A P.M. ride through Holmes County

After an A.M. ride through Holmes County last week, thought I’d share the second half of the day.

These photos are from my visit in late April.  I just got back from a second trip to Holmes County and a few other Ohio Amish settlements.  Will be sharing more in the coming days and weeks.

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Hope you enjoy the views!

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    1. Marilyn

      Thanks for your posting…I highly value my subscription to this site!

    2. Love the pics – it makes me wish I was there right now. 🙂

    3. Stunning photos! I love them all 🙂

    4. Heather H :) :) :)

      The photos are absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind living in a place like this 🙂 🙂

    5. Glad you’re enjoying the photos! My favorite of this batch is probably the sixth one down, or maybe the last one.

    6. Ah, you got me this time. Can’t say where they were taken at, although the barn with the “y” downspouts haunts me a bit. But how many red barns are there in Holmes County? 🙂
      I was thinking maybe you could post a few pictures and whoever could locate the greatest number of them would get a free copy of your book. Just make sure you do it in the Charm area! 🙂 Mike

    7. Mike–good question, you are right, red barns=dime a dozen. And–thanks for the idea, will keep it in mind 😉

    8. Mary

      A P.M. Ride through Holmes County

      Thanks for these wonderful pictures. My husband and I spent a month last November (2010) in Holmes County among the Amish. By God’s awesome grace, we truly were WITH the Amish, in their homes and at their tables. I will NEVER forget the experience, and I love these people dearly. Your pictures warm my heart with memories of a time that is forever engraved in my mind.

    9. Holmes County in spring

      Mary I am glad to hear it. I was lucky to be there at a beautiful season of the year. Holmes County is one of my favorite Amish communities to visit.