This Amish home is in the Crab Orchard, Kentucky community. One with more progressive notes but very cozy inside. Let’s have a look.

Living room. Rustic cabin feel.

That’s a serious-looking safe. Another thing I notice here is the hickory rocker. It’s something you’ll see in both plain and more materially-progressive homes. The plainer homes won’t have the stuffed furniture and recliners like this one though.

Kitchen with a digital clock over the sink.

This looks like some sort of battery light in the ceiling fixture.

This home doesn’t feel huge but it does have a homey feel to it. It’s just 1,156 square feet.

Roll-top desk always adds a nice touch.

Pantry with an opening for an electric light in the ceiling.

The description via Zillow:

Weekend get-a-way about a mile from Cedar Creek Lake. Amish built home – built to last. Plenty of room to store all of the big boy toys in the barn/garage plus room for the horses on the other end of the barn. Cozy 2 bedroom home with open kitchen/living room.

16 acres total with a small creek across the back of the property. Plenty of woods for trails and open fields for the horses or cattle. Home is wired for electricity but it has not been used; the owner used propane gas appliances and wood burning stove.

They are promoting this property as a “weekend get-a-way” I guess on a part of its small size.



Wash room.

That’s a Crystal Cold brand refrigerator or freezer. They make propane and natural gas refrigerators popular with Amish.

Back outside.

Backyard view with what looks like a little herb garden.

Boating and fishing are popular with many Amish. We can assume lakes or ponds are within buggying distance of this place.

This property sits on 16 acres. I’d imagine this Amish family has maybe started to outgrow it. Seems like a really nice little spot. What is the price?

This property is not available at a cost of $245,000. It’s listed by Ken Snyder of Ken Snyder Realty.

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