite Quarterly Review July 2008 p. 399). This Amish group maintain ties with other similar communities, such as the electric New Order Amish church at Union Grove in North Carolina.

Other Kentucky Amish communities

Numerous other Amish settlements are found across Kentucky – some very small with just a handful of households, others numbering hundreds of Amish residents. Among the noteworthy ones, Marion in Crittenden County is home to the third-oldest Kentucky Amish settlement, founded in 1977 and with four church districts today (approximately 450 people).

A clip-clopping buggy passes through an autumn landscape in the Marion, Kentucky Amish settlement. Photo: Don Burke

In addition to Guthrie and Crofton, a third, smaller electric New Order settlement can be found at Princeton in Caldwell County. This particular Amish subgroup has found Kentucky a welcoming state.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kentucky is also home to several ultraconservative Swartzentruber Amish settlements, one found in Hardin County near Sonora, and a second in Graves County near Mayfield.

A number of Kentucky counties are host to multiple Amish communities. Barren County is home to a pair of settlements founded in the 1980s, each with over 400 Amish residents, and a third community dating to 2014. Bath County also has three communities, including the Swiss Amish settlement at Owingsville (“Swiss” Amish communities have a distinct background and customs as compared to the majority “Pennsylvania Dutch” Amish).

kentucky amish hardin county
A conservative Amish settlement is found in Hardin County, Kentucky

Other Kentucky counties with multiple Amish settlements include Grayson, Henry, Lincoln, Logan, Fleming, Casey, and Breckinridge Counties. For a full list of Kentucky communities, check the 2023 Amish State & County Settlement list.

Amish in KY: A growing & diverse population

Kentucky is a state which has rapidly drawn new Amish settlement over the past 50 years. In fact, all of today’s Kentucky Amish settlements, except for two, have been founded during the last half century.

The Bluegrass State’s attractive location, lying adjacent to Amish-heavy states like Ohio and Indiana, and its relatively low land prices have led large numbers of Amish to settle within its borders.

A phone “shanty” at the end of the lane provides Amish telephone access while keeping the technology from disturbing the rhythms of family life. Hillsboro, Kentucky

According to the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Kentucky has been among the fastest-growing states with Amish populations of significant size.

In fact, the Kentucky Amish population has nearly doubled since 2010, a rate which significantly outpaces the typical natural Amish growth rate. This is in large part due to high in-migration, which has continued at a high rate in recent years. And with its wide range of affiliations, from the most conservative to most progressive, Kentucky is a state which showcases the diversity of Amish society.

Kentucky Amish Grocery Store

In the video below, you will see the inside of a typical low-tech Amish grocery store. This is a “bent and dent” store, also known as a salvage grocery, in the Amish community at Hillsboro, Kentucky. These stores carry products with damaged packaging, or which are past their “Best by” dates.

This is a popular type of Amish-run business which attracts both Amish and non-Amish customers. The Amishman who runs the store explains how the business works and also some other interesting details, including how the shop gets its lighting.

Kentucky Amish Home

The video below gives you a look inside an Amish home in the Hillsboro, Kentucky Amish community. The Amish in this settlement are in some ways among the more conservative (e.g., lacking indoor plumbing), although they have been accepting technological change in recent years.

Along with the main home, we also see inside a dawdihaus, which is a smaller home built on an Amish property where traditionally the grandparents will live after transitioning away from full-time farming. All photos in this video by Tim Harris.

For further information, see:

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    1. wanda cadwell

      amish contractors

      are there any who would be willing to work in union city tn? the closest i know of are in wingo and mayfield but no clue how to contact them.. any help would be great ty

      1. Patrick Tabor

        Amish Workers

        You still need Amish Workers?

        1. Donna Kovach

          Needing help to install laminate flooring after the tornado in Dawson Springs Ky

          We need help with installation of laminate flooring in our house that was damaged in the tornado. This is all we need to be able to move back into the house before winter. 706 E. Walnut Street Dawson Springs Ky 42408. We are in a government camper that they are wanting to take back. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help please.

    2. Tom A Geist

      Kentucky Amish Directory Needed

      Hi All,

      As a hobby, I travel out to meet the scribes for the Amish newspapers The Budget & Die Botschaft. I plan to take a trip to Kentucky in 9 days to meet some of them. The problem is I don’t have an Amish directory for Kentucky. (like I do for a number of other states) Would anyone that reads this forum happen to have one?

      My hopes are to ask you to help me look up a couple of the scribe address’s to make it easier to get to them. Once I meet them I am sure I can either buy a directory or at least look at theirs for my next stop. Please either respond here or feel free to email me at my address below. I plan to leave 12-18-14. Thanks for your help!

      Tom Geist

      1. Al in Ky

        Do you still need this info about Budget scribes in Ky? If so, I have at least two names and addresses to send you. I tried to send it to your email listed, but it came back undeliverable, so please post your current email if you want me to send you that info. Also, I have found that the book, Who is Who in the Budget to be a good source for such info. I believe the book costs about $10 at the present time, and it can be obtained from The Budget office at Sugarcreek.

    3. Mary Anne

      mould of a clydesdale horse 4' or so high

      Good afternooon,
      I am looking for a mould of a clydesdale horse 4′ high or so. I recently passed through town and apparently missed it. Can anyone help me find who has this mould
      thank you

    4. Lynne Robinson

      Amish Roofer

      Hi, I am looking for an Amish Roofer to give me a quote on a metal roof for a home in the Bedford KY area. Home was built in the early 1900’s.


      1. mike

        amish roofer

        Hi, l live north of Campbellsburg and close to some amish on 55. Several will help you if you stop by their farms or they will tell you which one will help you. Mike

    5. Patrick Tabor

      Comtact Guthrie Amish

      I have some work to be done near Guthrie Ky. How can I contact the Amish Community there?

    6. Ron

      Information on Produce

      I was in Scottsville, Ky today to get some produce. Was told of a couple small Amish produce stands close to TN state line I believe around Celina, TN. Can you tell me where these two / three produce places are and what town they are close to? Thanks.

    7. Warren

      Need a home addition and barn repairs

      I have just purchased a farm in Henry county north of Franklinton and I need a bedroom & bathroom addition put on the house and some remodel on the kitchen and living room.

      I also have two metal barns that need painting and some touch up inside and an old tobacco that needs some shoring up and roof repair.

      Does anyone know of some Amish craftsman in the area I could contact to help with this?


      1. David


        Call Roman Raber at the Farmstead Market and see if Marlin Miller is available. Marlin is a contractor in Defoe but said he had a lot of contract work already in progress as of this week. Worth a try!

    8. Al in Ky

      Franklinton is not far from Pleasureville, where there is a small, rather new Amish community. Have you contacted the Amish at The Farmstead Market at Pleasureville? They may know of someone in their Amish community, or other Amish carpenters, who may be able to do the work you need. Their phone number is 502-878-4211. There also is an Amish restaurant in Pleasureville, and the Amish who operate the restaurant may be able to help you out. I can’t remember the restaurant’s name, but the Raber’s at Farmstead Market could tell you. I haven’t been out to Pleasureville since Jan. 2016, but I think the Market (which is in the country) and the restaurant are still in operation.

      1. Warren

        Thanks for the information.

    9. Michael DeJaco

      Best Amish Community in KY To Visit

      Of all the Amish communities, which would you suggest we visit? Everybody suggests Holmes Co in OH, and Lancaster Co in PA, ut I want to stay in KY and visit our own. Can you help?

      1. Tom Hoehner
    10. Michael DeJaco

      Best Amish Community in KY To Visit

      Of all the Amish communities, which would you suggest we visit? Everybody suggests Holmes Co in OH, and Lancaster Co in PA, but I want to stay in KY and visit our own. Can you help?

    11. Joseph Miller

      Marion and Washington Co. Amish

      I have Amish crafted leather belts and hickory rocking chairs for sale. Perfect for Purposeful Christmas gifts!

      About 20 Amish families in Marion Co and another 30 families in adjoining Washington Co. Carpenters available from both counties.

    12. Steve Miller

      Hiring roof help and other

      Hello. Just need to know if there are any Amish roofers, contractors near Lebanon, KY.? Need to hire help with roof leaks and other odd jobs? Thanks!

    13. Lana Barber

      Yoder's Bulk Food Store

      Hi! My husband and I will be traveling through Marion Co., KY in the next few days. The last time we were through that area, we visited a Yoder’s Bulk Food Store (grocery store). We would like to go there again while in the area. Can anyone tell me where the store is located? We just happened upon it the last time and don’t know if we can find it again. Thanks for your help.

      1. Al in Ky

        The only Amish settlement I know of in Marion County is at Gravel Switch, in the eastern part of the county, though there may be other settlements there. I have never been to Gravel Switch, but I have heard there are Amish living in the Riley Road area, which is about 9 miles east of Lebanon, Ky., right off Hwy 68. You might also go 3 miles further east from Riley Road to Gravel Switch and ask someone in Gravel Switch where Yoder’s store is. Hope this helps.

    14. Patricia

      Questions about Amish farmers.

      Several years ago I went to Crab Orchard, Kentucky and bought apples and peaches from an Amish farm. I can not remember the name of the place! The lady that had told me about the place is no longer with us. If anyone could help me with what the name of the place may be I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

    15. Steve Miller

      Barn removal and quality horse hay?

      I’m looking for someone to take a barn down and possibly buy it or rebuild it to fit our needs? Also looking for high quality horse hay. ? Thank you to all.

      1. Al in Ky.

        What area of Ky. is the barn in?

    16. Al in Ky

      New Amish Settlement

      I read in the June 14 edition of The Budget about a new Amish community that is developing. It is in Greenup, Kentucky, which is in the extreme northeastern part of Ky. on the Ky./Ohio border.
      As of now, there should be four Amish families there. Two families moved there in Feb., one family in March, and one family in June. It seems like Amish from Columbia, Ky., are the ones beginning that community.

      1. Amish in Greenup Co Kentucky

        Do you know if the Amish in Greenup Co Kentucky are still residing there. I am interested in finding produce for sale. Your post was from 2017 and now it is June 2018.. Greenup County is one county over from myself. Thanks for any input.

        1. Al in Ky

          I have not been to the Greenup Amish settlement, but I know it is still very much there since a scribe from that community continues to regularly send in news to The Budget newspaper. In the June 13 edition, they mentioned about a new family who has recently moved to the community. I don’t know any specifics about anyone selling produce, but I think it’s worth a visit to check it out.

          1. Kathy from Greenup, Kentucky

            Amish in Greenup, Kentucky

            There are still Amish families living in Greenup, Kentucky off of Route 7. My Grand kids can see the Amish from were they live. If you know of a store off of Route7. I believe it’s down that road. This is October 2nd 2019. I don’t know how many families have settled there . But I hear there also in Carter Co. Kentucky to. I believe near Grayson. So this area is beginning to see settlements growing. Hope this is helpful.

    17. Kentucky Amish

      Hello, after reading this amazing post i am also cheerful to share my
      experience here with mates.

    18. Irina Plieva

      Would love to stay with Amish people to experience their lifestyle


      I was wondering if it is at all possible to stay for a weekend with my husband and a 2 year old daughter at one of the Amish families somewhere in KY. We would love to volunteer and help them with their daily activities, yard work, cleaning, cooking, laundry or whatever else is needed. I feel very tired of this lifestyle we live in today. We would love to get to know the Amish people, and experience their daily life, their culture and traditions, and we would love my daughter to be part of it as I know she will absolutely enjoy that too. Thank you in advance.
      P.S we do own a house in Louisville KY, and both my husband and I have jobs :)just did not want anyone to be concerned that we are trying to find a shelter :)Thanks!!

      1. Deborah Moomaw

        reply to "would love to stay with Amish family to experience culture"

        I understand that and have similar feelings. It isn’t possible to live that way if you are from a modern American family; I mean, you have to be Amish to live Amish. It’s a religion I guess, not a lifestyle. Before I understood that it was religion based, I did believe they were a group of folks who were upholding the “primitive survival” type of lifestyle. Then as I became more educated, I understood the religion and ancestry. I honestly have to say that I have been jealous more than a few times with their lifestyle, which I consider to be more reality based than a lot of modern living. In other words, sometimes I have just wanted to go out and tend the garden, feed the chickens, and then come inside to make some food…

    19. Quilting shop near Crab Orchard

      I have seen a sign on the right side of the road as we go south on KY 39 from Lancaster towards KY 150 to Mt. Vernon that says “quilting…” I can’t remember details of the sign. I can find no listings for it. Any information I can pass onto a friend will be helpful.

    20. Laura marr

      Remodeling needed glasgow ky

      Looking for Amish person to do remodeling at my home. Sooner than later. Need estimate.

    21. Charles Davis

      Mundfordville, KY AMISH 20 MILE LOOP

      Looking for a map of this loop, any suggestions greatly appreciated!

      1. Al in Ky

        Charles — I have been to the Munfordville, Ky., Amish settlement many times and haven’t heard of the Munfordville Amish 20 Mile Loop. But, I do have a suggested map for the “loop”. Here it is:

        From Munfordville, take Ky 88 (Cub Run Hwy) west to Cub Run. In Cub Run at the main intersection, turn right on Priceville Rd/Ky 728. The road goes north, then loops to the right/east to Priceville. At Priceville, take Raider Hollow Road/Ky-1140 back to Munfordville.

        This is a beautiful ride, especially in the spring and fall. Very hilly in several spots. Drive slowly, as there are no buggy lanes, and you can come upon a buggy before you know it. There are many small Amish farms on either side of the main highways and several stops I would suggest — Anna’s Jams and Jellies at 1985 Logsdon Valley Road, Miller’s Greenhouse and Furniture at 2375 Macon-Kessinger Road and Detweiler’s Country Store at 12825 Priceville Road. There is also an Amish hardware store at the main intersection in Cub Run.

        I consider the Munfordville Amish settlement to be very spread out. There is what I call the main part (which is the “loop” I outlined above). This is all north of the Green River, west of I-65. Then there is another part east and south of Munfordville, focusing on the Rowletts area. (Two interesting stops in that part are Abe’s Place (Amish Consignment Shop) at 2915 S. Dixie Hwy, and R & S Grocery and Bakery on 235 Irvin Cemetery Road (off Dixie Hwy, south of Munfordville). The other part of the settlement is south of the Green River (west of I-65) that you get to by going west from Rowletts on Rowletts Cave Spring Road.

        I hope you enjoy your drive through the Munfordville settlement.

        1. Charles

          AMISH LOOP

          Al, thanks very much for the valuable information. We plan to stay a few days in Munfordville.

    22. mathews

      cub run, hart county furniture

      Referring to Al in Ky notes Miller’s Greenhouse and Furniture at 2375 Macon-Kessinger Road does not sell/build furniture anymore. His nephew Andrew Miller has taken over the business. His address is Miller wood products, 1535 cherry springs rd, cub run, ky 42729. ph 270 524 5718. Andrew build custom doors, cabinets and furniture from reclaimed barnwood. He also sells furniture from Amish furniture makers in OH. He has a small building stocking a few items and has got a whole bunch of catalogs. We purchased custom furniture thru him. I compared prices with a number of sellers and online places and he was 10-20% cheaper.

      I agree with the loop Al suggested it is very pretty country drive.
      We also went to the R&S Bakery & Grocery. Their pecan pie was delicious as well a their donuts and other bakery goodies.

    23. Al in Ky

      Thanks Mathews for posting this update re: Miller’s Furniture. I had last been to Millers on Macon-Kessinger Road in April 2017 so appreciate the update they no longer sell furniture. I’ll be going back to the Munfordville area this spring, so will be interested in visiting at Andrew Miller’s Wood Products.

    24. Cindy Wood

      Medal roof

      My Husband and I are looking for an amish metal roofer we live in Nicholasville Ky. We would like to contact someone soon for and quote on installing our roof


      Cindy wood

      1. Al in Ky

        I don’t have any specific information about an Amish metal roofer, but I do have a suggestion. I think the Amish settlement at Crab Orchard, Ky., may be the closest one to Nicholasville. They have a good Amish produce auction there which is supported by many Amish in that community. You might try calling the auction and leaving a message about your need for a roofer and see if you get a response. The phone number is 606-355-0030. Or, if you have time, you might go to an auction and talk with some of the people at the auction. The auctions are held on Mondays at 1 p.m., and Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m. The address is 2896 Ky Hwy 39 N., Crab Orchard, Ky.

    25. Barbara Maynard


      I am trying to locate an Amish farrier named Jacob Chrishner. I live in Bourbon county, Ky. In the Paris area. Jacob has done work for me before, however, I have lost his contact number. If you could help me I would appreciate it very much. Barbara Maynard

      1. Marcus Yoder

        I think you may have misspelled his last name. It should probably be Christner.

    26. gn

      painting in Louisville Ky

      Hi there, question;
      Are there any Amish house painters in the Louisville KY area?
      Please respond via my email address.

    27. Cabot Lord

      Amish Barn Builder in St Charles, Kentucky near Nortonville area.

      I am purchasing a 40’X 40′ Wood Barn from Sand and Creek Barn Company. I am need of a Amish Barn Builder who can erect the barn for me. It will be out in the country and have no power.

    28. tonia percefull

      would like to have vinyl siding done by the amish

      would like for amish to vinyl siding on house. must be from mundorville, ky area

    29. Jackie Sims

      Need Carpentry work

      I was looking for an Amish Carpenter to quote some renovations in my daughters home. In the Upton Ky Area.
      does anyone know of any?

    30. Al in Ky

      I’m not sure if there are any of the Amish in the Upton area who would do this type of work, but I suggest contacting one of the following Amish stores in your general area to see if they have suggestions:

      Detweiler’s Country Store 12825 Priceville Rd, Cub Run, Ky. 270-524-7967

      E-town Amish Furniture, 4467 S. Dixie Hwy., Glendale, Ky. 270-765-4009

      D & D Grocery, 4437 S. Dixie Hwy., Glendale, Ky. 270-737-2300

    31. Erin

      Pleasant Hill Mennonite near Falmouth?

      Does anyone know anything about the Mennonite church near Falmouth? It looks like it might be a part of Berea Amish-Mennonite Fellowship. We’re moving down to that area and I might be interested in attending a service.

    32. Amish furniture?

      Trying to find some Amish that make rustic furniture near Lexington or Morehead?

    33. Nicole

      Greenhouses for purchase?

      Hello. We have been told there are greenhouses for purchase. Would appreciate name of business/address. Thanks!

      1. Nicole
    34. Dan Milburn

      Looking for an Amish builder to do some floors and a stair railing

      I live in Lexington Ky and would like to have some quility work done by an amish builder.
      I saw some of the info in other comments but wanted to see if you have a contact in Lexington who might need some work.

    35. Al in Ky

      New Amish Settlement at Sparta, Ky.

      In the Feb. 19th edition of The Budget newspaper, a scribe from the Vevay, Indiana Amish settlement reported that some from Vevay went to Sparta, Kentucky, to help a family from Orrville, Ohio, unload their belongings at their new home at Sparta, Ky. There was no report yet as to how many families have moved to this new settlement. (Vevay is a town on the Indiana side of the Ohio River; Sparta, Ky., is on the Ky. side, a few miles south of the Ohio River).

    36. Steve Anderson

      New to Irvine Kentucky

      I recently moved to Irvine Kentucky and want to purchase vegetables and other food items. Are there any Amish or Mennonite markets or communities near me from which I may purchase these items ???

    37. Joe olive

      Any communities akin to Lancaster PA in KY

      I’m wondering if the might be any Amish communities similar to Lancaster PA? Any large markets like Green Dragon to shop at. I’ve been to a few smaller country stores around Danville, but am longing for something more.

      As a transplant from NJ it was easy to miss a nice car ride out to Amish country in Lancaster! Hoping to find a really great community here in KY.


    38. Kathy


      this is a nice website but I noticed no one gets their questions answered.

    39. John

      Barn & home siding

      Good morning! I live in Midway, KY and need a barn extended and sided in metal. I also need a house sided. Does anyone know of any Amish in the area who can do either, or both of these jobs?

    40. Malcolm

      Hopkins county Kentucky

      I’m looking for bloggers in or near Dawson springs , Ky. Where can I find them?

    41. Theresa

      Looking for Amish contractor near Henderson, KY

      We just recently moved our mother to KY and need to build in a mother in law suite. Are there any suggestions for someone close to Henderson, KY?

    42. James Lee

      Looking for general contractor

      I want to fix my house with roof. Someone can work in Jefferson County Kentucky. Please email me at


    43. Stephanie Watkins

      Looking for contractors for new home build Breathitt County

      Looking for contractors for simple new home build in Breathitt. 859-943-9093. Please text info amd I will call you back when I get the message

      1. Stephanie Watkins

        Or email at

    44. Malcolm


      I have 8 acres in dawson springs that I need logged. Any loggers, near the area?

    45. Malcolm

      8 acres need cleared.

      I have 8 acres in dawson springs that I need logged. Any loggers, near the area? I’m not even sure of the trees, I have on the property, I just want to sell the trees,if it’s ready to be cleared.

    46. Malcolm

      8 acres need cleared.

      I have 8 acres in dawson springs that I need cleared. Any loggers, near the area? I’m not even sure of the trees, I have on the property, I just want to sell the trees,if it’s ready to be cleared.

    47. Need builder

      Building barndominium in Beaver Dam Ky. Need Amish builder. 270 903 2547

    48. Need builder

      Building barndominium in Beaver Dam Ky. Can anyone help me

    49. Jean watts

      Horse mistreatment

      I have been watching a rescue that pays for horses the Amish work into the ground and then discard to slaughter houses . It’s so sad and think the Amish could do a better job of taking care of those gentle horses that receive no care from the Amish.

    50. Charlotte

      Build a dining table

      I am In Logan Co, Ky. I am seeking someone that builds Amish dining room furniture. Specifcally a Butterfly or self storing round table. I have contacted several
      places but would like to find someone close logistically for shipping purposes. If anyone can help Id appreciate the reply.