Following up 10 views of Lancaster County, here are 10 photos from another Pennsylvania Amish settlement.

Big Valley, officially known as Kishacoquillas Valley, is home to the second-largest Amish community in Pennsylvania.

Big Valley is located in Mifflin County in central PA.  Here you’ll find three distinct Amish groups–Nebraska Amish (white-top buggies), Renno Amish (black top) and Byler Amish (yellow).

The valley is truly a beautiful place, as you can see by these shots taken just a few weeks ago.

I was lucky to have a lovely sunny day for the most part.  The snow began melting towards the end of the day.

These photos are mainly of Nebraska Amish, but there are a couple that aren’t:

nebraska amish porch big valley


big valley amish shocks


big valley amish milk


amish house big valley pa


amish boy mifflin county pa


amish laundry big valley


big valley nebraska amish buggy fence


amish mother daughter big valley


amish barn mifflin county


big valley nebraska amish buggy More Big Valley-related posts:

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