Did you know that Amish have light switches in their homes?

Neither did I.

Well, I should say some Amish do have switches that don’t turn anything on.  For instance, when they buy a home that was previously English-owned, then tear out the electricity, as they’d be expected to do.  The wall switches remain.

Not those.  I mean a light switch that actually brings light when you flick it.

It turns out they do, as one Amish friend informed me this past week.

First off, an Amish light.  This is what one looks like up close:

amish gas light

In the center of the glass, there is a mesh-like mantle.  Also, it’s hard to see, but there is a knob that regulates the gas on the left.

And this is what an Amish light switch looks like.  It’s the bit hanging down on the left:

amish light gas

The close-up:

amish lighter

And with just one flick…

amish light switch erik

…the lights go on.  Voila:

amish light

So easy, even an English guy like myself can do it:

amish light erik

The Amish light switch:  another in a long line of groundbreaking Amish inventions.

AND: read more on Amish lighting.

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