As you venture further south in the Holmes County Amish settlement, towards the Coshocton County line, two things happen.

The countryside gets more rugged, and the churches more conservative.


The large Amish settlements–Holmes County, Lancaster County, northern Indiana–have their progressive and conservative factions.  In Holmes County, the area past Charm and Farmerstown, down around Becks Mills and New Bedford and on into Coshocton County is generally considered one inhabited by stricter-living Amish.


This is definitely not a hard-and-fast rule, as for example the ultra-conservative Swartzentruber Amish are found mainly on the north side of the county and are also heavily settled in Wayne County.

The land becomes more hilly in the south, and has more of a backwoods feel.  Scruffy gravel roads wind through the nooks and hollers of back country Ohio.  It’s personally my favorite part of the entire settlement to travel through.  But be sure to have a map with you if you come.  Or better, leave it behind and see what you stumble upon.

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