Amish Farms of Holmes County (18 Photos)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a nice photo post. Today reader Frank Trestka shares a set of shots from visits to Holmes County, Ohio.

So enjoy some beautiful summer views of one of my favorite Amish communities.

These were taken in June. I’ve added my own comments along with a couple of anecdotes from Frank.

This might be my favorite shot of the bunch (well this one, or perhaps one a bit further down):

With the heat the way it’s been lately, I would take a dip in this lake.

I included Holmes County on my list of friendliest Amish settlements. Frank shares an illustrative anecdote from a visit to the Farm at Walnut Creek:

Quick funny story, our “guide” at the farm was a very funny Amish man named “Levi.” He was intrigued by my profession in law enforcement and asked a lot of questions about “high speed chases.” I still chuckle 6 months later thinking about it. Best part is that when we told him we were moving to the area..he said it was a very “special place” and a great move for our family. He actually gave us his phone number and told us he would help us pick out our goats and sheep (pets) when we were settled and go the auction with us!! Of course he told us to leave a message in the phone shanty 🙂

In the photo below you can see what looks like a flag sticking up from the parked vehicle. This is something you see in this community as a means of standing out on the roads. It’s a particularly good idea in Holmes County as it is known for its hilly terrain.

The word “idyllic” was meant for views like this:

Frank also includes several shots from a wintertime visit:

You can tell by the buggy and architecture that this is a plainer Amish church (Swartzentruber group).

I know December is some time away, but Frank brings to our attention what sounds like a remarkable event:

If you haven’t been to the area before Christmas to visit the Walnut Creek event, I hope you consider it. I think what was most amazing is that the “Journey to Bethlehem” event caters to “English” folks, but is put on by HUNDREDS of Amish volunteers.

It was truly humbling driving the roads before the events and watching groups of dozens of teenager Amish children lighting thousands of candles along the roadway to document the journey. On top of that, the actual Farm at Walnut Creek has thousands of people attend the play that features Jesus birth. A large Amish choir also performs.

There are free refreshments, wagon rides, marshmallow roasts, and hot chocolate for everyone. It was UNBELIEVABLE that there is no charge for this. And to say it was a great event for children in an understatement. Most importantly, the event is an amazing way for children (and parents) to learn about Jesus and the remarkable journey.

If you’d like to see more of Frank’s Holmes County photos from the chilly season, here are 14 more.

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    1. Harriet

      Amish farms of Holmes County

      ‘Beautiful pictures of one of my most favorite places on Earth!!! Thank-you for showing them to us.

      1. My pleasure Harriet, and credit goes to Frank!

      2. Sherry Kross

        Love Homes County

        Makes me sad to see these pics, even though they’re beautiful, but we moved from Ohio 5 1/2 yrs ago to Florida which means we can’t go there anymore! We spent our Honeymoon there 21 yrs ago in Sugar Creek at The Charlise Inn! Was such a special place to spend it! Sure do miss going there, was always a beautiful time!

    2. Kevin

      Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

    3. Al in Ky

      I am going to Holmes/Wayne Counties next weekend so enjoyed this “preview” to my visit. I especially was interested in the pictures of the Swartzentruber farmsteads. I have never visited in the Swartz. settlement in Wayne County, so am looking forward to visiting there as well as in Holmes County.

      1. Al following up Rebecca’s comment below, here are some photos of Swarztentruber farms in the Wayne/Holmes Co. area, albeit taken in winter:

        Enjoy your visit!

    4. Alice Mary


      Wish I could teleport myself into that photo of the stream meandering through the fields & trees…SO relaxing just envisioning it!

      Thank you SO much for the beautiful photos, and for the “Journey to Bethlehem” tip! 🙂

      Alice Mary

      1. Yep, that stream photo was my second favorite. I feel like I’ve passed that view or one quite like it on several occasions.

    5. Debbie H

      One of my favorite places in Ohio is Holmes county. I visit my sister in Ohio at the end of Summer every year and we spend a day just driving through the area and stopping when we see something interesting. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    6. Liz Detrich

      Wonderful pictures!

      This reminds me of my Uncle’s farm in upstate NY, it brings back such pleasant memories! 🙂

    7. Amish girl-Rebecca

      Nice photos, I recognize quite a few. To the comment about visiting the Swartz. settlement in Wayne Co. – It’s not actually a separate settlement, they’re mixed in with the other Amish in the area, Old-Orders, New-Orders, etc. Look for darker red barns and dirt driveways. The farmsteads overall have a plainer appearance. Happy visiting!

      1. Al in Ky

        Thanks, Rebecca and Erik for your comments and for the link to the pictures of Swartz. Amish in Holmes/Wayne Cos. I’ll be interested in observing differences/similarities between the Holmes/Wayne Counties Swartz. farmsteads and the ones I’ve visited many times in southern Indiana. In So. Indiana, many of the Swartz. farmsteads I’ve visited have very nice gravel driveways, so it seems like that is one difference already.

    8. Judith

      Postcard perfect pictures. So beautiful. The grass is always greener on the other side – for real there.

    9. marie b


      there isn’t a place on earth that gives me more peace. from its beauty to the serenity that this area offers. As I look at the photos I’m brought back to every back road that I have travelled while visiting this are for over 30 years. Its my Disneyland. I was just there in May and June, and almost went back this weekend, but I’m trying to pace myself. (not) We go in November for the send off to holiday shopping. Its wonderful, the chill in the air, the shoppers busily going for store to store, bulk food to bulk food. You will bring home the most unique gifts, and is some of the roadside stands, are open, STOP, you will never know what you might find. If I didn’t live 4 1/2 hr away, I’m sure I would be there every weekend. Thanks Marie from Canada

    10. Mike Sparks

      Amish Farms of Holmes County (18 photos)

      Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of one of the most peaceful places I have visited on this earth. I was just there last week and also took some pictures on one of the hottest days of the summer.

      As I was looking through the photos, I particularly noticed the one with the read barn and the dialogue about the flag sticking up from the parked vehicle. As I looked at this photo, I thought to myself, “I know this place”, I looked up the place I thought it was on Google Maps and confirmed. This barn is on the property of an Amish friend of mine. The flag is attached to his pony cart. This cart is used by his young boys to go different places. I guess in some regards, we in the English world could think of it as the bike we had before we got a car. Many young Amish use these pony carts to get to short distances prior to getting a full blown buggy. As mentioned, the flag is there to draw attention to drivers in the area.

      Thanks again for sharing

      1. Neat to hear it, Mike. Besides general visibility those flags buy a bit of extra visibility when descending from the crests of hills. Maybe enough to save lives.

    11. Mark -- Holmes Co.

      Nice to see pictures of home! I don’t recognize all of the places, but do recognize many of them.

    12. Diane yates

      Beautiful country Holmes County

      My husband and i came through Holmes County and fell in love with the area – we went to Berlin, and also the surrending area – Toured cheese factory, went to several auctions, lots of adorable shops, and fudge factory – Think we were more amazed by the beautiful fields of hay and plants, especially since we are in a farming area in South Georgia, looked like a picture in a magazine – Was planning on going back this year but had health problems, hopefully we can come up soon – Just loved the area so much- Needless to say the food was also so good too –