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A guide to Amish-made beds across America

Amish-made BedAmish woodworkers offer a huge range of bedroom furniture.  The centerpiece of any bedroom is of course the bed. Amish beds come in traditional renditions such as Shaker and Mission, as well as contemporary styles.

Popular Amish bed designs include sleigh beds, bow beds, bunk beds, raised panel beds, poster beds, platform beds, canopy beds, and more. Below you can buy Amish-made beds online, or find Amish beds in your state.

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Find Amish beds in your area

Amish bed sellers can be found in many of the 50 states, as well as Canada.  Use the directory below to locate an Amish bed retailer in your area.  You can also read a guide to popular Amish Bed Styles and Designs.

Amish Beds by State:

Amish Beds – Styles and Designs

Amish beds come in a wide range of designs, from the traditional to the contemporary.  The selection of Amish-made beds is vast, with new styles and variations on old favorites coming onto the market frequently.

Some of the more common Amish bed styles and designs:


Amish Bow Beds

Amish-made bow beds feature an attractive curved headboard and often footboard which may be both a standard bow shape or an inverted bow.  This clean and simple yet elegant design provides a beautiful accent to any bedroom.   The bow bed comes in a variety of models including the double bow bed, Mission bow bed, Windsor bow bed, and bow panel bed.

Amish Bunk Beds

Doubling up makes sense when space is at a premium.  The bunk bed is a popular model for children’s rooms.  Amish-made bunk beds also fit well in camp and dormitory settings.  Amish bunk beds come in many varieties including Mission, Colonial, as well as staggered models featuring a full bed beneath and a twin bed on top.

Amish Canopy Beds

The elegant, classic canopy style bed is a beautiful addition to any bedroom.  Amish canopy beds typically come in a variety of heights allowing them to fit your bedroom well no matter the room dimensions.

Amish Day Beds

The day bed is a great place to relax and lounge.  Something between a couch and a bed, these make great resting areas in common rooms.  Amish day beds are also available for infants and children.

Amish Log Beds

The rustic-style Amish log bed is a great fit for vacation homes, hunting cabins, and mountain retreats.  Amish-made log beds are often crafted from pine, cedar, and hickory wood.  Amish log beds are often created by peeling bark from the wood, leaving them with a natural-textured, “rough” appearance characteristic of log furniture.

Amish Mission Beds

Mission furniture is one of the most common types of Amish woodworking, and one of the most classic and well-regarded styles of furniture design.  The simple vertical and horizontal lines and raised panels typical of mission beds create a clean and attractive look for any bedroom.  The name of this furniture originates with the West Coast Spanish missions (however the design is not typical of the missions themselves).

Amish Platform Beds

The platform bed has the appearance of a bed placed upon a raised platform (the floor is not visible beneath).  The raised frame supports the mattress, and in the case of storage platform beds, may contain drawers and space beneath to store items, bedspreads, quilts, etc.

Amish Poster Beds

Poster beds feature posts or columns extending from the four corners of the bed.  The posts may be relatively short–a foot or so in height–or may extend high towards the ceiling, creating a towering and imposing impression.   Amish made poster beds are produced in many different styles.  The Amish pencil post bed features very tall and thin, pencil-like posts, creating a striking look and focal point of the bedroom.  Poster beds may or may not include a canopy.

Amish Raised Panel Beds

The popular raised panel bed is characterized by solid wood paneling with grooves which accentuate the panel, giving it an elevated or “raised” appearance.  The raised panels typically appear in the headboard and footboard of the bed. The grain and richness of the wood is accentuated in the raised panel design.

Amish Shaker Beds

The Shaker style is commonly seen in Amish furniture production.   This classic style of furniture was developed by members of the Shaker religious community (also known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing).  Shaker furniture is characterized by a simplicity of style, reflecting the religious sect’s well-known asceticism.  Amish-crafted Shaker style beds feature angular design, paneling, and some curvature.  In practice the “Shaker” term may appear in the names of wide range of bed designs.

Amish Sleigh Beds

The popular sleigh bed, as one might expect, mimics the design of a sleigh.  This elegant style features varying degrees of curvature, some with slight curves, other with swooping curves that evoke a sense of motion.  An Amish-made sleigh bed is designed to stay anchored in the bedroom, however, though maybe one day we’ll see a mobile model!

Amish Wrap-Around Beds

Wrap-around Beds feature rounded corners which “hug” the corners of the mattress and give the bed a curved, cozy appearance.

In addition to the categories above, Amish craftsmen are quite innovative and often create new designs and hybrid styles.  While shopping for an Amish bed, you may see some of the above designs and styles combined, as in the “Mission Sleigh Bed” or “Wrap-Around Canopy Bed”.

Buying an Amish-made Bed

With the enormous variety of Amish-made beds available on the market, where to start your search?

Amish beds can be purchased in a wide range of outlets.  Many Amish bed manufacturers contract with non-Amish retail stores, which sell the Amish product and arrange shipping and sometimes installation/set-up.

Amish bed sellers can be visited in person, as many Amish furniture stores feature large showrooms.  Amish furniture dealers also provide custom Amish bed ordering.  This allows you to create a piece tailored to your needs, with customization options including wood (oak, maple, cherry, hickory, elm, and walnut being among the most popular hardwoods), size, design and style.

Alternatively, Amish bedroom furniture shoppers can purchase an Amish bed online, via a variety of outlets.  Online Amish furniture ordering allows you to shop for a bed from the comfort of your home.  Amish bed sellers on the internet offer a wide assortment of photos and details, enabling you to make an Amish bed purchase with confidence.

Finally, some Amish bed customers may wish to buy direct from an Amish craftsman.  Amish communities are found in over half the US states and Canada.  Woodworking is one of the most popular small businesses among Amish, and Amish furniture shops abound in many Amish settlements.  Amish bed craftsmen can be found in states as geographically diverse as Montana, New York, Tennessee, and Michigan.  Visit the Amish State Guide (top of page menu) to locate an Amish settlement near you.

Photo credit: Amish mission bed: Les Stockton/flickr

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