Unfortunately harassing the Amish happens often enough that it even goes by a few colorful terms such as “Amo-bashing”.  It can range from petty vandalism to verbal abuse to even assault.

A pair of recent incidents go a step further into felony criminal territory.  Two Amish couples in Geauga County, Ohio were held up a week ago in separate incidents on the same road.

The robbers probably thought the Amish would be easy targets.  And in a way they were right, since Amish aren’t going to be packing deadly weapons nor will they be inclined to fight back.

The downside to robbing the Amish is that you’re not going to come away with a lot of costly jewelry or drive off in an expensive set of wheels.  For their efforts these guys made off with a pack of cigarettes and one wallet.  Hope it was worth it guys.

They may have imagined the aloof Amish would remain quiet about the crimes.  But the idea that Amish aren’t going to report crimes is not necessarily true.  

As one of the Amish victim’s fathers says in the video below: “If they think the Amish people won’t report it and press charges, they’re wrong, because we will. They need to go to prison, and that’s what the government is here for, they’re ordained from God to prosecute the people who do wrong.”

I have to admit, I liked hearing something like indignation in his voice. Or at least sympathized with it. We may be non-resistant, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it from you.

Another thing: Amish may seem an easy mark, but it seems rather unwise to target them–especially if you are local.  News of this event had to be all over the community within 24 hours.  

I don’t know how accurate the sketch in the video is (these things always seem suspect to me, but I guess they’re the best you can do when you’re talking about a robbery in darkness), but you can bet that hundreds of pairs of Amish eyes will be on the lookout, not to mention the non-Amish ones (video removed).

The incidents occurred around 11 pm last Sunday (June 17) on Patch Road in Parkman. The couples were both walking on the road at the time (it sounds like they were probably both dating-age couples).  As of this posting, there is no news that the robbers have been found.  The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office phone number is (440) 279-2063.


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