An A.M. ride through Holmes County

Here are a few photos from a recent trip through Holmes County.

I’ll actually be returning to HC this weekend so thought this might be timely.

No particular theme here, just some beautiful views from one morning’s jaunt through the countryside!

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    1. Very nice. That looks like the result of a bicycle trip more than one by motor vehicle. Or did you really stop and park your machine that many times?

    2. That was a vehicle. Just helped by numerous stops and many slow and deserted roads, as they tend to be in that part of the county.

    3. lisa

      Love the new pictures. Keep ’em coming.

    4. Pretty pretty. I love the one with the wash hanging out.

    5. Mary E

      Looks like we’re a few weeks ahead up here in Maine as far as tree leafing out, etc. Strange!

    6. Linda

      I just love thuis website. Can you tell me if there is any way I couod get you to send me some photos . We were in HC last June for the first, took some pictures but making an album and sure would love more. Such beautiful country and people. Thanks

    7. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us that can only be there in spirit or through websites like yours. I had only a few hours in Holmes County a few years ago and fell in love with the place. We have some Amish and Mennonite communities in Ontario Canada, but nothing like the ones in the US.

    8. Glad you like the photos! I’ll have a “P.M. series” coming soon.

    9. Hi Mary I should say that by “recent”, these were taken about 2.5-3 weeks ago…so you may have to factor that in. If I recall, Holmes County seemed to be a little bit ahead of Lancaster County, as I was there at about the same time.

    10. Linda why don’t you send me an email on that and we’ll see what we can do.

    11. Robin Wyatt

      I loved the pictures. One of these days I will make to either Holmes County or Lancaster County or maybe both. I love the Amish and Mennonites. I have a question, are all of there homes 2 story?

    12. Hi Robin, thanks! I would say that most are. A younger family or an older couple might live in a one-story home but for most the large family size means 2 story homes.

    13. Linda

      Hi you mentioned for me to send you an e-mail re pictures. But not sure I have your correct e-mail address. Thanks

    14. No worries Linda I will send you one. And if you ever need it my contact info is under the About/Email me link. Cheers

    15. Rick

      Linda & anyone:
      The following link (not my page) has a ton of Ohio Amish pix – quality stuff that you can cheaply order prints from if desired or spend hours enjoying.

    16. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I think the very best of Erik’s own photographs from this blog should be made into a coffee table book about the Amish. You could simply call it “Amish America” with some lyrical subtitle explaining further the subject matter. Would make an interesting and nice follow up to Success Made Simple.

    17. Ann Whitaker

      Erik, thanks for rekindling my memories of Holmes County! I long to go back. Love Slightly-handled-Order-man’s suggestion of a “coffee table book.” Best to you!

    18. Slightly-handled sounds a lot better than worn-out or pre-owned. Love the handle, and thanks for the idea here. Will keep it in mind though I feel there are others, some of whom have contributed photos to AA, much more qualified than me!

    19. Thank you Ann. I am looking forward to this weekend. Just a short trip but will be doing a book signing and looking forward to meeting the authors of Amish Paradox, a new book on the Holmes County settlement, who will also be there. Will be sure to take a pile of photos as well.

    20. Always enjoy the homey feeling and trying to guess where they were shot from. #3 is from SR643, shooting across the meadows to TR 182, just about 1/2 mile west of TR144. 🙂
      #7 is CR600 and TR184. (Of course the little “184” sign helps!) Mike

    21. Faye

      Love the pictures! Makes me “homesick” to go back. We have some very good Mennonite friends and they shared HC with us. Such fun! Thanks!

    22. Thank you Faye, more of these to come!

    23. Barbara Landsberg

      Really love your site. We are fortunate to have many Amish families here in the Mohawk Valley now. They are a wonderful addition to this area! I think they make our “modern” farmers jealous for all they do to restore old unused farms without all the modern equipment. People nowadays forget what hard, honest labor is about!, as well as close family units!!

    24. Christina

      Just found myself coming back to view these pictures again. They convey such a sense of peace to me. Thank you for posting them!

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    27. Marilyn

      I love these pictures, Erik. I just finished your book, Success Made Simple. I really enjoyed it. Are you going to be writing more?

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    30. Sharon

      Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing them. A coffee table book with the pictures (and titled Amish America) would be wonderful.