Stop in for a drink


One of hundreds of Amish businesses in Lancaster County.

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    1. Dave Carrig

      That home made Amish rootbeer is some pretty horrible stuff….

    2. I haven’t tried it yet..! I was tempted already but did not have the guts. This is the week. I will have to weigh in on it.

      The zucchini bread, on the other hand…if I had to choose a desert-island food…

    3. Rose

      Wonderful photo. I often pass this sign on my way to The Country Gift and Thrift Shoppe in White Horse. (The thrift shop is a Mennonite Central Committee Re-Uzit Shop). I find that the root beer is very sweet.

    4. Do Amish welcome outsiders to their businesses?

      Rose this sign and others like it always intrigued me–these Amish have decided to ‘throw open their doors’ in a sense on one of the most heavily traveled roads in the county. It seems a very ‘un-Amish’ thing to do.

      It’s the reality that the Amish have had to rely more on home enterprise, but it seems there are varying degrees to which given families are willing to accept outside contact.

      In any case this family must really be ‘people people’!