Reader Frank shares a few photos from a recent visit to Holmes County, Ohio.

No snow in these shots, but lots of nice views.

Frank also passes along two anecdotes demonstrating the friendly community feel of the area. If you’ve ever spent time in Holmes County, home to over 30,000 Amish people, you won’t be surprised:

While shopping at Hershberger’s Store outside Berlin, an elderly gentleman explained to the cashier that he had lost a money clip with $1,200 and was trying to back track everywhere he had been the last day. Believe it or not, someone had actually turned it into Hershberger’s and they held onto it until it’s owner returned (I will say only in Holmes County on this one).



Next, we were standing in line at a place called “Mrs Yoder’s Kitchen” in Mount Eaton Mount Hope. A young Amish gentleman was trying to pay for his meal with a credit card that had the chip inside and his card was not working (I could see the activation sticker still on it and realized he had not called).

Long story short, I paid for his meal not knowing it was also for 5 of his co-workers ($90.00 with the tip!). But fear not, the young man gave us his address to his house and business and invited us over where he kindly repaid us. The area was truly a step back in time with great people around every corner.

Ever have something similar happen?

Wherever you might be, I hope you enjoy another little virtual visit to one of my favorite places. And thank you to Frank for passing these photos along.

A December Visit To Holmes County, Ohio














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