It’s been awhile since we’ve had a nice photo post. Today reader Frank Trestka shares a set of shots from visits to Holmes County, Ohio.

So enjoy some beautiful summer views of one of my favorite Amish communities.

These were taken in June. I’ve added my own comments along with a couple of anecdotes from Frank.

This might be my favorite shot of the bunch (well this one, or perhaps one a bit further down):

With the heat the way it’s been lately, I would take a dip in this lake.

I included Holmes County on my list of friendliest Amish settlements. Frank shares an illustrative anecdote from a visit to the Farm at Walnut Creek:

Quick funny story, our “guide” at the farm was a very funny Amish man named “Levi.” He was intrigued by my profession in law enforcement and asked a lot of questions about “high speed chases.” I still chuckle 6 months later thinking about it. Best part is that when we told him we were moving to the area..he said it was a very “special place” and a great move for our family. He actually gave us his phone number and told us he would help us pick out our goats and sheep (pets) when we were settled and go the auction with us!! Of course he told us to leave a message in the phone shanty 🙂

In the photo below you can see what looks like a flag sticking up from the parked vehicle. This is something you see in this community as a means of standing out on the roads. It’s a particularly good idea in Holmes County as it is known for its hilly terrain.

The word “idyllic” was meant for views like this:

Frank also includes several shots from a wintertime visit:

You can tell by the buggy and architecture that this is a plainer Amish church (Swartzentruber group).

I know December is some time away, but Frank brings to our attention what sounds like a remarkable event:

If you haven’t been to the area before Christmas to visit the Walnut Creek event, I hope you consider it. I think what was most amazing is that the “Journey to Bethlehem” event caters to “English” folks, but is put on by HUNDREDS of Amish volunteers.

It was truly humbling driving the roads before the events and watching groups of dozens of teenager Amish children lighting thousands of candles along the roadway to document the journey. On top of that, the actual Farm at Walnut Creek has thousands of people attend the play that features Jesus birth. A large Amish choir also performs.

There are free refreshments, wagon rides, marshmallow roasts, and hot chocolate for everyone. It was UNBELIEVABLE that there is no charge for this. And to say it was a great event for children in an understatement. Most importantly, the event is an amazing way for children (and parents) to learn about Jesus and the remarkable journey.

If you’d like to see more of Frank’s Holmes County photos from the chilly season, here are 14 more.

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