If you passed this home on the road, would you immediately know it was Amish?

Some Amish homes don’t look traditionally “Amish,” but are built in styles more reminiscent of English (non-Amish) country homes.

But if you stepped inside, you would definitely spot some Amish accents:

You can pick up on some characteristic cues looking through photos of this Kentucky home, located in the Munfordville settlement, the state’s largest.

This home was listed for sale – it looks like back in 2016 – on Zillow.

Let’s start with the kitchen:

Leftover spaghetti lunch?

Here are the bedrooms:

A young man’s room:

A Kentucky Wildcats fan lives here.

There are no photos of the bathroom.

Let’s go down in the basement. The canning corner.

I can’t quite make out what they’ve been canning, maybe you can:

And a traditional heating stove.

Here’s the entrance to the basement from outside:

There are a few elements you might be surprised to see. How about a weight room?

Here’s the sun room:

Here’s what that looks like from outside:

How about some more views from the exterior. On the front porch:



Family fire pit.


Pretty spacious inside.

You can see that overall this home has a less plain and more modern look for an Amish home – especially compared to places like this, or even this classic farmhouse.

This home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is 2,560 square feet in size, on a 5-acre lot. It was listed at $169,500. It is now off the market.

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Amish Cheese

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