The Young Center have released their 2018 Amish population numbers.

In 2018, Amish are found in 31 states, four Canadian provinces, and two countries in South America.

amish population sizeYou can find the full tables here, an overview of the 2018 population, and a list of the 12 largest settlements.

Manitoba is the only new addition this year as far as new states/provinces/countries.

Five things of note:

  1. Amish today live in 549 separate locations (settlements). Ohio has the most settlements, with 62.
  2. Pennsylvania and Ohio are as usual the two states with the largest total Amish populations, in the neighborhood of 75,000 each.
  3. The South American communities are in Bolivia and Argentina. In this unusual example of Amish outside North America, New Order Amish established the two settlements in 2015, with most members of an Old Colony Mennonite background.
  4. Over the past year, 21 new settlements were formed, two went extinct, and interestingly, two were “reconfigured” into a single settlement. This means a net gain of 18 settlements in the past year.
  5. Since the early 1990s, the Amish population has increased by over 200,000, reflecting the traditionally rapid growth of this group. You can see a comparison of the numbers in 1992 and 2018 here.

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