If you’re near Hicksville, Ohio, tomorrow, you might want to drop in on the Defiance County fair for one of America’s rarest sporting events:

amish races hicksville ohio

I picked this flyer up at the Topeka auction house here in Indiana.  I found the terms of the race pretty interesting–“a limit of five horses per race”;  “all drivers must wear a helmet”;  “any type of cart or buggy may be used except race sulkies”.

I assume this is aimed at young bucks and won’t see too many married men, but who knows (Amish in Kansas also participate in buggy races; check out the photo at the link).  They run the Hicksville race for a half-mile, and the winner of each race gets “a halter and lead chain”.

As it happens Topeka holds annual July 4th “buggy pull” races.  If you missed it I posted a video here: Topeka buggy race.

topeka indiana auction

Buggies pack the parking lot outside the Topeka, IN auction

Topeka reminds me in many ways of Mount Hope, Ohio: an “Amish town”, with relatively few tourists but a lot of buggy traffic, numerous Amish homes in and around the town, and a bustling auction house.

topeka auction restaurant

The Topeka auction house restaurant

I also visited Hicksville, Ohio a few days back.  My impression of this community had been formed by Hicksville Amish I’d met in other settlements (mainly ones who’d moved to the Elkhart-Lagrange settlement).

Based on these meetings I’ve always thought of Hicksville as very friendly folks.  Okay, it was a pretty small sample size of just a couple families, but my visit to Hicksville supported this notion.  I’ll have more on Hicksville in an upcoming post.

hicksville ohio amish

A perfect day for laundry in the Hicksville, OH Amish community

Today I am returning to the Nappanee and Wakarusa area to both the Amish and Old Order Mennonite settlements. Then it’s on the road again, back to Ohio.

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