From Amish Society, Fourth Edition:

‘…there are many myths about Amish foods.  There is the legend of “seven sweets and seven sours” on Amish tables.  The only place I have ever eaten seven sweets and sours is in a tourist hotel.  The tourist industry has done well in capitalizing on myths, judging by the number of restaurants that cater to “Amish” foods.  Advertised items such as “Amish soda,” “Amish highball,” or some kinds of pastries are obviously an outsider’s capitalization on the tourists’ determination to find something distinctively Amish.  Over fifty “Dutch” restaurants have emerged in some Amish localities.  Mennonite or former Amish persons serve as cooks in these kitchens.  Most outsiders are not able to distinguish between restaurants that serve “real” Amish dishes as opposed to “fake” ones.’

Amish highball?!

I say go straight to the source.

I’ve had the good fortune to share meals with Amish friends a number of times.  Last time was in Ohio at Johnnie and Kathryn’s.  On finishing, I told Kathryn, in all sincerity, that what I just ate qualified for meal of the year.

(Except for every one of yours, Mom, of course!  Especially the spaghetti.  Uhh, I may land in hot water for this one.)

Bonus: More food!  Sunday snitz pie, Amish ketchup and other condiments, and ‘haystacks’.

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