10 Lancaster County Amish Photos

I’m no pro when it comes to photos. In fact, I’m a big believer in the volume school of photography.  Maybe you know it? It’s only become possible thanks to digital cameras.

amish parking

Volume school photographers know that the more photos you take, the higher the chances a few will come out alright. So I try to snap a bunch. Of course, it helps if you have something nice to shoot, and Lancaster County is one of the most picturesque places there is.

lancaster county farms

So here are 10 of the least-bad shots I took on a windswept morning in Lancaster County. Which do you think came out best?  I have a couple favorites, but won’t say which just yet. Lancaster locals, or people familiar with the County may even recognize a few of these places.

lancaster rumspringa buggy

amish laundry

lancaster county field

lancaster amish drive thru

lancaster county amish woman

amish school lancaster county

lancaster county raw milk

lancaster county buggy

If you’re curious: a bit about Amish attitudes to photography. And a few more photo collections:

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    1. I don’t know if there is a way to link to facebook pictures here, but I just posted a couple on the Amish America facebook page. One of them may be the root beer sign already mentioned in this thread. The other was an interesting “no parking” sign that came to my mind when I saw your “parking” sign.

      My husband and I made a trip to Lancaster County in June of 2010, fulfilling a long-time dream of mine, and we both loved it. We hope to get the chance to go back again sometime.

      And we believe in the volume theory of photography too. Came back with lots of shots — some of them pretty good, and some not so much.

    2. Barbara Libengood

      Amish School

      Is the Amish school on the corner of Hollow Rd? I taught there in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Someone turned the road sign on West View Dr and Old Philly Pike! The carriage is heading west on the Old Philly Pike. I also taught in the school right past that intersection. My favorite photos are the clothes blowing on the line and the carriage at the drive thru bank!
      Thanks for a photo trip to our old home.

    3. Julia Joseph

      10 views of Lancaster County

      Love them all but the one going thru the bank line was adorable. Hey there are some things that are easier than getting out of our buggies/cars.

    4. Sharon

      Love the pictures! We had the privilege of being in Lancaster Co a few years ago. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.