Inside A Colorado Amish “Mini-Ranch” Home (22 Photos)

Something unusual today. I managed to find a listing for an Amish home in Colorado (not currently for sale). This won’t remind you much of other homes we’ve seen (at least not on the outside). This is the Westcliffe community in Custer County.

Not a lot of Amish in the Centennial State – only five settlements, most just one church in size. With few other Amish people around and generally being remote from Amish population centers, that lowers the pool of potential buyers from your own community. So listing online to a wider market makes sense.

Additionally, Western Amish churches tend towards being more materially progressive. This might make a sale to an English buyer more likely (since the home will be closer in some ways to English styles and standards). To take two examples of this, see this very plain no-plumbing home in Missouri, vs. a more progressive home in Kentucky, which more closely resembles an English abode.

This Colorado home has the feel of a ranch. Indeed it’s described as a “mini-ranch” in the listing. And how about that absolutely spectacular view. That had to play a part in drawing Amish to this part of the country.

Inside, you can see that this is a more progressive church by things like the lighting and general decor.

How about gazing out those windows while munching your morning Cheerios.

Not to harp on it too much, but the view through those windows is unreal. Looks more like two paintings flanking a classic grandfather clock.

Clearly a hunter’s home.

Antlers even find their way into the bathroom decor.

The home has 4 bedrooms.

Someone’s office/library.

Sewing room.

A complicated looking battery/inverter power setup. This is what powers the light bulbs you see in this more progressive Amish home.

A more traditional sign of Amishness.

As we saw in the one photo up top, someone at this place does boot repair.

Looks like they handle saddles and other leatherwork as well.

Back to that view.

The Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Rustic-looking shed. Is that an antelope skull attached to it? Again, not typical “Amish” sights here.

But we do spot one horse-drawn vehicle.

This home has 4 bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms, and is 2560 square feet in size, on nearly 40 acres of land. The price?

It was last listed in 2018 at $360,000, but is now estimated at $242,000, according to

The home, as mentioned, is off the market. Was it ever sold? Hard to say. The location is remote, but if you are drawn to places like this, what an attractive spot to land.

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    1. J.O.B.

      Yes. Unreal.

      Wow! Don’t need to say anything more.

      1. Reader

        More of a modern-day Pioneer home than an Amish home. What is the average yearly rainfall for newly planted fruit trees or vineyard?

        1. Here’s what I found for the county. Less than half the US average:

          17 inches
          Custer County, Colorado gets 17 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Custer County averages 86 inches of snow per year.

    2. Judy Pasqualone

      Gorgeous Ranch

      This is beautiful. The ranch house is great and love that rich blue color in that hallway. Looks like a very prosperous business going on too. Beautiful country.

      1. Having grown up in rather wooded country (central NC), I think it would take me something to get used to that big sense of space. I can see how that might be appealing or might feel “empty”. I have only been to Western states on a couple occasions, so just going by what I have experienced and can suppose. Despite that it looks fantastic. I wonder what motivated this family’s desire to move.

        1. Jon8

          Based on the drastic drop from the 2018 listing to the current estimated value, my guess would be The Great Recession was involved.

    3. Sheelagh

      Amish Living

      Hi Erik
      I have found your site very helpful in researching about the Amish community. I am a writer located in the UK and have developed a story for my next novel based within a fictional Amish community. (No it is not a thriller/detective story or a romance). What I am trying to do before I go ahead and write the novel itself is to find someone who knows about the community to read the plot outline and check it for flaws (and I am sure there will be some :).

      if you can make any suggestions that would be very helpful as I want to get it right and be fair to everyone.

    4. Susan Bruss

      Amish Home Builders Near Colorado Springs or Boulder


      I found your site and I am looking for a home builder to take a whole house remodel in Boulder Colorado. I have worked with the Amish before and found their work to be very good. Do you know of any builders that are within a 2 hour drive of Boulder Colorado?