Mary Brandenburg shares photos of a basement and washing machine from an Ohio Old Order Amish home.

old order amish home

Basements in Amish homes typically have cinder block walls and cement floors.  You’ll have a sink and an area to process food.  You’ll also have a stove of some sort piping heat throughout the house in winter.

Card tables for summer lunches and games like ping pong are common.  You may have an old couch or two for naps.  Canned goods line the walls of many Amish basements.

amish basement card table

They’re typically spacious, airy and uncluttered.  Rather than being used primarily as storage, as many non-Amish basements are, the Amish basement is a frequently visited and occupied space.

In some Amish homes church is held in the basement.  Some families spend a lot of time in them, especially during scorching weather like we’ve been having lately.  Children play in them.

The basement is also the usual place for doing laundry.

amish washing machine

Read more on how Amish women wash clothes.

And for more on basements, try this piece from a couple years ago: Basements in Amish homes.

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