The Amish of Ethridge, Tennessee

Tennessee Amish house

The Amish community at Ethridge is one of a handful in Tennessee, and at ten church districts, the largest Amish settlement in the South.  The Amish here are of the Swartzentruber “lineage”, meaning low levels of technology, numerous farms, and buggies lacking the Slow Moving Vehicle triangle.  Ethridge is unusual as a sizeable and long-established Southern community, with most Amish settlements in the South being of only a church district or two in size and relatively young.

The Ethridge community is about an hour and a half below Nashville, and is bisected by a quite busy four-lane highway.  On a recent visit, I noticed few of the characteristic yellow horse-and-buggy roadside warning signs, with perhaps one on the main drag only.  The terrain is mostly flat with some hills here and there, and quite rural.  Ethridge itself is not much more than a post office, hair salon, and a few streets of homes, with most of the business life happening on nearby US highway 43.

Tennessee Amish Tourism

Before visiting this community, I didn’t expect there to be much of a tourist industry, given the fact that the Ethridge Amish are among the most conservative.  At the same time, given its age and position as largest in the South, it probably shouldn’t have surprised me that the Ethridge settlement features its own version of an Intercourse or Shipshewana–though a much scaled-down one.

Mainly comprising a side road off the main highway, there are a modest number of tourist venues, including buggy ride operations, an “Amish Cafe”, and furniture outlets.  One of the shops, an “Amish Welcome Center”, gives out a map listing 57 Amish homes which operate businesses as well as the products and services they offer (molasses, china cabinets, clock repair, braided rugs, squirrel corn, and so on).

Amish tourist wagon

There is one area, however, in which Ethridge outdoes Lancaster County and perhaps all other Amish communities–and that’s in its industrial-strength tourist carriages.  In fact, these wagons are really closer to horse-drawn buses, as you can see from the photo.  They set off from a number of venues on the “Amish strip”, and trundle a route around the community which takes them near the local produce auction and by numerous Amish businesses.

Amish Commerce

For that matter, there are a surprising number of tourist-oriented businesses in the community, with simple hand-lettered signs advertising them everywhere.  I dropped in on a few, one of which was a candle seller.  In addition to a number of standard candles in Mason jars, they had on offer an array of soaps, environmentally-friendly “soy” candles, and car fresheners made up of small beads tied up in fishnets bags.  Having a special someone in mind, I asked what the owner, a young Amishman with a blue paisley bandanna tied around his head, Rambo-style, thought that “the ladies” might like in the way of candles.

Tennessee Amish lane
A common sight in the Ethridge Amish community

He immediately suggested “Love Spell”–carefully guiding me away from “Love Potion”, the first one that caught my eye (apparently there’s a niche in “amorous” candles the Ethridge Amish are pursuing here).  Having taken a sniff of Love Spell, and finding it not so lovely (I can’t attest to any other alleged properties it may or may not have), as well as a few others including “Blueberry Pie”, I decided on the more conservative Cinnamon as well as the peculiarly-named but pleasantly-scented “Kudzu”.  A vanilla car freshener completed my purchase and I was on the way, equipped for any surprise power outages and with a fresh-smelling truck to boot.

I also stopped in to see a furniture maker, whose shop featured two catalogs packed with full-color photos of various styles and pieces of furniture.  “Your Satisfaction is Our Goal”, a hand-scrawled slip of paper inside the front cover of one announced.  The owner’s wife, who was friendly but generally avoided making eye contact, helpfully informed me that they could produce just about anything, as long as it doesn’t take computers to make.  The shop, pictured on the left in the photo below (silver-roofed building), was located quite close to the home, connected by a walkway.

Tennessee Amish furniture shop
Ethridge Amish furniture shop and home

I bought a dollar bag of peanut brittle which they happened to also sell (peanut brittle seems to be everywhere in Ethridge) and picked up one of the owner’s business cards on my way out–consisting of his name, job description (“Custom Build Furniture”) and address hand-penned on a cut-out piece of business-card-sized stiff paper.  No telephone number, images of any sort, or fancy printing here.

Ethridge Amish meet the world

Swartzentruber buggy lane
Not a tourist wagon

Ethridge is an interesting community–sizeable but off the beaten path, home to a conservative group of Amish but in some ways open to the “outside”, and one with a distinct Southern twinge (like the Amish of Daviess County, Indiana, Amish here “speak Southern”, which sounds great to these ears).

Ethridge is in no danger of becoming Lancaster County, but offers an example of how one community of Amish is interacting to a limited degree with non-Amish in order to survive.  The existence of everything from the Amish business tourist map and numerous business advertisements, to Amish selling products off-the-buggy outside the Welcome Center and thrice weekly at the produce auctions, indicate a pragmatic approach to commerce which one might not expect to such a degree in a Plainer community–but which reflects the reality of Amish life in the 21st century nonetheless.

Read more on Tennessee Amish in the Amish State Guide.

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    1. Liana

      Contacting the Amish

      Does anyone know how to contact the Amish businesses directly rather than go through a third person? I would really appreciate some help on this

      1. MaryAnne

        If you know yheir name and address, just write to them!

    2. MIKE

      Amish of Ethridge Tenness

      We visited the Amish community of Ethridge Tennessee on July 27 2012 I was with my church senior citizens we went on the buggy ride thru the community we were on a time schedule My wife and I would like to go back. I think we could stay the whole day

    3. Norma Burroughs

      We are getting ready for our next visit to Ethridge the weekend of October 6…hope to attend the auction and of course, “shop” throughout the community. Really looking forward to finding the house Maggie posted about that has the quilts! I was wondering if anyone else that follows this post is going to go for the auction? Erik…it would be a fine time for you to visit Ethridge too!!

      1. CC Crane


        How about more information on the auction you mentioned? Is it an Amish auction and of what products?

        1. Norma Burroughs

          Yes,it is in Ethridge.And I believe they sell everything from livestock to furniture.An all day event.This year the date is Saturday Oct 6.
          There is also a yard sale that runs from Summertown over to Hohenwald,about 40 miles I think. Hohenwald also has a lot of other things going on in their downtown area too that weekend
          We were there last year and really enjoyed it. We stayed in Lawerenceburg, just a few miles out of Ethridge on Hwy 43.This will be our 3rd trip and we love it.The weather is just right too!

          1. Norma Burroughs

            Wrong Date!!

            In an earlier post, I stated the auction is Oct 6…I was wrong…it is Oct.13! So sorry for my error.
            All other info in that post was correct.
            again, my apologies!

            1. Doug from N Alabama

              Yes, the Octoberfest celebration / yard sale is the 6th, the Amish auction is on the 13th. Our Amish neighbors were very confused when I asked them about Octoberfest, they knew nothing about it. Said they’d probably bring a goat or two on the 13th 🙂

              1. Doug from N Alabama

                Correction – Oktoberfest and the auction are both going to be on the 13th. Oktoberfest used to be the 1st weekend in October, but it’s been changed to be the 2nd weekend. Both events draw a lot of visitors, so be prepared!

                1. Diann

                  Amish Consignment Auction

                  The big consignment auction and Octoberfest will be on Saturday, October 12. This year they are not having a lot of animals. Horses only. This auction is Amish and English. All kinds of goods will be there. Modern and primitive. Something for everyone. There will be more Amish folks there than you’ve ever seen anywhere. Everyone has such a good time. Come and visit if you get the chance.

            2. Heather Bearb

              2013 dates

              Hello, I love reading and learning about the Amish, my family has all been, and God willing this year I can go! And so Im doing a lot of research, and as I live in Louisiana and Tn is about as far as I can travel at this time I was sssooo excited to see they have Amish in Tn!! I was reading about the auction in October and wondering if anyone knows if they will do it again this year (2013) and if so the dates of it and/or any other information.
              Id sure be so greatful for any information! God Bless!

              1. Norma Burroughs

                Auction Date is 10/12/13

                Hi Heather…The big auction is 10/12.I think they have weekly produce auctions too.
                I would urge you to make a reservation is advance for a motel room. There are several in Lawrenceburg.This year there are also a few cabins available behind the welcome center. They are basic…ac/heat and a bed…I think you must supply your towels and sheets too.Bath house on the grounds.No tv,coffee pot etc.But the price is VERY low!
                Be sure to stop in at the Welcome Center! You can get a map of the community and just about anything else there too! Very sweet lady runs it and is very helpful! This is our 5th year to go and we love it!

                1. Heather Bearb

                  Thank you all so much for the information!!! You have help so much!! I will plan to go this year!! Oh Im getting so excited!! Ive read so many books and research and just cant wait to see in person! Im 35 and my best friend is my 88yr old grandmother-she laughs bc I tell her I think I was born in the wrong time!! I would fit in from years past…possibly even somewhat like amish.. just love the simple life! “Little house on the Prairie”:)
                  Thanks so much again for all information!! God Bless and I will be there in October!! Im from Louisiana so not too too bad drive!

                2. Melissa


                  I noticed you said cabins were available this year. Do you have any info on that like a number to call or something? Also any ideas on what prices are for pumpkins. I live in a very small town in East Texas. I was through there last year on business and noticed the Auctions and loved the whole Amish Community. I was thinking seriously about coming and buying some pumkins and bring them back to our little town and do a Pumkin patch at the Ballpark, but I need to know about how much to expect to pay for them vs how much I can resell them for here so I can at least pay for my trip there. Thank you so much!

                3. Linda

                  October events

                  Is the big “yard sale and auction” always the 2nd week in October, I am not able to attend this year but would love to plan for 2014.

                  1. Diann


                    Yes, the Amish auction and the Octoberfest yard sales are always on the 2nd Sat. of October. Usually the yard sales start on Wed. or Thurs. all along Hwy. 20 from Summertown to Hohenwald. Saturday is the busiest day for the yard sales. I hope you can make it next year.

                  2. dharmendra sachan

                    tack and saddles

                    dear sir we r supplier of hose tack and saddles we r interested in auction

              2. Diann Pollock

                Amish Auction in Ethridge

                Heather, you will really enjoy the big consignment sale in Oct. The auction begins at 9am and last year it lasted all day until around 6 or 7pm. There were 4 auctioneers going at the same time. Norma is right. You need to make hotel reservations as early as possible. There will be no rooms available that weekend. All the hotels are in Lawrenceburg. Here are the telephone numbers for some of them: Crockett Motel 931-762-7191 America’s Best Choice 931-762-4467 Richland Inn 931-762-0061 Rhodeway Inn 931-762-4448. Lawrenceburg is only about 6 miles from Ethridge. The number for the campground is 931-829-4655, (Place of Rest Campground) There are cabins at Davy Crockett State Park also 931-762-9408. There’s something for everyone at the auction. Animals, dishes, farm equipment (horse drawn & modern), antiques, primitives, Fenton glassware, vintage jewelry, and so much more. It’s hard to imagine all the stuff. I hope you get to visit us here in Ethridge, TN.

                1. Heather Bearb

                  Thank you to all who help! And for all the phone numbers! Thank you sssoo much!! I did call! We are so so so excited to go this year!! Esp with cooler weather up there I hope! Im from Louisiana and OH its still 86! Fall time needs to be cooler!;) Thanks and I cant wait to go!! Im already there in spirit!!

                  1. Diann Pollock

                    Fall in Ethridge

                    Fall is here! We can always tell it has arrived when the Amish start digging sweet potatoes and pulling peanuts. It’s almost time for molasses. We grow sorghum molasses here. Dark sweet goodness. Crisp mornings and warm days are a sure sign that the cane will be ready soon. They usually start cooking the syrup around the end of September. It is so amazing to watch them cook the juice until it turns into the sweet dark syrup. If you get a chance to visit Ethridge just watch for the smoke rising from the molasses mills. You can stop and watch the process and taste the warm, yummy finished product.

            3. Steve Burroughs


              Where is the auction located and what times?

              1. Diann


                It is Plowboy Produce Auction, located at 469 S. Brace Rd. Ethridge, TN 38456. Their telephone number is 931-829-1114. The consignment auction is Sat., Oct. 12 @ 9am.

                1. Doug B

                  My wife and I just got back to the farm after going out for dinner. They are already getting things set up at the auction site. Lots of people there, trucks buggies, etc. It’s going to be big! However, we don’t like the fact that there will be a 10% buyers fee and 10% sellers commission. You buy something for $100, you’ll be paying $110. The seller will only get $90. The auction house is in effect getting 20% commission. Yeesh! But still, it is a fun event, lots of people, lots of stuff for sale and the weather looks to be perfect this year.

                  1. stacy

                    I am going to the Amish auction tomorrow for the first time.Does it cost anything to get in.

            4. Sue Ann


              Just wanted to know if we took a ride over to your city, if their would be enough to see. It will take us about three hours. I love the Amish cooking, and the gift shops. And how about the bakeries? I wanted to know if it would be worth are while. Thank you and Blessings your way.

              1. Doug Budzak

                No bakeries, but....

                I’d say it all depends on what you’re looking for. There are no Amish restaurants or bakeries here, but there are plenty of Amish selling baked goods at their farms and at roadside stands.

              2. Maggie

                The Amish of Ethridge

                Hello Sue Ann,
                I think it would be worth the three hour trip. You and your family can take the wagon tour; oats are being cut and stooked; lots of produce is in, baked goods sold out of homes and at some of the smaller buildings in front or attached to their homes. The Amish of Ethridge do not work out of their homes in bakeries or restaurants but there are a few shops around here. There is a new (about a year old) quilt shop at 4111 highway 43 N which has quilts which are hand quilted by some of the Amish women in Ethridge. That shop is about one mile north of the welcome center on the left. Besides the Amish community there is a nice little state park Crockett that has bike/hike trails and a small lake for fishing as well as the Davy Crockett museum, etc. You can look it up on line. I think you will find enough to do around here to make it worth your while. Enjoy your visit.

          2. Rhonda in Northport AL

            Is the yard sale going on this year (2013) also on the same day as the Amish auction? I found Ethridge this year and just love the area.

            1. Diann

              Big auction and yard sale

              The auction and October Fest are always the second weekend of Oct. The yard sale starts in Summertown, TN and goes all the way to Hohenwald, TN. The yard sales will be going from Thursday thru Sunday. Big auction is on Sat., Oct. 12. Both are a lot of fun. Summertown is about 8 miles north of Ethridge. There is a small group of Mennonites that live on the highway along the yard sale path.

            2. Doug B

              The yard sale has already started! We saw some stuff on Hwy 43 yesterday, but today went for a drive down Hwy 20 into “downtown” Summertown, and WOW, the vendors are already out in full force! We’re going to go back tomorrow and hit it before it gets really crowded.

          3. Donna Williams

            Where to Stay

            I am planning a trip to Ethridge. Hoping to come in time for the auction mentioned. Can you tell me a good place to stay? It is about 3 hours drive for us and I don’t think I can ride that far and be on my feet all day and then ride home again that night. Thank you very much! Donna

            1. Diann

              Places to stay in Ethridge area

              Donna, there are no motels in Ethridge. Lawrenceburg is only 5 miles south of Ethridge and that is where all the motels are. Here is a list of them and their numbers. I would call as soon as possible as they fill up fast. Richland Inn 931-762-0061 America’s Best Choice 931-762-4467 Rhodeway Inn 931-762-4448 David Crockett 931-762-7191 The David Crockett I hope this helps you. There is camping available at David Crockett State Park 931-762-9408 and A Place of Rest Campground 931-829-4655.

        2. Pat Moore

          Auction in Etheridge

          We went last year. They had furniture, glassware, dishes, quilts, farm equipment, tools, and about anything you could ask for. Parking is by donation for the Volunteer Fire Dept, and Amish men are volunteers too. We went to a lot of the homes that had signs out with their products and produce. We spent the day there & sampled a lot of the cookies, pies, fruit that we bought. Also, they were cooking the sugar cane. They didn’t mind us watching. WE try to go at least two or three times a year. Haven’t made it this year but will probably go in the next couple of weeks. The Amish are friendly and don’t mind giving directions if you get lost. We always stop & buy a map in case their are new things out.

      2. vonda


        I was just there and it was so pretty, I never seen amish people before, they are very nice I thought they were a little mean at first but its just the way they sound. You have to go see ms Fannie she is so sweet

      3. Linda MacDonald

        Heading that way

        Hi, We are heading out that way on Saturday 27, 2012. Do they close down on Sunday’s for that is when we would be traveling thru Elthridge. If everything is closed down on Sunday then we will not bother to take that route to Mississippi.
        Thank you Linda

        1. Doug from N Alabama

          “No Sunday Sales” – you will find these signs everywhere in the Amish community, and they mean it. Sunday is for church and socializing, nothing more.

          1. Linda MacDonald

            Thank you very much for that info.

      4. Ken F. Russell

        Your October 6th 2012 Trip To Ethridge

        Hi there, Norma Burroughs…

        My name is Ken, And My 13 yearold son an I where wondering If you might be able to tell us about your trip and stuff like that..
        Thanks for taking the time to do so.. And if not, Than dont worry about it telling us about anything then. Have a great Night..!

        So how was Your TRIP too, The Settlements of The Ethridge, Tennessee Amish Country work out for you? Would you ever go back there? Would three children that are 13-12 & 10 years old enjoy Going there.. Is there any other place you could go around Ethridge you cn go to learn more about the culture and things like That? I hope your trip was well worth it..

        1. Norma Burroughs

          Hi Ken
          Thank you for asking about our trip.We enjoyed our trip to Ethridge and yes,we will be visiting again,hopefully this spring and then we will go again in October for the auction.
          Your kids are old enough to appreciate the difference between Amish kids and themselves.I think there is a lot to see there, but I am a grandmother and my interests would be miles apart from what kids the ages of yours would like,I’m sure! We love to watch an Amish man plow his fields with these huge horses…no modern tractors! I was surprised that the homes and yards are not better kept. I expected to see flower gardens and nice yards.I love to “shop” (at the homes that have signs)…for jams and jellies…candles and soap and of course the rag rugs and quilts.when we were there this past October,we found a leather shop,and hope to buy a holster when we go back…didn’t have the size with us that we needed.

          There is a welcome center on Hwy 43.The lady that owns it is Janice.She is very sweet and you can get a map there of the homes and what is sold at each home.I could browse for hours in the welcome center too…lots of things in there.From antiques,to Amish made items like Amazing walking sticks…to quilts,not Amish made I think…just have to see it for yourself!

          Ask Janice at the welcome center about getting info on the culture.I am sure she would be a wealth of info herself!

          I hope,if you decide to visit Ethridge, you and your children have a wonderful time.

      5. Cathy


        Wondering if there is any type of bulk food store run by the Amish. We have enjoyed shopping at these in Shipshewana, IN.

      6. john jaya

        need a plow horse

        I,m in need of an older horse or mule for cultivating my garden.

      7. marcella scott

        when is the auction

        We just visited there this week and would love to purchase home made pies, cakes and bread. Please emaile me so we can find some of the items mentioned in our next trip over. Would also like to purchase Love Struck products.
        Thanks and Have a God filled day

        1. Diann

          Amish Goods

          Marcella, the Amish ladies make different things everyday. It just depends on how much time they have to bake. The best way to find bread and pies and such is drive out through the community and watch for the signs. You can stop at the Amish Welcome Center and pick up a free map. Those ladies in there can give you directions to some of the farms that usually have baked goods.

      8. Fred Orange

        Ethridge, Tn. Octoberfest

        Do not forget 2nd weekend in October (Saturday)

    4. Lattice

      Do they have the auction at the same location as their produce auction, or is it somewhere else? Thanks.

      1. Norma Burroughs

        I am not sure where the produce auction is held…but this auction is about 1/2 mile behind where the welcome center is on Hwy 43.Not at all hard to find.

    5. ciara

      Im wanting to visit ethridge and purchase tack from the Amish. However i do not know where to begin. I read something that there is something going on on oct 6 2012. Can you give me advise please. Thank you

    6. Maggie Austen

      Cooking Cane

      Just returned from a drive through Ethridge, TN and saw that cane is being cooked for Sorghum. There are at least two cooking operations going on – one at Dannie U Gingerich’s place on McDowell Road and one at Chris D Gingerich’s on East Eden. Yum, this is a delicious molasses used as a sweetener and makes great cookies! It is very interesting to watch this process and worth the visit. The annual consignment auction is coming up on the 13th and that is very interesting.

      1. Doug from N Alabama

        The young guys at the saddle shop on Tom Ln told us they’d be processing theirs next week. So there are at least 3 places processing sorghum in the area.

    7. Marla Grosko

      looking for flooring

      I am trying to locate the man who makes flooring in the Ethridge area. I need a replacement plank made for an existing floor and the dimension is not available commercially.

      please contact me if you know the place I am referring to.


      1. Maggie Austen

        Flooring planks

        Hello Marla

        There are at least two hardwood flooring shops that I have seen. One is Sammy A Yoder on Three Oaks Road and the other is Jacob J Yoder on Marcella Falls Road, I don’t have box numbers. Hope this helps.

        1. Doug from N Alabama

          Jacob Yoder is installing flooring at our farm this week, I’ll be seeing him Friday or Saturday. I can drop off a message for him if you’d like.

          1. Mark

            Amish Floors

            We are needing hardwood floors. What kind did you get? Pleased? What kind og pricing? Sorry for all of the questions. We had poplar chairs made in Ethridge and loved them.

            1. Doug from N Alabama

              Jacob made our flooring out of red oak. You would need to talk to him about pricing. He does an excellent job, he was out at our place last week putting in flooring in the upstairs part of the house.

              1. Mark
              2. Everett and Cathy Vickery

                Wish to have information about hardwood flooring

                We plan on having the living room and dining room floors done with red oak hardwood. We would like information about a price estimate and how to arrange this job.

                The living room and dining room have a total area of about 515 square feet. There is an area of 110 sq feet of hardwood in our foyer that is between the living room and dining room. The 110 sq foot area would need to sanded and finished to match the new red oak hardwood in the living room and dining room.

                If someone would like to call us, our phone number is 615 – 525 – 6197 or our mailing address is 1429 Mayberry Lane, Franklin, TN. If there is someone who helps as a go-between communicator and has access to email, my email is

                Thank you for your help.

                1. Diann

                  Hardwood flooring

                  The only way to get prices for flooring is drive down to visit the Amish that make it. These are Old Order and do not use telephones. If you drive down to Ethridge just stop in the Amish Welcome Center. They will give you a map and driving directions to the fellows that make the flooring. There are 3 different ones that make flooring. I hope this helps.

    8. Pat Mor

      Amish Country Galeres

      The Amish Country Galleries is locatd at 393 Hwy43 N, Ethrige, 38456. They carry a lot of local Amish products I found Davd & Lorie Williams to be very helpful and willing to guide you to whoever can help you with what you are lookig for, If you send me an email,will be glad to send you their business number. They are no Amish but their store carries local Amish products.

    9. Susan Saban

      Amish kitchen cabinets

      Hi, I have not visited the Amish in Ethridge, TN, but am very interested in speaking with an Amish cabinet maker about cabinets for my kitchen. Does anyone know who I should contact in Ethridge? Thank you!

      1. Doug from N Alabama

        J.D. Gingerich comes highly recommended, but he’s booked up well into next year. I don’t know any of them that aren’t booked up months in advance, so I hope you’re not in a hurry.

        -Doug B

    10. Sandra Anders

      New Years Day

      I was wondering if the amish community would be selling stuff on new years day

      1. maggie austen

        New Year's Day

        As far as I know they will be open for business, it is not a relegious holiday for them.

    11. Diane Love


      Never been to Ethridge,TN but close to it to Summertown to jeep trail riding. I was wondering if they have stores where you can buy like cookbooks etc? Thanks

      1. Pat Moore

        Where to Buy Amish Cookbooks

        The Amish Country Galleries is locatd at 393 Hwy43 N, Ethrige, 38456

        I’ve bought several, both local and from PA. The recipes I’ve tried are very good. They carry a lot of things that are from local Amish vendors. Furniture, baskets, quilts, etc

    12. Christie


      Does anyone in this community make furniture. We are looking to have a wall entertainment unit made for our living room and have had no luck in finding what we like at any local furniture stores

      1. Charles in N AL

        Andy Hostetler on Buffalo Rd. He is located about 1/4 mile North of Oaks Market on the left (west side). He does custom work with just about any type of wood you want. He recently built two custom pieces for me and I am very happy.

    13. Amanda

      My husband is wanting to visit, is January a good
      Time to visit not

      1. Lattice

        Hi Amanda. Well, it’s February now – do you mean next year?

        Anyhow, you’ll miss out on the fresh produce, but they’ll still sell their jams, pickles, etc., and also soaps, furniture, all things other than fresh produce. If you go on a day that it’s dry and the ground is thawed, farmers will be turning ground for this Spring’s crops.

    14. Shari Koeper

      Somewhere to stay?

      A group of ladies are interested in visiting Ethridge in April. We are wondering if there is somewhere we can stay overnight there.


    15. Cindy

      I have been reading about the Ethridge Amish. Thinking about going this weekend (March 16). Will the tours be going on at this time?

      1. Maggie Austen

        Tours in Ethridge


        Jerry’s Wagon Tours has gone out of business, but the wagon tour which leaves from the Amish Welcome Center is still in business. If you are interested in Amish made quilts, the ladies about a mile north of the welcome center on highway 43 have them even though their building is not finished yet.

        1. KP

          I visited Ethridge last year with some ladies. We visited a welcome center on 43 and then used their map to visit the homes and shops. I am returning with my husband to show him some furniture I saw in one particular man’s furniture shop. Is there just one welcome center on 43? On the trip with my friends last year, we were just passing through on the way to Nashville and I really cannot remember the area very well. I am worried about find that certain Amish home with the furniture shop.

          1. Maggie Austen

            Welcome Center in Ethridge

            Hello KP, Sorry for the delay in answering your 3/23 post. Yes, there is just the one welcome center on Highway 43 although most of the businesses have contacts within the community to point you in the right direction. I found the ladies at the quilt shop just north of there very helpful with directing me to local workers when I stop in there. Some of the more established furniture makers may have a backlog of orders, but their offspring have shops and their work is fine as well.

        2. barbara glab

          I am looking for experienced quilter to quilt my quilts. Does anyone know someone. Would rather work with quilter directly, no middle man.

          1. Lorri Graves


            I use Amanda Gingerich. She is on Jap Lane in Ethridge and reasonably priced. She just completed a Tumbling Block quilt for me. Her cousins wife’s sister also makes them as well, and they are beautiful too. She lives on Mt. Horeb Rd. Thanks, and good luck. 🙂

            1. barbara glab


              I will write to them. Do you have a house numbers number by any chance…

            2. Diann Pollock

              Quilters in Ethridge, Tn

              Barbara, if you mail it to Amanda and just put Jap Lane Ethridge, TN 38456 on the letter she will get it. There are not very many houses on Jap Lane. If you get to come to Ethridge stop in at the Amish Welcome Center and the folks there will give you directions to Amanda’s house. There are several Amish ladies that quilt and they all do beautiful work.

              1. barbara glab

                That’s exactly what I did. Addressed to Quilt Store with just a street name. Thank you very much.

            3. Lorri Jones Graves


              55 Jap Lane
              Ethridge Tn 38456

              1. barbara glab
    16. Roberta Keene

      Bed and Breakfasts

      Planning a trip to Ethridge, can anyone recommend a good Bed & Breafast or nice motel pin the area?

      1. Norma Burroughs

        Hi Roberta,
        We visit Ethridge usually in October and always stay in Lawrenceburg a few miles south of Ethridge.Unless something has opened recently,I don’t believe there are any B&B’s near by.
        There are several motels right on Hwy 43 (Locust Ave) in Lawrenceburg.Hope you enjoy your visit!

    17. Shelia Martin


      I would like to no when the Amish auction is in Ethridge, Tennessee

      1. Norma Burroughs

        The big auction in Ethridge will be October 12.If you are planning to stay overnight,I would suggest you make reservations at one of the motels there at Lawrenceburg well ahead.We learned this the hard way! And a pair of mud boots is a good idea too!

    18. Roger....Alabama

      Ethridge visit

      My wife and I visited the Amish community today by way of horse drawn wagon tour and it was so enjoyable. It was so interesting getting a look into their way of living. The sweets, jams and bread are worth the trip. We are already planning a return trip soon. Our guide was only 19 but was so knowledgeable.

    19. john jaya

      mule or horse for sale

      Is there anyplace I could go in Etheridge to get a decent plow horse?

    20. Bernice

      Armish / Mennonites living near Clarksville Tn and surrounding Ky areas

    21. Judy Smith

      Wonderfully Blessed Visit

      I had the privilege of visiting Ethridge and the Amish community yesterday. I was amazed at the complete independence of the Amish people from the rest of “our world”. They have a wonderful life, and are blessed to be able to continue living their own special way without the interference of any government. I feel very blessed today to have had a few hours to visit there. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    22. Diann Pollock

      Fresh produce in Ethridge, Tennessee

      Greetings from Ethridge! The Amish have fresh veggies coming in. I visited last week and bought squash, cucumbers, green beans, onions, and new potatoes. Yum! Sweet corn and tomatoes should be in around the first of July. Nothing better than a home grown mater sandwich. Just stop at the Amish Welcome Center 4001 Hwy 43N Ethridge, TN 38456 for a free Amish map and driving directions. The ladies there can give you directions to get out to the farms for vegetables or furniture or anything you’re looking for. The Plowboy Produce Auction is every Mon., Wed., and Fri. at 1:00pm. It is amazing to go to the auction and see all the fresh produce and the folks that grew it.

    23. Amish in Ethridge,TN?

      I visited the Amish in Delano before,but didn’t know they were in Ethridge. How far is that from Polk Co.(Benton,TN)?I think we also went to McMinn Co.,but I’m not for sure on that.If it’s not too far(husband doesn’t want to drive that far even though he’ll drag me almost to Atlanta,GA to see his sister,almost 3 hours away,another long story!)we might go see what they have to offer.Does anyone know of any Amish/Mennonites around Claiborne Co.,towards Kentucky state line?any help would be greatly appreciated!

    24. cafe

      I visited Ethridge, TN. last year with friends. We visited a shop with a neat café in the rear. Can anyone tell me where it is located.

      There were Amish men on the outside selling baskets, walking sticks, birdhouses and other handmade items. The store had some Amish made things, but also other things in it. Back by the door that went into the café there were some beautiful quilts, made by Amish and non Amish.

      If anyone knows where this business is located, please let me know. looking forward to going back this week.

      Thanks, Sara

      1. Shari

        Amish Welcome Center

        Sara Martin – you visited the Amish Welcome Center. I love that place too! It’s located on Hwy. 43N. Here’s their website:

        ~ Shari

      2. Shari

        Amish Welcome Center

        Sara Martin – you visited the Amish Welcome Center. I love that place too! We always eat at the Red Rooster, which is attached to the Welcome Center. It’s located on Hwy. 43N. Here’s their website:

        ~ Shari

    25. Grew Up There

      I grew up in Ethridge. So weird to hear how other people see that community. I will say that we ALWAYS buy our vegetables from the Amish when things are in season. (We rarely went to their homes/shops or even to the farmer’s market, etc., to make our purchases, though, as there is always stuff for sale along any given road out there if the weather’s halfway decent.) And their furniture is beautiful, though far from inexpensive. My favorite spot is an out-of-the-way greenhouse run by some Mennonites. Most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen, and amazing prices.

    26. Maggie

      Quilts in Ethridge

      Just got back from a quick trip to pick up sweet corn and other produce. The ladies at 4111 Highway 43N in Ethridge have their shop open. Amish made (except the antique quilts and tops)traditional and nontraditional quilts, wall hangings, dolls, baskets, etc. They are about one mile north of the Brewer Road/Campbellsville Pike intersection on the main highway on the left (mile marker 28 is in their front yard). White building with a blue roof. Easy to find. Also, big sign in the auction barn reads consignment auction is October 12.

    27. Melissa


      I noticed you said cabins were available this year. Do you have any info on that like a number to call or something? Also any ideas on what prices are for pumpkins. I live in a very small town in East Texas. I was through there last year on business and noticed the Auctions and loved the whole Amish Community. I was thinking seriously about coming and buying some pumkins and bring them back to our little town and do a Pumkin patch at the Ballpark, but I need to know about how much to expect to pay for them vs how much I can resell them for here so I can at least pay for my trip there. Thank you so much.

    28. Norma Burroughs

      Really looking forward to our trip to Ethridge the 2nd week of October!
      Apologies to Diann at the Amish Welcome Center! I gave her a new name in a previous post….her name is Diann…NOT Janice! Very sweet lady,as are the other ladies there.

      We love Ethridge Tn and look forward to going every year! The auction and big yard sale from Summertown to Hoenwald is the best!

      and to Melissa…Diann posted the phone number for the campgrounds with the cabins awhile back…931-829-4655.Hope you get to go!

    29. Kristie Wilson

      Visiting Ethridge for the first time

      We live in Nashville and were wanting to travel to Ethridge for the day (about a 1 1 /2 hour drive from home) later this month. It would be my husband and our two girls, ages 14 and 11. Can anyone recommend some things to do in the area? I have always been fascinated by the Amish lifestyle and after having read many books, would love to see the culture first-hand with my family. I think it would be an awesome experience for my girls. Would it be worth it to take a “tour” or just drive around?

      I would also love to purchase some jam/jellies, chow chow, and some baked goods. Any particularly good places to eat while there?

      Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

      1. Doug Budzak

        Kristie – I think it is much better to just drive around on your own. You can pick up maps at the Welcome Center, and they do a pretty good job of listing places that have items for sale.

    30. Micah

      Hat maker

      My family and I are headed up to Ethridge in the morning (9/20/2013), where is a good hat shop to get a straw hat?

      1. Diann

        Hat Maker

        There are several ladies that make the straw hats. One is on Three Oaks Rd. and one is on Buffalo Rd.. If you need driving directions and a map just stop @ the Welcome Center. They will give you a free map and directions to find hats. I hope you have a good trip. The Amish are all busy with the harvest so you will get to see them working in the fields. This is a beautiful time of year to visit. Safe travels!

        1. Micah

          Thanks for the information, my wife and I are excited to finally get the opportunity to go. What would be some interesting things for our 4 year old to see or do and do you have any suggestions on a good place to stay around there? I looked some hotels up online and I’m not too sure about them.

    31. Micah

      Hat Maker

      My family and I are going up to ethridge in the morning and I was wondering if anyone could tell me where a hat maker was up there. I would like to get a straw hat to wear outside.

    32. wanda self

      Amish visit in the Spring?

      I have never been to the Amish community and would love to visit when the crops are being harvested. When is the best time to book a hotel or a cabin for this? I also will be visiting in the Fall when the yard sale and auction are going on. Thank you so much!
      Wanda Self

      1. Diann

        In May strawberries will be getting ripe. There will also be a few things ready in the gardens. Green onions, cabbage, yellow squash and such. Tomatoes and sweet corn start getting ripe around the 4th of July. The big consignment sale and the Octoberfest yard sales will be the second weekend in October. In April there is Mule Day up in Columbia, TN and there will be lots of yard sales that weekend too. Molasses and pumpkins and gourds will be ready in Sept. Right now they are getting the greenhouses ready to start planting seedlings. Just a couple of more months until we start having some warm days. Plowboy Produce auction starts around the 15th of April. So any time is a good time to visit. Happy New Year!




      NEWNAN,GEORGIA 30263-1417

    34. Donna Pickering

      Re: Ethridge Amish Furniture Shop

      Do you happen to have the address to the Amish Furniture Shop in Ethridge? I recently had new appliances put in but couldn’t afford new cabinets. The cooktop that was installed is deeper than the old one and now the two drawers that were underneath no longer fit. I’ve been trying to find someone who could remake the drawers for me but no one will do such a small job. I’d like to see if the Amish would do it for me . . . I’m even willing to drive the long distance to get it done. Any help would be appreciated, but I’d like to write them a letter before driving all the way out there. Thank you so much!

    35. Elaine

      need info

      My husband and I are traveling to visit your commuity and would like to know when the auction is held in Oct. we have read about or any other activities that would be a good time to visit. that you so much. We are from Alabama and it will take us about 4 hrs to get there.

      1. Diann

        Plowboy Produce Auction has the large consignment sale this year on Saturday, October 11. It will start at 9am. They have the produce auctions every Mon., Wed., and Fri. at 1pm. All the Amish fresh vegetables are in now also. Corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, cabbage, onions, green beans and more. The Amish will sale their goods on the 4th of July. There are over 200 Amish families and most have things to sale. I think it would be worth your drive to come and visit. The Amish Welcome Center always have the maps FREE. They can also give you directions if you need them.

        1. Dan

          what about the carriage rides

          I have a little girl who is dying to come to Ethridge for all the festivities… do they have carriage rides in October too?

    36. Efie

      Need help on directions to amish community in ethridge tn

      Hello can someone tell me directions to the
      Amish community in Ethridge tn.
      I really want to go to visit their community
      This saterday.

      1. Diann Pollock

        directions to Ethridge

        Efie, where will you be coming from? I can give you directions. The address for the Amish Welcome Center is 4001 hwy 43N Ethridge, TN 38456. They will give you a free map of the area and directions to find anything that you might be looking for. I will be glad to help you, just let me know which direction you’ll be coming in from.

    37. Lowell Humphres

      where can I buy canned homemade vegetable soup? Several years ago I bought it from an Amnish lady, but she got married and moved.

    38. Ethridgebound

      I can’t get any google street views of Ethridge except for 43 and Buffalo Road. Anybody selling a house close to the road with good Amish views? I know it’s silly, but you move to Florida to get ocean views and you move to Ethridge to get Amish views 🙂 I am moving to Ethridge soon, really love it there!

      1. Linda

        Ethridge Amish property auction

        Ethridgebound, you may want to look at:

      2. Diann pollock

        Homes for sale in Ethridge

        There are several homes right here in the heart of Amish country for sale. There’s one on Indiana ave, it has an Amish home right next door. One on West Edan with Amish neighbors. I saw another on Marcella Falls Rd, it has Amish just down the road. You may be able to look them up using the road names. Hope this helps

      3. Linda

        Hotpads in Ethridge, TN

        Hotpads lists houses for sale in Ethridge. On the map you can zoom in or out for larger areas. Some properties show photos for a virtual tour.,&pricingFrequency=once&propertyTypes=house,divided,condo,townhouse,medium,large,garden,&dupeGrouping=building

        1. Linda

          A satellite view on would show you how close a house is to the road.
          On Rea Branch Rd., an Amish property is listed for sale.

          Zillow also shows properties for sale:

      4. olivesmum

        Can’t beat this one on Henryville Road:

        It’s on the corner of Henryville and Staggs, and the Amish go back and forth all day long. Living area has big picture windows with close up views, a long porch with Amish-made rocking chairs, and you can even sit on your throne in the bathroom and watch the Amish go by. The children are so much fun to watch! October is really fun because you can watch wagons loaded down with pumpkins go by. Weather is so pretty right now.

    39. Gaylon Harden

      Ethridge Visit

      We just got back from our first visit to Ethridge,Tn. our Amish friend and beltmaker just moved back to Ethridge from KY. so we had to pay him a visit to see his new place and we got to visit a lot of the other Amish folks in the area and they all are very nice people.Also got to stock up on a lot of jams and other canned goods as well as a new rocker and I must say all the prices are very fair.They will have a ton of produce to sell as they have had a lot of rain and the gardens all look great,We are planning a trip next year so if you have never been to Ethridge you need to go.

    40. Marie

      Looking for Home close to the Amish

      I am looking for a home near the Amish area 3/2 bedroom 1.5 bath. Don’t want a real big yard but would like a storage shed, fence yard. We visit last week and came home decide we had enough of the fast pace life on the MS Gulf Coast. We love it there. Oh need a church to go to for sure perfer Catholic. Coming back up there next week.

    41. dp

      i am looking for home in ethridge – need barn and fenced yard – would like to be able to walk or bike to amish farms

    42. Diann Pollock

      Fresh produce

      The Amish are beginning to have fresh produce. Strawberries, green onions, asparagus, lettuce, English peas, cabbage just to name a few things. Plowboy Produce Auction is up and running. The auction is every Mon., Wed., and Fri. @ 1pm. There’s nothing like farm fresh veggies.

    43. Cecelia Owens

      J D Gringrich

      I’ve seen you mention J D and recommend him before in your posts, so wanted to give you a heads up. We spoke to his son yesterday (the one that he had gone into business with). He had just finished moving his thongs and has moved to a community east of Asheville,NC. Do you know anything about this community? Seems like I’ve seen something in the past. He is not the first we’ve come across to leave because the community has grown so. Thank you so much for all the information you give. I’ve only been to Lancaster and Ethridge —definitely two different ends of the spectrum!!

    44. E Hargis

      Will attractions be open and schedules run normally during Thanksgiving week?

    45. tammy kinzer


      can you tell me if any of the amish are selling October beans now? and do you know the price? thanks

    46. Warren Hartman

      When are Ethridge blueberries ready for sale?

      The harvesting season for blueberries is short.
      What is the best specific time of year to buy blueberries in Ethridge?

      Thank you