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Arizona Amish BedsAmish-made beds in Arizona  Amish furniture enjoys a very good reputation, and Amish bedroom furniture is a strong segment in the Amish furniture category.  Amish craftsmen are typically quite adept, creating beds in many shapes, sizes, and styles.  Arizona residents in major cities including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria and Mesa are within driving distance of a dealer of Amish beds.

No Amish live in Arizona, and few live in the Western States for that matter.  However a handful of AZ retailers provide Arizonans access to high quality Amish-made beds, including bunk beds, sleigh beds, and more.  Amish also craft a wide range of bedroom furniture and accessories.

AZ Amish Beds

Maple House‎
2831 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016-6857
(602) 955-9030‎
Phoenix-area Maple House furniture carries different brands of Amish-made beds: Jacob & Levi’s or Woodworks Amish furniture.  Jacob and Levi’s features a variety of elegant bed styles, include: Shaker and Imperial.  You can also find different styles of matching Amish bedroom pieces.

Steiner’s Amish Furniture‎
The Outlets at Casa Grande
2300 E. Tanger Dr #118
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday 11 – 5

9129 W. Grand Ave
Peoria, Az 85345
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 – 5, closed Sunday
Steiner’s features over a dozen types of Amish beds, including:  Mission, Raised Panel,  Heritage, Sleigh beds, and more.  Beds are available in Twin, Full, Queen,and King sizes.  Steiner’s Amish beds can be found in two stores in Arizona.

For Amish beds and other Amish-made furniture in states beside AZ, visit the Amish Furniture Main Directory page, or you can view all Arizona Amish Furniture stores or Phoenix Amish Furniture stores.

Amish bed makers

Amish produce beds using high-quality materials and a mixture of modern and traditional techniques.  Amish furniture shops manufacture pieces for every room of the home, with bedroom manufacturing being a highly-developed area of the Amish craft.  Beds in Amish homes may be plain, though Amish bed craftsmen are able to create any manner of beds for the home–even those styles they wouldn’t use in their own homes.

Amish beds and Amish-made furniture for that matter are known for the quality materials, typically hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut, favored by Amish in their construction.  Simple and functional Mission-style beds, or elegant Sleigh beds and even urban designs exhibit the wide range of the Amish bed-making craft.  Made-to-order pieces allow bed buyers to customize their product to specific needs.

Buying Amish beds in Arizona

Amish beds can be found in at least 3 locations in the Grand Canyon state.  Amish bed sellers typically maintain a stock assortment of Amish-made beds, and can often also order custom pieces direct from the artisan. Buyers who find the travel inconvenient may also consider ordering Amish beds online.

The nearest Amish community  is many miles from Arizona, making visiting an actual Amish bedmaker a challenge, though not an impossible option.  Small Amish communities are found in Plains and Western states such as Montana, Colorado, and Oklahoma.  Since furniture making is a very common occupation among Amish, locating an Amish bed maker in an Amish settlement is a distinct possibility.

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