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    Comment on Find Amish (May 5th, 2011 at 08:47)

    Find Amish

    Wanting to visit an Amish area.
    I am trying to find out if there’s Amish in Romney,WV or near
    and how many family’s and if not whats the closest town and state from Romney where there at.
    Can you help me find out I would appreciate it.
    Thanks so much,

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      Comment on my ancestry is amish (December 31st, 2012 at 12:58)

      my ancestry is amish

      Hello! I cannot answer your primary question as to if there are any known Amish communities in WV. However, I can personally tell you that my father’s blood relation is from/presently in Holmes county Ohio. I had no idea that we were even related to the Amish until 1996 when the truth came out regarding my father’s biological father. Our name is Hostetler “(Hoshstetler)” a very well known Amish family in Ohio. I have only visited my real ancestors a few times in the past years. I find the family to be carry on in old amish traditions to this day. They do not have electric and no one has a drivers license & can learn very fascinating facts of life that does not require technical devices to be satisfied and happy in modern times. If you are planning on visiting the state of Ohio, I encourage you to travel around Holmes county along with their stores and restaurants. My great Uncle is very well known for his Amish furniture as well. I hope you received an answer to your question and had hopes you would find my answer to be useful regarding any other communities to date. Thanks!! 🙂

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    Comment on Find Amish (May 5th, 2011 at 09:10)

    Find Amish

    Are Amish allowed to move to any state?
    How many family’s do they need to have for there community?
    Is there Amish in WV and what town?
    What town and state is good to visit Amish?

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    Comment on Where can Amish move? (May 17th, 2011 at 15:16)

    Where can Amish move?

    Hi Marilyn, Amish are allowed to move anywhere–what is important is if the choice makes economic sense–will they be able to make a living–and can they attract other Amish to join them, as forming a community is essential. A congregation can be made up of just a few families, but Amish do like to keep the group growing, as their children will eventually grow up and want to get married.

    There are Amish in West Virginia–check out this new state guide entry: http://amishamerica.com/west-virginia-amish/

    If you are in WVA, I would recommend Holmes Co, Ohio, one of the largest settlements. Much to do and see.

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    Comment on Find Amish (May 17th, 2011 at 20:08)

    Find Amish

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for answering my question.
    I just wish there were Amish in Romney,WV its a nice small town and has farmland and I think the Amish would like.
    They do have Mennonites there and Miller’s Market just like the Amish store in Pa. I like there stores and there very nice people.
    I do go to Lancaster,Pa each summer for week, I like it there so many things to do that’s why we go back each year.
    I’ll think about going to Holmes Co, Ohio sometime.

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    Waldirene Ribeiro de Souza
    Comment on mande por email mais sobre os amish (June 14th, 2011 at 15:31)

    mande por email mais sobre os amish

    Nossa gostei muito do seu blog, gosto muito do jeito dos amish pena que moro no Brasil gostaria de conhecer de perto os amish leio tudo sobre eles eu acho que a sociedade atual precisa aprender com eles.

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      Comment on Message wasn’t in English (August 14th, 2018 at 19:28)

      Message wasn’t in English

      Eric: anyway, you could asked otters to write in English?
      Therefore: the message was in German, vs; Espanol.

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    Veronica Lee
    Comment on Joining an Amish Community (September 13th, 2011 at 10:34)

    Joining an Amish Community

    I am a single mother with a 10 year old child. I was hoping to get some information as to how I would join an amish community. Do I need money to join? Where would I live? Will I even be accepted if I am a single parent (divorced)? What are the steps I need to take to join?


    Veronica Lee

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      Comment on Para Waldirene Ribeiro de Souza (October 18th, 2012 at 12:12)

      Para Waldirene Ribeiro de Souza

      Ola Waldirene. Veja meu youtube. Eu tb gosto muito dos amish(love them), gosto demais do estilo de vida simples e modesto deles, eles valorizam a familia e os valores morais. Uma pena que nao existe isso no Brasil, nem em Portugal. Mas deveria haver!

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      Art knowledgable about Amish
      Comment on I have a good working knowledge about English joining to be Amish (December 23rd, 2012 at 21:45)

      I have a good working knowledge about English joining to be Amish

      It is my understanding you want to join the “Amish”?
      I have to tell you this first; it’s not an easy process,
      And you will need some basic knowledge about
      “German” language. The language is not easy to learn,
      However it can be learned. It is said that some of Amish
      Communities have younger generations that don’t require
      The German language, please don’t fall for this misconception.
      It is wise to become familiar with the German dialects
      as well. Then you will need to be familiar to the “Ordung” this
      is an Amish must, you must cut lots of modern things out
      of you life and, you will be required to attend weekly church services.
      You will be required to worship and usually after you are
      Thoroughly tested for usually a 2 year period! The best way to join
      the Amish: you must go to an elder of the church, they will place you
      In a Amish family community; you will required to do
      Chores- cooking, family planning get togethers, living under strict
      Amish Ordung, no radios, tv’s, computers and women mostly
      Wear blue dresses with a hair bonnet. Your children will
      Also have to be involved the same standards. The word of the wise
      Also; the Amish are very weary and uneasy to accept English,
      The good news though; once accepted, I’ve been told by other
      Amish- the English whom pass everything usually are well respected by
      other Amish families and are very dependable!
      There are so many details about the Amish and the Ordung,
      Educate yourself about it. I know the German language very well
      Myself, I wish you best of luck! Voe vovone sie? Where do you live?
      Sie der Bonhoff ist en Bundersrepublik Ef Duseucthland,
      Nicht mere icht zweispatt!
      Good luck!

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      Comment on 1 serious answer for Veronica (December 31st, 2012 at 13:20)

      1 serious answer for Veronica

      Veronica, I read your inquiry regarding the abilities to join an Amish community.. First and foremost, you DO NOT need money to join the Amish. I was STUNNED to even see your question on that topic! YOU DO NOT PAY to get in the community, at least not in a monetary fashion of the sense!! YOU PAY by giving yourself to their customs and their beliefs. The reason I even say the word “pay” is because you will not be able to bring your “way of life” to their home. The other person was right in the fact that you cannot have access to modern technology and must grow accustom to their traditions. The other person was also very right that they are very sensitive to allow anyone but their own to just “jump” into their lives and their homes. You must give yourself completely to their way of living and once you are there do not turn back/go back to your old way unless you plan or intend on just leaving once you do. Once you leave after committing to their customs, you will be known as “shunned”(excused) as well as a “pardoned”(let go). Not saying or implying this fact but it is indeed a fact of their traditions. My ancestry is Amish which originate in Germany and are now located within entire Holmes county Ohio. I wish you the best on your endeavor. The easiest way to learn about their customs/beliefs & easiest access to the community is to attend 1 of their church services (arrive in plain dress/dark color/NO makeup/NO jewelry/flat shoes/NOTHING FLASHY!! and inquire with an elderly woman of the church, she will take you under her “wing” and show you the way. That is the 1 & and only true way to learn,grow & be accepted;just a word of advice!! Good luck and God bless!! If your 10yr old is a son, he will be welcomed with open arms and have a male willing to adopt him (along with many ‘brothers’) and become a lifelong mentor,building will become his best suited quality. If your 10yr old is a daughter, she will also be blessed to have many ‘sisters’ among her.Like I said, wishes for the best and blessed lifelong journey!!

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    Comment on Where do the Amish live? (September 3rd, 2013 at 23:04)

    I’ve seen a lot of different Amish come and shop in Wa;mart in Berlin, Vermont.. My question is where do they live in Vermont?

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    Comment on Where do the Amish live? (November 4th, 2013 at 12:55)


    I am doing a personal project on the Amish and would like to know if there were any communities in California I could contact. I am in Europe but flying to LA in the new year and wanted to take that opportunity to finalise my project then…
    Thank you for any advice given.

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    Comment on Need to get me and my 9 yr old living a better life (March 27th, 2014 at 10:52)

    Need to get me and my 9 yr old living a better life

    Hi my name is Tammy and I have a 9 yr old daughter that I want to show her
    that there is more to life than watching tv, and boys out there she is my life and I know if I don’t do something now I will lose her to a life style and to boys so if there is a amish community out there please help me we live in Florida. I have a Med. Degree and I know how to cook, clean, sew and I will work hard for myself and her and the community too. I also know about gardening I was born in the Carolina’s we grew up doing this type of things.

    Sincerely yours

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    Comment on Where do the Amish live? (October 9th, 2015 at 06:52)

    Any suggestions on non tourist Amish towns in Pennsylvania? We are going on a road trip in December. Starting out in Pittsburgh heading to Lancaster.

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    Comment on Looking for an Amish worship center (February 3rd, 2016 at 16:25)

    Looking for an Amish worship center

    I left my home in St. Louis to be rented. I have been trying to live a clean basic life, but find it difficult in the midst of a materialistic world. I would like to learn what the Amish believe and possibly join. I can and am willing to work hard. I am older, 48, and female. Would they even want me? I am currently in Punta Gorda, Fl. It is not my home and need to leave. I also do not wish to stay in Fl. I have an elderly beagle. He has been hit by a car and is recovering from a pelvic triple fracture. I only have an old car and will drive it anywhere. I cannot fit into the worldliness, never could. Suggestions? I do not speak German. I try not speaking at all.

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